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Last week, the Straphangers Campaign released its “State of the Subways” report card and ranked the No. The Straphangers report, which reviewed 19 lines, was based on six measures using recent data compiled by the MTA. The report said the 7 train is cleaner, scheduled to arrive more often, and provides riders with a greater chance to get a seat than the average line.
Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer said that while the survey highlighted some of the improving aspects of the No. In other subway news, the NYPD has announced that it has assigned additional police officers to the No.
NYPIRG very obviously does not ride the 7, and I question whether they ride the subway at all.
Also, has anyone at NYPRIG ever had to walk home from LIC because the 7 has broken down again, and coincidentally, on the hottest days of the year??
As the 7 is ranked highly most years I wonder if it’s a result of a large portion of the ridership not being confident in their English or Spanish language skills. Additionally, if the 7 is ranked highly the MTA won’t be forced to upgrade the cars right away and may—again—cut more trains running per hour this year. Trains that are more significant to Manhattan (and now trendier parts of Brooklyn) really do have better service overall – IMO the rulers of the city are extremely concerned about appealing to tourists, and as the 7 train is primarily for blue class laborers it is given short shrift. Except for when the US Open (Tennis) is going on – THAT is something the big shots do care dearly about. While the 7 may be a great train, I only ride it on the way HOME from Manhattan – not going into Manhattan, although that would be convenient. A public hearing is scheduled for May 18 where residents can voice their opinions on a 10-story, 200-plus unit development that is planned for 50-25 Barnett Ave.
The pizzeria is currently owned by Simone Apollonio, who said the pizzeria had a short lease and that the landlord does not want to renew it.
The property has just been listed for rent. According to the ad, the landlord is offering prospective tenants a 5-year lease at a monthly rent of $6,500. Apollonio said that he only learned that the pizzeria had been listed after receiving a call from Sunnyside Post. He said that business had been good and that he is looking to relocate to another spot in Sunnyside. Sunnyside resident Darron Cardosa has waited tables in Queens and Manhattan for the better part of 25 years. He has dealt with rude customers, troublesome children and entitled mothers with tank-sized strollers.
Cardosa, 48, has plenty to say about his experiences and tells them in a blunt, irreverent way in his first book titled “The Bitchy Waiter,” which has been published by Sterling and is available at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon. The book is a collection of short stories based on Cardosa’s time working at venues such as the now-shuttered Houlihan's in Times Square, the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan, the former Vynl on the Upper East Side and Quaint in Sunnyside.
Nearly one-third of the book is based on his experience working at Quaint, the Sunnyside restaurant located at 46-10 Skillman Ave., Cardosa said in an interview. Cardosa has been documenting his experiences since 2008, when he launched a blog of the same title. The first story he wrote, he said, dealt with a mother who asked him in a curt fashion to turn off the TV since her children always had to have it off when they ate. Cardosa, much to the woman’s chagrin, said the TV had to stay on, as other customers were watching it. After years of writing similar stories, he has built a following where he now has about 340,000 Facebook followers and about 15,000 Twitter and Instagram followers.

