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Hey, is it just me, or does anyone else think there are far too many McDonald’s ads on mass transit? One of the wonderful things about living in New York City for an artist is having the opportunity to share your work with any number of people at a moment’s notice. Yet another reason to bring back the Rochester Subway… We’re missing out on No Pants Day!
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UPDATE: The RBJ confirmed on Friday that Larry Glazer, CEO of Buckingham Properties, is strongly considering taking over the Midtown tower project from Christa Development. In the meantime, a public meeting was held on Thursday to give the public a chance to see and comment on designs for the new public spaces. Before I show you the City’s plans, I wanted to share an idea that was posted on the RocSubway Facebook page by a reader, Ken Sato. We can easily to have more than 50 human-scale buildings here, like Park Ave, with a large green space and an outdoor stage, which can host music concerts like Jazz festival. I really like Ken’s concept of breaking up this super block into a pedestrian-only urban village.
The City’s plan also adds one new pedestrian street (running from Broad Street north to Elm Street.
This plaza zone will be flanked at the west end with a grove of trees, and at the east end with a lawn and pavilion.
Finally, the plans call for the design of street amenities such as benches, trash cans, and street lights to be unique to the district. I’m surprised Buckingham is getting involved, as they mostly develop commercial properties.
Floral catalogues from Rochester helped the city win the recognition as the Flower City of America.
As the first Assistant Park Superintendent, Dunbar surpassed Olmsted’s plans and eventually introduced lilacs to Highland Park, for which the city is well known. Joel Helfrich is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of history at Monroe Community College and a Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. For all the times I’ve been down Linden, I have never thought about the differing architecture on both sides, I had to bring up google street view to double check, you are right.
The shuttered National Clothing building on East Main and Stone Streets will soon be seeing new life as a Hilton Garden Inn.
In 1924 the five-story portion was constructed for the National Clothing Company to serve as a flagship department store and was designed by local architect, J. The two-story addition along East Main Street was actually built in two stages in 1938 and 1954.
Unfortunately, someone obliterated the storefronts some time later and replaced it with standard aluminum storefronts.
Thankfully the storefronts of the five-story remain intact, but they too have been altered.
Since the building originally served as a department store all the floors were largely open space. The former Stone Street Grill will be demolished and replaced with a new four-story addition for more hotel rooms.
Michael Puma is the project manager at Preservation Studios based in Buffalo with an office in Rochester.
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Here I was on the other side of the country in a city I had never been to before in my life, and I was navigating their bus system like seasoned Seattleite. Hundreds of New Yorkers stripped down to their skivvies on Sunday for the ninth annual No Pants Subway Ride.
He says he fell in love with the haunting feel of Rochester’s subway tunnels and was intrigued to learn the subway began taking off just after World War II.
The documentary is touring cities across America to raise questions—and seek answers—about the future of transportation in America. The old Seneca building on the corner of Main and Clinton is being converted into new office space for Windstream and is now fully enclosed. Glazer says they’ve been considering the project for about 3 months and will come to a decision this month.
Infrastructure improvements at the site (totaling $75 Million) are now underway and include rebuilding the underground truck tunnel and 1,850-space parking garage, creating a new public “town center” and new street grid. This means that the streets will raise up to the grade of the sidewalks, and the street surface will change to the material of the plaza (maybe colored concrete or brick). Over the past 24 hours Rochester got nearly as much snow as it’s seen all season—and it landed just in time for the 2012 Lakeside Winter Celebration at Ontario Beach. Joel is also a father, entrepreneur, educator, and activist who has worked on animal rights, environmental, historic and sacred sites preservation, and social justice issues. If not for perspectives like this one shared by Joel, this website would be very 1-dimensional. After reading the original post here I wanted to take an opportunity to expand on the history of the building and offer a more in-depth idea of what the rehabilitation entails. Originally the design of the original building’s storefronts carried over into the addition including the barrel-vaulted entrances, large displays and transom windows with the company logo. The entire storefront space was completely open and one could walk through a barrel-vaulted entry on East Main Street, check out the displays, and walk out another on Stone Street. Subsequent remodeling meant carving the open space into offices, dropping ceilings, and hiding some interesting architectural detailing.
