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English Country Dances -- Tuesdays 7-10:15pm -at Philip Coltoff Center, 219 Sullivan Street, unless otherwise stated. Acoustic Vacations in the Mountains Inclusive retreats at the West Mountain Inn, Arlington Vt. In 1961, a prodigy came east, from Hibbing, Minnesota, and shook the establishment to its knees.
To witness a performance by Anthony da Costa is akin to being invited into a friend's living room. At some point, in the near future, it will no longer be amazing that he's so relaxed on stage, but at this point it's still disconcerting.
His being selected as the youngest winner ever at the 2007 Kerrville Folk Festival's New Folk songwriting competition and to showcase this year as one of the 25 chosen Emerging Artists at Falcon Ridge would suggest that others are in the same position. While it's true that dipping into his father's record collection and finding Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits changed his life, Anthony's musical education began long before that.
The earliest sign that he had an inclination to be a performer happened on a trip to Disney World.
At ten years old, Anthony auditioned for a school play, The Music Man in the fifth grade and landed one of the lead roles (Winthrop). In addition to acting and singing in chorus, Anthony had begun playing in the school orchestra. Still in 5th grade, using his guitar chops, Anthony began playing in talent shows at school.
One month later, in May, Anthony played his first solo gig at Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, NY. Anthony had been playing one or two gigs per month and was advised that he needed to have something for folks to buy.
While the recording quality of the early CDs is very lo-fi, the melodies are consistently engrossing and the lyrics, even the relationship-oriented ones stand up to much of the indie pop music played today.
Thanks to his father's aforementioned ever-present video camera, there are plenty of Anthony's appearances on display on YouTube. What sets these songs apart is not only the artistic clarity and focus, but the way they're put across, sung with skill and emotion. Anthony, at left, paused for a photograph at the 2007 Pleasantville Music Festival with two of his mentors, Fred Gillen (center) and David Massengill (Right). Anthony has performed for the last two years with Acoustic Live at its showcases at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance and at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
As Anthony enters his junior year in high school, he asserts that he still wants to maintain a balance (and a 90+ average!) between school and performing. Tarrytown Station is located on the Hudson Line near the Tappen Zee Bridge, the station doesn't straddle the river, there is a marina and parking lot between the station and the river.
The platform locations are unusual for this four track line, with a side platform for Northbound trains, and an island platform for southbound trains.
Sweet Grass Grill is a down-to-earth restaurant that serves local and seasonal food using produce from over a dozen Hudson Valley farms.We like to eat here before seeing a concert at the Tarrytown Music Hall. Tarry Tavern is an elegant American restaurant, located just a block down from the Music Hall, is a notch up from your standard 'tavern fare.' Owner, Henry Cabral and head chef, Adam Strong, like many smart restaurantuers these days, focus on using fresh ingredients from local farms. Once you walk downstairs into Cellar 49 at the Tarrytown House Estate - you feel like you've stumbled onto some secret parlor. Savor authentic Greek food and the Mediterranean at Lefteris Gyro - a favorite Tarrytown New York restaurant frequently seen on the "Best of Westchester" list every year. The staff treats you like family, and you'll keep on smiling when you pay the bill: change in your pockets, and left-overs for the fridge!Lefteris Gyro is a popular spot, and is highly visible with it's prime location on the corner of Broadway and Main Street.
They do an excellent White Pizza with Extra Garlic, and the dough-knots are only like 40 cents each. We've been to Swagat, the only Indian restaurant in Tarrytown New York, on many occasions. From the suburbs of the Hudson Valley a€” a place called Pleasantville -- a sixteen year-old has rolled out.
Nothing earth-shattering, no big deal, just two hours (two hours!) of relaxed banter and straight-on music. A 45-minute phone interview with Anthony immersed the author in a torrent of events and activities from the time he was nine years old to the present.
He has been active on the local Pleasantville cable station for ten years, producing three shows per week a€” ranging from talk shows, moderating candidates debates, doing call-ins, but mostly hosting music programs.
He'd gotten his first taste of Dylan from the Greatest Hits album in his father's record collection.

