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Sherman also noted that he felt taken advantage of by HIT Entertainment, which produces the show. It's unclear what this means for the future of the show or if the roles will be recast.
HIT Entertainment, which also owns such properties as Bob the Builder and Barney the Dinosaur, was sold to Mattel in 2011 for $680 million.
Thomas And Friends is an animated series of children which was first produced by a production house for animated British television network ITV and first aired on September 4, 2004, but at that time the title is "Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends".

Early stories of the animated film based on the children's story book called The Railway Series vibrantly written by Wilbert Awdrey (26 book series) and then continued by Christopher Awdry (16 book series) who is the son of Wilbert Awdrey. In the 2009 animated film Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends reproduced by an animation company Mattel, based in the United States in cooperation with Nitrogen Studios and changed the title to Thomas And Friends.
The story of the life of Thomas the Train and his friends this in a fantasy island called "Island of Sodor". Alligator are amphibians that have a very close kinship with crocodiles, so close, physically, they are also very similar.

Thomas lived in the island's roundhouse with other trains Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Trevor and Duck.

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