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Peter Sam, and check out Peter Sam on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Peter Sam holds a lot of respect for Skarloey, and often tries his best to prevent Sir Handel from getting into trouble. After an accident on the incline when collecting slate trucks, Peter Sam had difficulty steaming. Peter Sam was introduced as Stuart in the fourth season of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.
Unlike the Skarloey Railway of the books, where all the locomotives are painted red, in the TV series each is painted a different colour: Peter Sam retains his original green colour from The Mid-Sodor Railway. Peter Sam is based on the locomotive Edward Thomas which works at the Talyllyn Railway in Gwynedd, Wales. This caused some controversy when Egmont, the publishers of the Railway Series books, complained that this was a violation of copyright.

This story is set just after Peter Sam and Sir Handel had been purchased by the Thin Controller. A number of Peter Sam's original adventures were adapted, with the same personality he had in the books. After being absent with the other Narrow Gauge engines for Season 8, he returned with Skarloey, Rheneas, Rusty, and Duncan the following year, starring in the episode The Magic Lamp. This was in commemoration of the fact that the Talyllyn Railway repainted Edward Thomas to represent Peter Sam.
A compromise was eventually reached whereby the Talyllyn Railway could run engines as Railway Series characters, but the faces attached to them had to be different from those depicted in the books. Peter Sam (originally named Stuart on the Mid Sodor Railway) was renamed and repainted in the Skarloey Railway livery of red with blue lining. He was soon fitted with an experimental funnel (a Giesl ejector) which enables him to take heavier loads.

He still retains qualities from the books, and has had his flattened funnel since the Special Funnel adaptation in 1995.
At first, the others teased him for it, but they soon learned how it made work much easier for him, and now they even wish they had one like it. In recent episodes, Peter Sam has made cameos and other minor roles, but in Season 11 he made a couple of speaking roles.

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