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Put a turntable and roundhouse on a layout and stock it with steamers and you've got a sure-fire recipe for drawing a crowd. For someone with no real yard, only staging, and with a rail-fan style of terrain and tracks, there really is no point in having those things. I just changes scales to HO, so I don't have a bunch of locomotives I need to do something with, so I decided to keep the railroads operation small and stay dieselized. The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961.
On my layout, the steam locos still burn coal and generate ton-kilometers and freight train hours - and some passenger train hours as well. Anyway, starting with that old roundhouse, or at least the bones of it, and adding several more through barters, ebay and otherwise bottom feeding, I began framing up my 20 stall version of the Hagerstown Roundhouse.
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Customs would also likely seize and destroy it, or hold it for a while after fumigating it. This complex was in operation for more than 50 years building, maintaining and repairing Western Maryland Railroad locomotives and cars.
I think its fair to say that the combination of turntable and roundhouse is arguably the most recognized "railroady" item on any railroad-- trailing behind perhaps only the water tower for "universal public recognition". I know this is technically meant to be an opinion about you, but Anya is basically my favourite tiny person at the moment.
Our spiders are clean and disease-free, and we don't want any of your horrible spider diseases messing that up! On a steam layout it is difficult, though not impossible, to imagine how you could get along without one-- a turntable at least.

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As the railroads modernized and diesels came to rule the roost, the need for turntables diminished considerably and indeed many railroads did away with them entirely, or else converted them to other uses. Today, though the turntable and roundhouse remain a deeply embedded nostalgic element, more and more layout designers are doing away with them and utilizing the space instead for something else. Also I would compliment your breadmaking skills but I have not tasted it yet so that would just be dishonest.

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