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NASA's first shuttle buzzed the Big Apple today on the way to its new home atop an aircraft carrier in the Hudson River.
The space shuttle Enterprise rides high over Manhattan Friday morning, gliding past the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum on the banks of the Hudson River below.
During its New York City flyover Friday (pictured), the shuttle soared past the Statue of Liberty, along the Hudson River, and over the George Washington Bridge before landing at John F. Framed by skyscrapers, the space shuttle Enterprise glides over the Hudson River Friday on its way to New York's JFK airport.Now on the ground, the orbiter will be "demated" from the carrier aircraft and eventually shipped by barge up the Hudson to its new home atop the Intrepid. An artist's concept shows what Enterprise will look like on display in the Space Pavilion of the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum.The paviliona€”to be built on Intrepid's flight deck in Junea€”will be the shuttle's temporary home until the museum can construct a permanent facility, according to museum officials. A government examination acknowledges that the DOD is a€?risking dangerous lapses in biosafety practicesa€? at its labs across the country.
Collaborative machines that are priced as low as $24,000 have the potential to revolutionize production lines. Shuttle Enterprise sopra Manhattan, New York City, ultimo volo a bordo dello Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA). Questo fine settimana milioni di persone a New York hanno avuto l'opportunita di vedere qualcosa di veramente unico, e anche vederlo per l'ultima volta nella: lo Shuttle Enterprise e volato sopra la citta sulle spalle di un Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, modificato dalla NASA per poter portare gli Shuttle, e chiamato SCA (Shuttle Carrier Aircraft).
Enterprise in volo sulle spalle dello NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aicraft, mentre passa sopra New York, e in particolare sopra l'Empirse State Building, il palazzo piu alto della citta. Lo Space Shuttle Enterprise, nome in codice OV-101 (Orbiter Vehicle-101), e stato il primo tra tutti gli shuttle, ma non ha mai volato nello spazio. In origine, l'idea era quella di riprogettare l'Enterprise per renderla utilizzabile anche per i voli spaziali, creando cosi lo secondo space shuttle utilizzabile dopo il Columbia.
Immagine dello Shuttle Enterprise mentre vola sulle spalle dello NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aicraft, sopra la Statua della Liberta, in New York City. Shuttle Enterprise mentre vola sopra New York, con vista sulla Statua della Liberta e Manhattan.
Lo shuttle Enterprise fu fondamentale per preparare e migliorare il design della navicella, permettendo ad uno dei piu complessi veicoli della storia dell'umanita di portare astronauti nello spazio con una grande frequenza. Shuttle Enterprise mentre vola sopra New York City ed in particolare mentre vola sopra l'Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, visto qui in basso al centro, nel porto.
Shuttle Enterprise in volo sulle spalle del NASA 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, mentre sta per atterrare, ed e visto qui in lontananza, da dietro la Statua della Liberta. Decollo dello Space Shuttle Enterprise portato dal Boeing 747 della NASA, modificato per permettere di portare in volo gli shuttle. Circa 1.500 ospiti importanti sono arrivati incontro allo shuttle, e tra questi c'era anche l'attore Leonard Nimoy, che nella serie Star Trek ha interpretato "Mr. I cookies servono a migliorare i servizi che offriamo e a ottimizzare l'esperienza dell'utente. The Space Shuttle Enterprise is ferried on a barge past the Statue of Liberty on its way to the USS Intrepid Museum in New York, New York, USA, 06 June 2012.

Fashion photographer Stewart Shining, 47, said his young nephews in California had emailed him to ask if he could see the Enterprise.
A spokeswoman for the Intrepid said the shuttle’s wingtip sustained light cosmetic damage during the Sunday trip when a gust of wind caused it to graze a wood piling. The Enterprise never went on an actual space mission; it was a full-scale test vehicle used for flights in the atmosphere and experiments on the ground. It comes to New York as part of NASA’s decision to end the shuttle program after 30 years. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. The shuttle got its name after Star Trek fans petitioned then President Gerald Ford to rename the ship from the Constitution to the Enterprise.
Major General Joe Engle, the first astronaut to fly the Enterprise, was on hand to see the shuttle land in its new town. The shuttle will stay at JFK until June when it will be put on a barge and sent through New York harbor to the Intrepid Museum. Aeroports et navettesToutes les solutions (taxis, bus, metro, shuttle…) pour quitter l’aeroport et regagner votre hotel ou votre logement sur New York ! QuartiersNew York est compose de 5 « arrondissements » appeles « boroughs » (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Le Bronx, Queens et Staten Island) eux-meme divises en quartiers. ShoppingVous voulez faire du shopping a New York et vous demandez ou trouver les meilleurs magasins ?
