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Most of the diecast model cars on our website are in 1:18 scale and the most popular diecast car model manufacturers are Sunstar, Maisto, Hotwheels , Norev, Bburago and Mondo . Most 1:24 scale diecast model cars available in the UK are relatively inexpensive and popular with younger collectors. 1 43rd scale diecast model cars (known as "Matchbox" scale) were very popular with Model car collectors because of their price. For us gearheads with hollow pockets and empty back accounts, amassing a collection of real life cars is nigh impossible, which probably explains why the scale model industry is thriving. Coming up with a verdict on a single car is relatively easy, but one example does not reflect on the automaker as a whole.
The video, which comes from scale model producer AUTOart, shows us how the safety harnesses for a 1:18 scale model are made.
These particular examples are being put together for the Alfa Romeo 33 TT, a race car that competed bakc in the 70s’ and can still be seen at certain retro car events today. However, if you don't have an account, you must register (It's Free!) to post or reply to messages.
Information about ScalesScales can be a little confusing sometimes. Scales are essentially fractions. 2 inchesSpecial Info: Since many focus on a particular scale and collect items similar in size, Here's a guide below to help you determine whether or not an item will work for your needs. This means the models are 18 times smaller than the real car making the model of an average sized car approximately 25cm or 10 inches long.

Most of the model cars that we sell are so detailed that they can be displayed as an ornament or center piece in a room. Some diecast manufacturers like AutoArt, Kyosho and Minichamps specialise in highly detailed diecast model cars for the collector with an eye for detail or for someone who wants to give a really special present. These model cars are very popular with model railway enthusiasts as they are approximately 00 scale, and of course almost every young boy has probably had a collection of these "diecast metal toy cars" at some point! Now, there are scale models and there are scale models for individuals, and then there are the specialty car replicas made by automakers for their eyes alone. The popularity of 1:18 scale models has ensured that manufacturers have produced many of models, covering a wide range of subjects, from Aston Martin to Lamborghini, from TV and Film to Formula 1. Some extremely detailed models are available in 1:24 scale but they are usually made for the US market where 1 24th scale is popular. However, once in a very, very rare while, some companies share their secret creations for a limited time with the public, as is the case with Toyota.
Scale is a fractional representation of the model in comparison with the real life-size car. 1:24 scale ties in nicely with the Plastic Kit Car Builder as nearly all of the popular Airfix, Revell and Ertl kits are available in this scale. Model-marque offer a free fitted  Model Car Personalised Number Plate Service which look fantastic especially on this scale of die cast car model.
In other words, every 18 inches of the real car will be represented in 1 inch of the scale model.To easier visualize this further, consider the following example.

Let’s compare a 1:18 scale model of a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe to the measurements of the real car. We can fit number plates onto these smaller model cars as long as there is room to fit them.
Accuracy of the model’s final measurements depend heavily on how precisely the diecast manufacturer has modeled the real car, and how exact their tooling is made.Available in different scalesAs you shop for diecast model cars you will notice that, in many cases, the same make, model, color, of a particular car may be available in other scales.
Two racing drivers of Shelby Racing had raced with the cars, #23 by Dave Jordan and #33 by Scooter Patrick.
The larger models may also have more features, such as opening doors, hoods and trunks, more finely detailed engines, functioning steering wheels and real rubber tires.Whether the passion is for American muscle cars or exotic imports, there are diecast models for everyone, and in all sizes.
If starting a new collection, ask yourself whether cost is more important than the finer details. If you are buying for someone you know has already started a collection, you may want to ask them what scale they are collecting. More often than not, the excitement and passion is all about the make and model of a car, and not so much about the size of it.

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