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The idea of three teenagers carelessly hanging off the back of a New York City subway train is frightening enough, but it's the ghostly apparition beneath them that's giving some viewers the jitters.
What appears to be a misshapen skull floats beneath the feet of the youngsters, who seem to be taunting death with the extremely risky stunt. A photo, originally published by West Side Rag, shows three teens in Manhattan clutching the back of a subway train and riding it as it pulls out of the station.
The photo was taken by real-estate broker Sean Futterman at the 96th Street Station on the Upper West Side on Monday, the NY Post reported.

Futterman told WPIX that he, and several other people at the station yelled at the kids to get off the train. After the shocking scene of "subway surfing", the image began getting passed around online, where viewers spotted the strange skull shape beneath them. Futterman did say that he noticed something strange under the subway car, but more likely than not, this is just a trick of the light playing off the blurry car connector beneath the train. Referring to the risk-taking teens, MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz said, "Stupidity knows no bounds.

The superstitious reaction was fueled, no doubt, by the news that a woman had died while riding between subway cars earlier in the same day.

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