This was the first of what has become a typical Anthony gig -- two hours straight with no break in the middle.
This was followed by Gary and Anthony -- a nine-song CD co-written with his friend Gary Bierman recorded between November 2005 and April 2006. This was followed by his first full-length (14 songs + 1 bonus track) solo CD, Rearrange (2006) and then, Quality Time (2007). One might think it almost impossible for a fourteen or fifteen-year old to write a credible song about loving or needing someone, but there they are, pressed in polycarbonate plastic. In addition to the aforementioned Kerrville and Falcon Ridge recognition, he was also a finalist in the 2007 Mountain Stage NewSong Northeast Regional contest. They met at the Folk Alliance Conference and played together in the hotel lobby for two hours. We can only hope that his enthusiasm never wanes and that the creative spark continues to bring him joy. Through it all, we hope he retains his rootsy connections; that he continues to sing from that special place inside of the music. He has been active on the local Pleasantville cable station for ten years, producing three shows per weekA  a€” ranging from talk shows, moderating candidates debates, doing call-ins, but mostly hosting music programs. The station is a major connecting point for Bee-Line Buses and also the TappenZEExpress to Rockland County.
Two overpasses each towards either end of the platforms connect them, the ends are also slightly staggared.
Everything from classic diners, to authentic family run bakeries. Continue reading to find out more! As the name implies, there is a small market at the entrance, where you can shop for wines, cheeses, and other artisanal craft foods, like jams and honey. Usually we try to sit at the one of the window tables, so we can watch the crowd line up under the marquee; or, in warmer months, at one of their sidewalk-cafe tables.
Or their individual hand crafted, thin-crust pizzas ($14).For dinner go for the Seared Salmon ($26), Grilled Hangar Steak ($28), or their Crispy Stuffed Chicken ($27). For dinner you could go for seafood and get the Cajun Catfish, Grilled Fresh Swordfish, and the Ichabod Cod. When's the last time you remember buying anything less than a dollar, and it being worthwhile?
The station is an important express stop with all 3 of the basic off-peak trains the Hudson Line operates per hour stopping at the station. His teacher quickly caught on that Anthony would not respond to traditional sight reading and used chords to teach him one new Beatles song each week. He appeared at both the Northeast Regional and National Folk Alliance conferences and was noticed by industry professionals.
Anthony met with a BMI representative in Nashville during his Tin Pan South trip (and later for a BMI rep in New York). You'll receive news of our latest adventures via our e-zine, The Hudson Valley Good Life.
Many people choose the Farmer's Feast ($148 pp) - which comes in 8 to 12 courses! Inside, Sunset Cove is a snazzy restaurant, open all year, with white cloth dining, valet parking 'n all. RiverMarket's attractive interior features orange leather seats and gray slate surfaces. It comes with chunks of ham and with peas in that irresistible light pink sauce ($18).You may also like their pan seared Filet of Branzino with sauteed escarole, cherry tomatoes, and lima beans. Some entrees include a New York Strip Steak ($25), the classic Shepard's Pie ($16), and Penne Ala Vodka. This includes the hourly express train that provides a non-stop ride from here to 125 Street. Anthony later found a DVD in the school library of their appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.
At the music store, his guitar teacher left and Anthony decided it was time for him to leave as well. He was at BMI Nashville for a few hours, where he met and played for a couple of producers and publishers.
We usually go for the outdoor experience, but we've also eaten inside and ordered off their regular menu. For a main course I highly recommend one of their house specialties - the Honey Glazed Half Chicken ($18).

For your main course, try their Sea Scallops, Duck Breast, Braised Short Rib, or Hand-made Fettucini. If you're hungry for meat, the grilled Filet Mignon with a shitake mushroom sauce ($30) is all yours. How does Brioche French Toast with sweet mixture of fresh fruit, or Poached Eggs on a Croissant sound?
It comes drizzled with syrupy balsamic vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes and little triangles of toasted pita bread for dipping.
The station is the connecting point for Transport for Rockland's TAPPAN ZEExpress that uses motorcoaches to connect commuters in Rockland County to the Hudson Line. Outside of listening to tapes in the old Honda, this would be his first exposure to their performing style. At this point, in the 7th grade, Anthony was approached by two other students who wanted to form a band. Or warm up to your meal with a bowl of yummy lemon chicken soup.Expect delicious and hearty portions at very reasonable prices.
Owners, Jose Manuel Pereira, Luis Miguel Rodrigues, and Ricardo Brito - all natives of Portugal - are no strangers to the local restauarant scene. Owner Mike Love has developed relationships with small coffee farms in Guatemala and elsewhere in Central and South America. The stop is a popular park & ride station because of its proximity to the Tappan Zee Bridge, with commuters and day-trippers coming from a dispersed area. Can't go wrong with French Toast, dipped in cinnamon vanilla batter and served hot and dripping with Maple syrup. Combined the team have decades of experience at both Caravela, (formerly of Tarrytown) and Polpo, in Greenwich. For drivers, the approximately 900 spaces in 3 parking lots surrounding the station are all controlled by the Village of Tarrytown that has the usual yearly parking permits, for 2015 these cost $385 for residents and $1,200 for non-residents. Daily parking is also provided and like most parking lots weekend parking is free, except during Yankee Games.
It comes with a Gyro, Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatzitki sauce and Shish Kebab.Also, you can't go wrong ordering the Falafels, or something from their seafood menu. During Yankee Games (beginning in June 2009, just after the opening of the stadium's Metro-North Station) the village of Tarrytown charges $10 ($8 was the fee originally) for parking for non-residents (residents can park for free during Yankee Games with a free Tarrytown Village recreation permit).
Fred told me it was a good way to be getting out my feelings and it was a lot more constructive than other things I could be doing.
The parking lot also includes a few electrical vehicle-charging stations. The station itself has a unique platform layout for the four track line with a 10-car island platform between the two New York-bound express and local tracks, a track that doesn't platform, followed by a side platform for the normal northbound local track.
When a voice starts this early, with this much force and intelligence, we can breathe a sigh of hope.
These platforms are also slightly offset from each other with the northbound platform running slightly farther north than the southbound one. In the face of American Idol and all the commercialism that is foisted upon us, here is something that has sprung from the masses. Here is someone who lives inside of his musical creations, who then steps forward and presents them, as a friend, sharing a gift from the muse.
They both connect the side platform and depot with the New York-bound island platform before continuing to the main station parking lot on Lower Green Street on the river side of the tracks. The northern overpass (leading directly to the northern end of the northbound platform) has an elevator (3 in total) and a staircase down to each platform. The southern one (in the middle of the island platform, towards the southern end of the side platform) has staircases only (two staircases down to the island platform, one staircase at each end).
The platforms are covered by canopies between the two pedestrian bridges and otherwise left exposed to the elements. Near the northern end of the northbound platform is a large single-story stone depot that was originally built in 1890 and then rebuilt between April 1922 and October 1925 after a fire caused by a rouge cigarette. This building has a tall gabled roof with a covered porch that runs alongside and below the high-level platform. The trim and wooden supports that hold up the roof are painted orange with red stones interrupting the grey ones around the windows. Directly outside the station house is Station Plaza with three drop-off lanes that have islands, a taxi stand, and bus stops for the Tappan-Zee Express and Bee-Line local buses.

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