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New York Daily News New York City Subway System: A look back at its beginnings New York City Subway Construction New York Citya€™s subway system, the heart and pulse of the Big Apple, opened on Oct.
New York Daily News New York City's subway crime through the decades New York City's subway crime through the decades While New Yorkers complain about the public transit system today, just decades ago New York City's subway was a very dangerous place to be.
New York Daily News No pants subway ride 2013: Thousands of straphangers caught without pants No pants subway ride 2013 For the 12th year in a row, thousands flocked to New York City subways to ride the rails without pants.
NY seems to be the capitol of blown opportunities, primarily because pretty much every decision is made for reasons of political expedience.
Stewart will never be an alternative due to distance, location, and that the cost to build out useful rail infrastructure to it would be exorbitant. Consecutive days of major delays on Penn Station-bound trains last week have prompted louder calls for new trans-Hudson train tunnels, with U.S. The head of the Port Authority also just sent an open letter to Foxx attempting to pressure him to commit more that $3 billion in federal funding (the cap for the ARC tunnel) to the new project. Interesting that this pencils in a further extension of the 7 east to Penn Station, even though it ignores the several blocks of tail tracks that are pointed south to 25th street. With 468 stations (now available on a single poster!), 5.6 million daily riders, and enough track mileage to reach Chicago if laid end-to-end, you might think there’s nowhere in New York City the subway doesn’t go.
The long wait on Second Avenue will soon be over — not only for the new subway, which the MTA hopes to open in December 2016, but for progress on two large development sites.

To most neighbors’ relief, Icon Realty Management has started full-bore demolition at the assemblages — 1538-1546 Second Ave.
While any such job creates short-term disruptions, it means actual construction of the new projects will begin in early 2016, sources told us. That location, spanning more than half of the east blockfront, comprises six tenement structures. Icon, headed by Terrence Lowenberg and Todd Cohen, paid just $44.8 million for the buildings and $3 million for air rights a few years ago — both reflecting values which are likely to skyrocket when the subway is completed. No Manhattan boulevard is in such tumultuous transition as Second Avenue, where small businesses and rich and poor residents alike have endured a decade of eminent-domain evictions, street digs and sidewalk-narrowing — to say nothing of the MTA’s ship-size temporary structures which blocked windows.
On top of it all, Icon had to empty its development sites of stores and cafes, further darkening the avenue. But the new projects should be open in time to catch the wave of rising fortunes on the boulevard when the new subway finally puts an end to the disruptions — and fulfills a 70-year-old dream. Therefore as much as I hate it were probably stuck with that same basic shit layout, innaccesable to rail connections for decades to come.
The most realistic possibility for a reliever airport is ISP which could leverage LIRR upgrades that need to be done anyway. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx calling a sit down with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss funding the new tunnel—funding being, of course, the crux of the issue.

Essentially, everybody is involved is in a multi-way standoff over actually paying for the tunnel, but as the need grows increasingly desperate, someone will have to blink. A new map from local transportation data junkie Chris Whong kindly asks that you think again. Although plans for a 14-story structure were revealed earlier for the northern site, there’s no word yet on exactly what will go up on the larger site between 80th and 81st streets.
In honor of the metros 110th anniversary, check out these striking Daily News photos of its construction. I would imagine to the majority of NY power brokers, the concept plan involving Rikers is a solution in search of a problem. The estimated cost would be around $15 billion, and it is currently very unclear where all of that would come from. The controversy has led Christie to come under fire for his 2010 decision to nix the ARC tunnel, which could have been finished as early as 2017, over concerns that New Jersey would have be taking on too much of the costs. It's cowardice of course amongst the great many mental midgets who possess a severe amount of nearsightedness.

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