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Using the steadiest of hands, Dave Patterson applies the deft finishing touch to his model carriage. His addition may not have been noticeable to the crowds who descended upon the Model Rail Scotland exhibition yesterday. Whether it be an intricately crafted landscape, or a particularly delicate paint job, the small details are always champion. Featuring both real and model film clips of Oxenhope, Grassington and Victoria Rd (Saltaire) (55min).
Or if you just want to get off the armchair and get your hands dirty, the Beginner’s Guide is here. T gauge is very clever but haven’t yet seen any pointwork or indeed any T gauge train running at less than warp factor 7, no doubt in time the technology will improve dramatically but I would think twice about it at the moment.
Mike’s layout is superb i am into American N scale and would love to have this layout or one very similar.

Members of model railway clubs from all over the UK, and even parts of Europe, gathered in Glasgow's Exhibition Centre to purr over each others layouts. I have seen videos of them but have only seen one and that was in 2014 at Nat’l Model RR Show in Cleveland,Oh. For the ones that asked, this layout is available for sale so that I can recoup funds for next years show. Also what I forgot to mention in the dessertation is that all the waters are Envirotex, slightly colored with the ocean water having seaweed and sand.
I have seen the layout a few times at the Pacific Science Center with my grandson (school trips, etc). Would think about converting to N , but D&WRR has so much invested in HO , it would be prohibitive, to replace all the HO stuff.
IN THE 1950’S IN THE US I started a TT GAUGE layout, then later joined the Air Force.

Originally was 2 doors with 3rd added later to include the sawmill and ocean waterfront scene. It has a mainline with continual running and shortline that runs off the main with a short consist with switchback operation to make a complete loop back to the main. We don’t have many shows in New England any more, several of the shows have closed, which is sad.

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