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Thomas The Tank Engine Story Treasury is a book containing twelve My Thomas Story Library books. Housed in a smart, sturdy slipcase, this quality hardback has a ribbon marker that makes it perfect for hours of bedtime reading alone, or with a parent or guardian. A classic collection of Thomas stories, the book features the favourite characters of Thomas, Bertie, Cranky, Gordon, Toby, Henry, Percy, Diesel, Emily, Donald and Douglas, Skarloey, and The Fat Controller.
Thomas the Tank Engine coloring pages and activities are very popular among children, giving them the possibility to color play games for little engineers, guided by friendly Thomas and his automobile friends. Thomas and Friends coloring pages are drawn after the television series based on The Railway Series book of W. Edward the Blue Engine is a blue  tender engine with red stripes, displaying number two, a mixed traffic engine who likes to pull freight. Another friend is Gordon the Big Engine, the biggest and fastest, blue and carrying number 4, who pulls the Express. Do you like trains, engines, turn everything in the house to pieces to see what it’s made of?

What can be more fun than coloring the engine parts of so many vehicles, each with its distinctive shape and personality, learning about assembling pieces and the basics of mechanics, playing puzzles, join-the-dots, color by number or by letter, assembling games, drawing to a higher scale and the list never ends! He is very full of himself and highly competitive, very proud to have pulled the Royal Train that carried Queen Elisabeth II. Number six is Percy the Small Engine, green with red stripes, the smallest, youngest and probably cheekiest, of the principal steam engine characters, sometimes naive and overconfident.
Then you must like Thomas the Tank engine coloring pages, which allow you to recognize vehicle components while you color them and have fun with the expressive little faces of Thomas and his friends, which reflect their emotions and personalities.
And that's because it's a big collection of coloring pages with Disney characters: princesses, fairy tale boys and girls, Mickey Mouse and the gang, Winnie Pooh, Tinkerbell, Aladdin and all the others.
Awdry and tell the stories of a group of anthropomorphized trains and vehicles from Island of Sodor, a fictional place. Henry the Green Engine is unfortunately prone to illness and misadventures and suspected of laziness. Thomas coloring pages can be downloaded and printed from many Internet sites absolutely for free.

All the vehicle friends from Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book are lovely characters and fun to color. A steam locomotive, engine number 3, he pulls coaches and trucks, sometimes even hauls the Express and is responsible for the Flying Kipper. A great engine fellow is James the Red Engine, with a bad-boy reputation, sometimes arrogant and bossy, but a very powerful and useful one, proud of his red color. Thomas, the main character and everybody’s friend, is a tank engine, blue with red lines, displaying the running number one.

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