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Zushi Sushi began in Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The attraction of the 'Sushi Train' and the increasing trend towards people looking for a more healthy food choice,meant that the restaurant was able to capitalise on it's unique offering and rapidly captured market share from other existing food outlets, including the 'big boys' of the fast food world. In 2007 the second Sushi Train was opened after being approached by Harbour Town Shopping Centre, wanting to add the concept restaurant to their new West Wing extensions. In 2008 the second phase of the business growth has began with the creation of Sushi Kiosks, the retail stalls which will be supplied by the two main restaurant hubs. In April 2012 Zushi transformed into Zushi Sushi & Teppanyaki with the opening of its flagship restaurant in the heart of Surfers Paradise.
The FoodThe sushi bar operates on the 'sushi train' system, where plated dishes go round and round on a revolving conveyor belt. Some dishes are identified by signage, but for the others you either have to guess or ask the staff. I started my culinary journey with the light and refreshing $5.50 rice paper rolls with tofu (tofu, avocado, carrot, lettuce, vermicelli in rice paper).
The $5 chicken schnitzel with avocado was the next casualty to fall foul of my frenzied chopsticks, but who could resist the trail of mayo and teriyaki sauce?
Food should be evocative, and the sight of such crispy golden fillets adorned with decadent slices of soft avocado tasted as good as it looked.

The next plate I chose off the train had me intrigued by its unusual shape and presentation,, as it was clearly not sushi. Unfortunately, the dish was supposed to be served hot, but these lovely crumbed morsels were now at room temperature and not that interesting anymore. I was unprepared for the fireworks of flavour erupting in my mouth, as the luscious salmon roe burst one by one.
The existence of so many Japanese restaurants and sushi bars up and down the coast is a flow-on effect from the 1980s. The sleek, modern decor is on-trend, and my first thought was how much this looked like something out of The Block Fans vs Faves. I like watching chefs at work, and it must be gruelling for them to work in a goldfish bowl, as the long open kitchen stretches from front to back down the centre of the room. The teppanyaki grill at the far end was unmanned when I was there, but I suspect this becomes popular at night. A long communal counter runs down one side of the central kitchen hub, with a row of stools to choose from.
Sushi on James is tucked away between a beauty salon and a bottle shop, just around the corner from the coffee shop and directly across the road from the fishmongers. NB: This article is a reflection of the author's own experience on Saturday 15th March 2014.

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In addition, plans are well underway to grow the Sushi Wholesale program as many Hotels and schools in the areas are looking to outsource for this low-fat, fresh and healthy style of food.
Located under the Soul Building, this restaurants offers direct ocean views form the Sushi Train, 2 large Teppanyaki tables and plentiful A La Carte seating. Back then, tourism operators targeted the lucrative Japanese market and this boom was enabled by a legion of Japanese interpreters, many of whom settled on the Gold Coast. In 2005 the current owner of Zushi Sushi purchased the business, completed the re-branding and sort out new opportunities to market and expand the turnover and profitability of the restaurant. It conducts significant marketing and is very popular with both locals and visitors to the area alike.

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