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In our shop you will find products associated with modelism enthusiasts and various information about our models, that will help you make the most appropriate option to purchase. Our prices, our love for modelism and our support after purchasing of any product are grounds which would make you choose us. Please print out the installation layout for your model, and also refer to the codes if ordering replacements. If you've been browsing the internet seeking a sophisticated graphics package for your special application, you'll have also noticed the defining difference between generic art, and the professional artistry within this portfolio. Proprietary designs are created to scale from scratch, then mastered and buffed to be sharp, vibrant and entertaining as well. However, there are more intricate packages, loaded with interesting geometry, finer details and life like elements for those with 'show' status in mind. When you glide your finger across the surface and hear it squeak, you'll know it's good to go.
NEVER use Acetone or Lacquer thinner unless the surface you are working on can take such aggressive cleaners.
If you have pealed off old stickers and there is some adhesive left behind, apply a generous amount of Paint Thinner or Mineral Spirits to a soft cloth and hold it on the area for 5 seconds before wiping. Overall, wrap media should be applied dry as it was engineered to make the installation process less frustrating and will contour quite easily. The precut detailed processing is rarely available due to the time it takes to process, though the benefits of fully cut out graphic panels make the easiest, most forgiving and most accurate installations. If your graphics came on a roll and are not fully cut out and just outline-cut, you won't be able to use this method and will have to apply them as is.

Here are a few worthy tips to keep your investments looking great and your machine from daily exposures causing premature old age. Putting your sled into a sealed steel container and leaving it to bake in that oven under the sun throughout the summer 'off season hibernation' is the opposite to the fountain of youth. Many parts are engineered from chemistry (petroleum), and some of the ingredients which keep parts comfortable, insulated or flexible, may tend to dry out and crack with the risk of leaving you stranded when you least expect it. Plastic panels succumb to elements too, as they tend to expand and contract in size relative to their temperature.
Hot by day, cool by night repeated for several months, and shapes could become distorted. If you're anything like the author of this site, and you keep your machines well maintained and looking and performing their best, a fresh coat of wax from time to time will keep your graphics looking like new!
It's not only about keeping it shiny, though waxing will keep anything from sticking to the finish and make it easier to wash down if it needs a bath. We attribute particular importance to secrecy of elements of users of Internet and in this base, we seek to maintain and to develop their confidence. At the process of delivery of web pages from web server, Zante Scale Models does not collect no type personal information for the users, as name, address, number of telephone or electronic address. The not personal information that is collected by this, is used for reasons of measurement of effectiveness of services. Exist also cases where a user provides willingly personal information, as in a research or at the registration in some service of Zante Scale Models Eshop. The personal information that is collected by Zante Scale Models in these cases, is not used for the mission of targeted messages to the users and is not combined with other type of information from Zante Scale Models itself.

Our company with a presence of many years in modelism, has a large stock of products such as radio-controlled airplanes, helicopters, cars and boats electric or fuel type. And if your seeking something other than what's currently offered, or perhaps another design you have seen within the site caught your interest, you may consult with me about putting a custom design together for you. For this reason we explain which type information we collect at the duration of visit in Zante Scale Models Eshop. We also have spare parts and tuning products, fuel, batteries, tires, engines and many accessories which will transform your model in a unique way. They are fully cut to the shape they will be installed onto, and don't have a surrounding edge of any kind.
It will also offer you years of trouble free enjoyment and appeal as the special adhesives will bond better to the surface.
On the other hand, if you have experience with 'wrap' media, you might find it advantageous and beneficial for all that heat, particularly if wrapping an organic shaped surface that has very sharp curves. If you were to use the wet application in that instance without prior experience, it may take longer for the water to gas out from behind. And if it's still wet and freezes before the adhesive takes effect, this might shorten the life you were expecting from the graphics and may not be covered by warranty.

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