His firm is handling all items related to the historic tax credit portion of the National Clothing rehabilitation. I guess my biggest question would be if it would be more profitable to build maybe 6 stories on the addition for extra rooms and converting the top 2 floors of the Main St building to high end residential units which could share the hotel amenities.
There were no fancy digital real-time signs, I had no smart phone, no GPS anything… I didn’t even have a printed schedule. The event, organized by a Guerilla group called Improv Everywhere, has grown from 7 or 8 people riding the NY Subway in 2002 to over 3,000 people taking part in 44 cities and 16 countries around the world.
Originally published in the City Newspaper in 1983, the article mentioned the sole surviving subway car, car #60, and the effort to bring it back to Rochester and restore it to working order. But the skeleton of the 18-story tower still looms over the site with work at a virtual standstill. If you are tired of shopping, you can just hang out and relax on the green space – listen to music and watch free shows on the stage.
I certainly hope that some of the buildings on the midtown site become apartments, it could really breathe some life into a neighborhood that is otherwise devoid of people after 6pm. We weren’t able to stick around for the wagon rides and the snow sculpting contest, but I did catch the good part—THE POLAR PLUNGE! Down the street is the Genesee River, once one of America’s most polluted—and possibly still. In the nineteenth century, a wall six feet high stretched the length of my street and encircled the nursery grounds.

He holds the conviction that a myopic focus defeats the most important work any historian does—being an informed and informative member of society. The $16 million project is being completed by DHD Ventures and is utilizing historic tax credits.
The venture proved successful and soon the company was looking to expand their presence on the block.
Looking for more room on the cramped parcel, National Clothing added another identical bay to the addition in 1954 and added the current mansard roof. It was a great way of blurring the line between indoor and outdoor space before it was enclosed. Modern walls and a dropped ceiling throughout the first floor hide a detailed ceiling and simple columns.
There was nothing of the original building left on the interior and very little on the exterior.
Far Rockaway is the eastern terminus of my line, and where I suspect many LIRR and Subway riders over the years have found themselves after a little in-transit catnap. Can the cash-strapped and car-dependent cities of the so-called Rust Belt become new models for fast, clean, public transit? This idea is modeled after the beautiful Charlottesville’s pedestrian mall in Virginia, and Bryant park in NYC. Rochester also boasts one of four complete park systems in the nation designed by Frederick Law Olmsted (the other park systems are in Buffalo, Louisville, and Boston).
He sees the environment as a site where much of his historical training can be brought to bear, so he continues to pursue those interests as well as others. The RBA Group of North Carolina is the project architect and Preservation Studios is providing all services relating to the historic tax credit program.
A proposal came in 1938 to double the frontage along East Main and repeat the facade exactly. Even though the additions are nearly twenty years apart, the design is identical and seamless. Although this open-air storefront won’t be opened back up, the non-original dark glass will be going away in favor of something more transparent and the original woodwork and grand archway into the building will be preserved. As part of the rehabilitation many of the columns and a large portion of the ceiling on the first floor will be made visible and restored which will bring a sense of the original grandeur back to the space.
Since this project is utilizing historic tax credits for the rehabilitation the design of the new addition had to be similar to the original building, but also subordinate to avoid a false sense of history.
Vondrak, one of the trustees of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum in Henrietta, NY.
The links and similarities between Rochester NY and Detroit MI are glaringly obvious—and I think you owe it to yourself to see this film.
The homes on my side are all American Foursquare, built after the turn of the twentieth century; by that point, Ellwanger and Barry had shifted its business to real estate development. Olmsted recommended engineer Calvin Laney as Rochester’s first Park Superintendent, who in turn hired John Dunbar, a Scottish immigrant, to supervise the planting and maintenance of the collection. The ambitious addition was never completed, but a scaled back version was ultimately built the same year.
The result is an addition that has simplified spandrel panels that reference the original building, a stucco finish, and a restrained cornice.

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