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The Pratt Center for Community Development works with small businesses, policymakers, and other organizations to make New York more sustainable and equitable.
There are two projects already underway to make minor additions to the current subway network, and both have taken years and cost billions of dollars. Lower property values and less density would presumably make building new subways outside Manhattan more affordable, but probably not by enough to make other new lines or extensions affordable for the eternally cash-strapped MTA. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus line with some elements of a subway.A The buses have their own lanes and get traffic signal priority at intersections, so they move quickly. They would operate on large boulevards, where losing one lane of traffic wouldn't slow everything down.A The lanes require some construction (either new paint or physical medians, along with small stations), but that pales in comparison to what a subway line needs. Plus, buses are more resilient than buses, since they don't require tunnels that can flood during major storms like Hurricane Sandy.
Recent changes in where New Yorkers work and live make clear the need for an expanded transit system.A Here's where the maps come in.

That means a lot of households that depend on multiple wage earners are also far from the subways.A According to the Pratt report, more than 758,000 New Yorkers commute over an hour each way. New York: Subways, New Jersey Transit, Metro-North, and Long Island Rail Road are returning to normal (mostly) on Monday. The first major snowstorm of 2014 is about to hit the Northeast, and New York City's mass transit system is getting ready to fight back.
The chief tool is a fleet of four jet-powered snow throwers a€”A huge machines that use plows, spinning brushes, and dangerous-looking blowers to keep subways moving.
When it comes to clearing subways platforms of snow, however, the job falls to MTA workers with shovels. Rising housing costs have pushed many New Yorkers far from existing subway lines, and there's a strong argument that expanding the underground system is not a viable solution. The extension of the 7 line to the West Side, if completed on time next summer, will have taken five years and $2 billion a€” to add just one station to the MTA's map.

The first three new stations a€” Phase 1 of the project a€” should finally open in December 2016, for a price of $4.45 billion. Rising housing costs in Manhattan and other areas have pushed many low-income New Yorkers far from the subway system. That's a lot of time wasted, especially since two-thirds of those commuters earn less than $35,000 per year. Now that the snow has relented, some aboveground subway service will resume.Credit Victor J.
A You can see there are lots of areas in dark blue a€” those with the fastest growth rate a€” quite far from existing subway lines.

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