With the official launch of the book scheduled for the first week of April, Cardosa is anxious about the reception it may receive from some Sunnysiders.
Cardosa tells one story about an inebriated patron from the bar located next door to Quaint who bought mashed potatoes to go with her beer.
In Cardosa’s telling, the inebriated patron pops into Quaint and asks for a large portion of potatoes. There are several other stories in the book which, when read carefully, might be familiar to a Sunnyside resident or Quaint patron.
He provides stories about children who leave cereal everywhere, spill their drinks, sit in strollers blocking the servers, scream and run around the restaurant. Cardosa said parents have always taken it personally when he has tried to provide them with some friendly advice. In one anecdote, Cardosa is baffled by the parents of an overweight child ordering a fattening meal devoid of vegetables—and allowing the child to gulp it down with copious amounts of bread and butter. Then he has a chapter titled “Stroller Bitches from Hell,” based on his experiences working at an Upper East Side restaurant. He describes the behavior of two moms, one with a double stroller and the other with a single stroller, who barricaded themselves behind the table making it difficult for him to get within two feet of them to serve them. Cardosa, who has lived in Sunnyside for the past 12 years, said that he enjoys working as a waiter—despite the fact that some customers don’t give people in his field the respect they deserve.
The police have apprehended a Woodside man who was allegedly involved in a robbery pattern that involved 16 stores in Queens and Brooklyn, including three in the Sunnyside and two in Woodside.
The police had been looking for August Watkins who they have now charged with one of incidents but are investigating his involvement with others. The NYPD released a photo of Watkins, 30, on Thursday, who they claimed was involved in a robbery pattern that included several heists in Sunnyside and Woodside. Watkins allegedly would go into stores, simulate having a gun and then would take cash from the register.
Subway Restaurant, located at 43-19 Queens Blvd, was targeted Tuesday at 11:45 pm, according to police.
99 Cent Paradise, located at 42-06 Greenpoint Avenue was robbed on Saturday, April 2, at 1:25 pm, according to police.
The other incidents took place in Long Island City, Ozone Park and Rego Park in Queens as well as Greenpoint and Williamsburg in  Brooklyn.
April 11, 2013 By A new report commissioned by New York City has resurrected the idea of extending the subway’s 7 train to Secaucus Junction. A 47-page report posted on New York City’s Economic Development Corp website on Wednesday highlights  the benefits of such an extension, including direct access from New Jersey to the west side of Manhattan and Queens. The extension would be a tremendous asset to Secaucus commuters, who could access nearly any area of Manhattan and Queens from Secaucus Junction. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg supported the plan last year after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cancelled the ARC tunnel project, which was estimated to be $1 billion over budget. The MTA is behind a different plan that involved building a $13.5 billion “Gateway Tunnel” that would accommodate many more trains during peak hours.
News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Fur die Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade hat sich der Kunstler Brian Donelly, auch bekannt als KAWS, einen New Yorker MTA Train aussuchen durfen, um diesen von innen wie von au?en einen vollig neuen Look zu geben.
It looked at each line in terms of its cleanliness, promptness, reliability of service, a rider’s ability to get a seat, breakdowns and other factors.

Sometimes you have to let two or three trains pass before you get on during morning and evening commute. I guess its mostly laborers getting off the night shift – but really, couldn’t the MTA put on a few less trains during the day and few more later at night? However, you should be aware that they create their rating by looking through information which is all SELF-REPORTED BY THE MTA!!!!!! I have a choice between 46th or 40th in the morning and I can sometimes not get on at 40th where there is still squeeze-in space if boarding at 46th.
Then there are those pesky customers who require that their every whim be catered to—before leaving a lousy tip.
She claims that they were too expensive upon receiving the bill—failing to realize that she ordered a massive quantity. Then when the meal was done one of the mothers, he wrote, waved the check as if to say, “I am ready for you to take care of my needs. It could also bring in more potential residents who would have more direct access to more areas of the city. But then-MTA chairman Joe Lohta said a year ago that it wouldn’t happen “…in anybody’s lifetime.” Lohta is now a candidate to become Bloomberg’s successor for the New York City mayorship. However, the 7 train extension could co-exist with the proposed tunnel, according to the report commissions by New York City.
Wer sich das ganze live anschauen mochte, der nimmt den S Train zwischen Times Square und Grand Central Station. While it may be scheduled to arrive often, it ranked lower than most in terms of its reliability, and was deemed the worst line as far as in-car announcements go.
Over the last few years more people live in this area, the trains are too small and too infrequent to deal with the increased volume. She then wants a partial discount, threatening that she would tell everyone about her experience if she didn’t receive one.
Also, the Mobile Gas Station at 68-09 Queens Blvd was robbed on Thursday, March 31 at 3:40 am. Do they count the trains that pass our LOCAL hood when the trains are running behind schedule? Teacher’s from the local schools sometimes decide to bring two or three classes of kids on field trips during morning commute.
While this is commendable, it clogs up the platform as they stand hudled together at the top of the stairways, blocking other commuters from making their way down the platform. The track work construction is maddening on weekends and they cannot fix stalled trains quickly enough forcing us to take the F train at times and then circle back to our hood from 74th. Why cant we get any of the new trains which are wider and longer with better AC, clear announcements and of course—bench seating. The individual seat are ridiculous, I mean what adult male can fit their shoulders within those seats! The fact that the 7 line is clean is a tribute to us and the fact that there are mostly good working class neighborhoods with good values, not bc the MTA workers maintain our trains.
I cant believe they are extending the 7 line which will just make our wait longer and more crowded.

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