The orbiter landed in New York City today on its way to becoming a part of the Intrepid's collection. The shuttle is slated to go on public display on July 19.This fall NASA will fly the space shuttle Endeavour from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to Los Angeles, where the orbiter will join the collection of the California Science Center. L'aereo e passato sopra la Statua della Liberta, sopra il Liberty State Park in New Jersey e Manhattan, deliziando piu di 10 milioni di persone uscite per le strade per veder passare l'Enterprise in volo. Fu progettato dalla NASA per mettere alla prova il design della nuova navicella nell'atmosfera terrestre. Tuttavia, durante la costruzione di Columbia, dettagli critici del primo design furono cambiati, particolarmente riguardo al peso del fusoliera e le ali.
In origine doveva chiamarsi Constitution, ed essere svelata il 17 Settembre 1976, il Giorno della Costituzione degli USA. Una volta finito il suo dovere, l'Enterprise fu tenuto nell'enorme hangar dello Smithsonian, preso il Washington Dulles International Airport. Its trip included flyovers over parts of the city and landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on Manhattan's west side, before landing at its temporary home, Kennedy Airport.
NASA's first space shuttle, Enterprise was used in the late 1970s to conduct a series of atmospheric test flights, which proved that the shuttles could safely glide back to Earth without engines.
But a write-in campaign by fans of the Star Trek TV series led to the orbiter's current designation.According to Reuters, actor Leonard Nimoy, who played Spock in the original series, was among those in New York today to witness Enterprise's arrival.

Enterprise is no stranger to cheering crowds: The orbiter went on tour in 1983, making public appearances in France, Germany, Italy, England, and Canada. The shuttle Atlantis, meanwhile, will remain in Florida and be housed at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Ristrutturare l'Enterprise avrebbe significato smantellare l'intero shuttle e mandare tutti i pezzi indietro ai vari centri di fabbricazione.
Ma un'intensa campagna da parte del pubblico e dei fan della serie Star Trek, convinse il Presidente Gerald Ford che l'orbiter venisse chiamato Enterprise, in onore allo Starship Enterprise. Recentemente e stato restaurato, e spostato al National Air and Space Museum, presso il Centro Steven F. However, that will only be the Enterprise’s temporary home until the museum raises money for a science center to permanently house the shuttle. Quando la nave fu svelata, nel 1976, Gene Roddenberry e l'intero cast principale della stagione originale di Star Trek fu presente alle festivita. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia.But following the completion of the space shuttle program last year, the Smithsonian agreed to swap Enterprise for the spacefaring shuttle Discovery, which took up permanent residence in the Udvar-Hazy Center last week.
Dopo il disastro del Challenger, fu riconsiderata l'idea di ri-adattare l'Enterprise, ma allo stesso modo, fu ritenuto molto piu conveniente costruire uno shuttle nuovo, e nacque lo Shuttle Endeavour. Il 12 Aprile, allo stesso museo e arrivato lo Shuttle Discovery, il piu usato della storia, mentre l'Enterprise e passato nelle mani del Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, di New York City. Hop aboard the shuttle with other passengers at JFK International Airport, Newark International Airport, or La Guardia Airport, then relax and enjoy the ride to your residential address in Manhattan. Board a comfortable shuttle at the airport of your choice a€” JFK International Airport (JFK), Newark International Airport (EWR), or La Guardia Airport (LGA) a€” then relax and enjoy the ride along with several other passengers. Youa€™ll be dropped off at the door of your Manhattan residence.Please provide residence and flight details when making your booking. Ita€™s that simple!Please note: This service is only available for transfer to private residential addresses in Manhattan. No problems vonny25 August 2015 Had to wait maybe 15 minutes once we got our luggage.
They told me the time to be ready for and they were there bang on time even during a NYC rain storm. Single passenger rates differ, please refer to the pricing calendar.Vans will hold a maximum of eleven passengers Infants aged 2 years and under are free of charge, however, child seats are not provided in the vehicles. Our Product Managers select only the most experienced and reliable operators in each destination, removing the guesswork for you, and ensuring your peace of mind.
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