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John Tauranac has created the most detailed NYC street maps of Manhattan that we’ve been able to find. To help you navigate the City, his NYC street maps show you an overlay of the NYC subway and NYC bus routes. On top of that, Tauranac shares why and when the Avenues change names, such as 11th Avenue, which is West Street south of Gansevoort and West End Avenue north of 59th Street. The New York Times and Columbia Magazine rave about Tauranac’s books and maps of NYC. Block by Block fits right in your glove compartment of your car, or in your bag if you’re out walking.
NYC Highway Entrances & Exits map is for the person who regularly drives around the city or drives in just a few times a year. Manhattan Subways & Buses Map is a 16-panel masterpiece to guide you around NYC using the MTA subway and bus system. Manhattan Subways & Streets Map is a stunning compact map of every single street in Manhattan with every block numbered. Sign Up for the Us Weekly Newsletter!You will receive the latest news and updates on your favorite celebrities! So there I was, crouched on the sidewalk outside a Rite Aid on West 12th St in New York City with a handful of tourists huddled around me. At first, I thought I’d just stubbed my toe and brushed it off when the guy walking up next to me asked if I was ok. The cab dropped me off at the corner and I hobbled to the next building only to discover that the clinic was closed. Again, thanks to my data plan I was able to get in touch with my friends and family from right there in the waiting room to let them know what was happening. After spending the rest of the night feeling sorry for myself, I woke up determined to not let it ruin my trip. Knowing that I would be reimbursed for my medical expenses, I bought that Broadway ticket after all (and met one of the stars after the show). Throughout my ordeal there were three things that I was very grateful for: kind tourists who stopped to help, an unlimited US data plan, and travel insurance. I was lucky in that the whole ordeal (consultation, stitches, antibiotics) only cost me $325USD. Oh that sounds like a horrible and painful experience, but at least you had some helpful strangers and travel insurance to help you out. I'm a web designer by trade, a one-time amateur bellydancer, a shoe lover and a travel junkie. I want to inspire you to get out there and see the world, push your own limits and look good while doing it.
The March 2013 fare hike that raised the cost of a New York City monthly MetroCard from $104 to $112 isn't a one-time ordeal.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is working to expand and improve the transit system, and that takes money. It also takes money to cover pensions, rising healthcare costs, and interest on loans the MTA has taken out. But funding is tricky: About 40% of the MTA's money comes from state and local subsidies, federal funding, and dedicated taxes a€” none of which its Board can alter. The 2015 and 2017 fare hikes will likely need to produce a 7.5% increase in revenue to keep the budget balanced, though that number could be lowered with savings or revenue elsewhere,A MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg said.
The IBO also calculated how much fares will be ten years from now, if hikes continue at the current pace (8.4% every two years). If these are on point, a monthly pass will jump from $112 today to $168 in 2023 (that will feel like $128.71 in today's dollars). Lisberg cautioned that because the MTA has not set a fare plan past 2017, there's no way to know how much fares will rise. And there's hope that the MTA will find a way to avoid making biannual hikes are permanent feature, if it can find ways to reduce costs (while improving service). On that front, higher taxes and better subsidies would be a big help, but don't count on the New York State legislature for those a€” it's been more inclined to steal from the MTA's budget than bolster it in recent years. Choose from Meatball Marinara, Turkey Breast, Italian BMT, Roast Beef, Chicken and Bacon Ranch Melt, or Steak and Cheese. All the stories on our site are protected by copyright and any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited. So when you purchase a deal from one of these advertiser links, we earn a small commission. He has walked every street in Manhattan, so each building’s address is numbered and he even includes the names of these buildings. He also includes clever ways to find a cross-street or a specific block from a NYC street address. Just find where you are on the map and pinpoint the nearest gas station so you don’t waste precious fuel driving around looking. There are two practical maps of all the entrances and exits for Manhattan’s West Side and FDR highways. One side of this heavily laminated map has every subway route with details of daytime and late night service. Jessica Chastain was just like Us while riding public transportation on Wednesday, December 30. Last week, she and her loved ones bought tickets for Broadway shows China Doll and Spring Awakening.
I haven’t been as thankful to have a data plan as I was right then, alone and bleeding on a New York sidewalk. I was in and out in under an hour, with 4 stitches, a very unfashionable hard-soled shoe, a prescription for 5 days of antibiotics, and instructions to come back in 2 days to have my toe checked again.
I will always travel with the latter two and hope to be the former if I can ever help someone else out.
They served me well and deserved a better end than to be stained and ruined in such a gruesome manner.

I think I traveled once without insurance, driving from Vancouver to Seattle when I was 21. The travel bug has only hit me hard in recent years but I'm attempting to make the most of it while still working 9-5.
The picture isn't pretty, but it's not grisly, either, since it provides numbers that account for inflation. If you don't want to miss news of events and deals in NYC and nationwide, subscribe to our email newsletter. If you’d like to help keep NYCOTC in the business of helping you save money, this is a great way to do it.
You’ll know each entrance and exit number and any connecting bridges, tunnels, or other highways. On the other side of this fantastic map you get Manhattan’s comprehensive bus system showing you how to get crosstown, landmarks and attractions, and the late night service.
The other side of this heavily laminated map is your secret to getting around underground using the MTA subway system in Manhattan, including both daytime and late night service routes.
They Googled a clinic, secured me a cab, helped me make a makeshift tourniquet with a hair tie and wad of tissues, and helped me up the last set of stairs to the outside world.
It was only around the corner so, after assuring them I wasn’t about to pass out and could make it there on my own, I set out. Roam Mobility had set me up with an unlimited plan for my trip so I didn’t have to worry about crazy roaming fees while I frantically searched for a clinic that would be open.
I told the receptionist what had happened and that I was Canadian so yes, I knew I was going to need to pay up front. Subscribing also gets you access to special freebies like movie tickets that are available only to subscribers RSS feed. Avert traffic jams by knowing how and when to get off and on the highways, and never drive past your exit or entrance again. He also includes clever ways to find a crossstreet or a specific block from a street address.
Sign up now for the Us Weekly newsletter packed with the latest celeb news, hot pics, and more! That’s when I spotted a Rite Aid and hobbled over to at least get some gauze pads, tape, water, and antibiotic ointment. Dreams of Broadway shows and shoe shopping going out the window as I thought about how much my clumsiness was going to cost me. I had left for my trip with only the assumption that I probably had insurance through my work plan or through my credit card. Everything worked out okay, but I shudder to think of what the cost would be if something had actually happened. Quite a bit.” I immediately dug out the pack of tissues I kept in my purse and tried to get my sandal off to assess the damage while keeping the mounting nausea and panic at bay as the tissues turned bright red as soon as they touched my foot.

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