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DirectionsCombined hovercraft and Steam Railway tickets are available from our Southsea Terminal.
The Isle of Wight Steam Railway goes back in time this weekend to the Victorian era where we welcome you to the 1800's.
Rediscover a forgotten world of Sherlock Holmes, Victorian maids, steam train travel, and ladies in bustle gowns. Be astonished with Mr Alexander's Travelling Show featuring astounding acts of juggling, balancing, uni-cycling and all manner of skills. In the event of cancellations or short notice change, Hovertravel Ltd are not liable for any inconvenience this may cause. The Pump House Steam Museum is home to a stunning collection of the best model railway trains. The primary goal of the Pump House Model Railway Society is to provide the museum visitors with an experience of model trains in action. The Pump House Model Railway Society volunteer’s goal is to maintain and operate new and refurbished model train equipment.
Model Trains are a fantastic way to introduce your child to the principle’s of engineering. If you're planning to visit Japan this summer, you might want to check out the Oigawa Railway in Shizuoka Prefecture, as the railway line has dressed up one of its steam engines as Thomas the Tank Engine, and will be offering rides on the train as a special attraction.
The S class were originally painted green, but in 1923 received an austere black livery and lost their nameplates. In 1936 No.171 was, for a few months, fitted to burn oil, before reverting to coal firing that December. In 1937, after 25 years of hard work, it was decided that all the engines needed a heavy overhaul.

The UTA welcomed the proposal, but explained the S class were still needed - at least until they managed to close the Derry Road! From New Year's Day 1966 No.171 was leased from the railway at a rate of £40 per annum, with the option to buy later (finally happened in 2003). In 1968 No.171 was overhauled in Belfast by the Harland & Wolff shipyard (at a cost of £2,750) before being returned to York Road. She performed shunting, departmental and passenger duties, and even pulled a breakdown train on one occasion.
Later, of course, Whitehead became No.171's home, and from there she travelled on railtours all over Ireland.
No.171 had respectable power and speed, combined with Edwardian elegance and wide route availability. Naturally enough, she became an iconic and well-loved symbol of the RPSI, and has been described by some as the society's 'flagship'. Despite giving nearly 30 years' service to the RPSI, No.171 was really only on lease most of that time.
Not until 2003 did we finally buy her - so she has, in fact, yet to steam under RPSI ownership. GROW, commenced and on 22nd January 2014 No.171 moved to Railway Restoration North East Ltd in Shildon, County Durham, England. An elaborate multilevel O scale train can be set in motion by the push of a button, and the HO scale train set from the opening of the iconic CBC children’s show ‘The Friendly Giant’ is on display. Visitors will see working model trains reflecting Canadian and European railroads in both steam and diesel eras. Most of the model trains and railways used are rare collector’s items which are carefully maintained by committed volunteers.

While our trains will fascinate grown-ups and children alike, other people may be inspired to get involved and volunteer with the upkeep of our trains. At the first meeting, acquiring an S class was identified as the new society's top priority.
Furthermore, the period from 2002 to 2015 is easily the longest period No.171 has been out of steam since 1913! The RPSI could not take on the overhaul as there was a funding deadline and the Whitehead workshop was busy with No.131's restoration. A hands on experience is provided through a small layout which visitors can operate under supervision. Their dedicated efforts provide a high quality, fully operational model train attraction to the Pump House Steam Museum visitors. This hobby is great for the young and old alike, and can create an exciting bond within families, particularly between grandparents and grandchildren.
Exhibits also include the train set from the popular children’s TV program – “The Friendly Giant” – which can be set in motion by visitors. In a world where tablets, laptops, cellphones occupy a lot of our time, model trains provide the opportunity to see a physical object in motion, where you can literally see the gears work.

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