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Thomas & Friends is a children's television series about the engines and other characters working on the railways of the Island of Sodor, and is based on The Railway Series books written by the Rev.
S9 E26 Dec 3, 2005Flour PowerThomas and Diesel have to collect flour, needed ready for the following day, from the Flour Mill. S5 E26 Nov 5, 1998Rusty & The BoulderThe Fat Controller has opened a new mine, and both the normal gauge and narrow gauge railways have tracks to it.
Season 1, Episode 26 S1 E25 Nov 12, 1984Down the MineGordon is in disgrace after falling in the ditch.
Season 1, Episode 20 S1 E19 Nov 2, 1984The Flying Kipper (Part 2)One winter's evening, Henry is excited to be given the chance to pull the fish train that the men call, "The Flying Kipper".
Season 9, Episode 26 S9 E25 Dec 3, 2005Keeping Up With JamesJames and Edward both want to pull the presents train for Christmas. Season 5, Episode 26 S5 E25 Nov 2, 1998SnowThomas and Rusty are both trapped at a tunnel and can't go any further until the the heavy snow is cleared away that has fallen. This article lists and details episodes from the first series, which was originally broadcast in 1984. Season 1, Episode 25 S1 E24 Nov 9, 1984Off the RailsOne day, Gordon is dozing in a siding when Henry comes by, waking him up with a loud whistle or two! Season 1, Episode 19 S1 E18 Nov 1, 1984Coal (Part 1)Henry keeps feeling ill, unlike the other engines. This article lists and details episodes from the ninth Series of this show, which was first broadcast in 2005. This article lists and details episodes from the fifth series of the show, which was first broadcast in 1998. Season 9, Episode 25 S9 E24 Nov 26, 2005Thomas & The Golden EagleBest friends, Thomas and Percy, greatly want to see for themselves a golden eagle which has said to have been recently flying in Sodora€™s skies.
Season 5, Episode 25 S5 E24 Oct 31, 1998Duncan Gets SpookedPeter Sam is pulling some trucks, but when he has to stop to take on water, they use the opportunity to break away.
Season 1, Episode 24 S1 E23 Nov 8, 1984Dirty ObjectsToby and Henrietta are old and shabby looking. Season 1, Episode 18 S1 E17 Oct 31, 1984Percy Runs Away (Part 3)After being shut up for days in the shed, Henry, Gordon and James have been let out to work again. Season 9, Episode 24 S9 E23 Nov 26, 2005Saving EdwardPoor Edward isna€™t in the best of condition, and fears the Fat Controller will send him to the scrap heap. Season 5, Episode 24 S5 E23 Oct 29, 1998Busy Going BackwardsToad the brake van is feeling glum as he is always seeing things sliding away from him and would like to go forward for a change. This series was initially narrated by Ringo Starr for the UK audiences, who re-dubbed 25 episodes for the US audiences; which was later re-dubbed again by George Carlin for the US audiences.
Season 1, Episode 23 S1 E22 Nov 7, 1984Thomas in Trouble (Part 2)There is a Quarry at the end of Thomas' Branch Line, and he has to take the trucks to and from it. Season 1, Episode 16 S1 E15 Oct 29, 1984Tenders & Turntables (Part 1)Gordon has to pull his train backwards due not trying hard enough to move into the correct position on the turntable, so as to be turned around. This series was narrated by Michael Angelis for the UK audiences, although Michael Brandon narrated the episodes for the US audiences. Season 9, Episode 23 S9 E22 Nov 12, 2005Skarloey The BraveSkarloey sets out to try and prove himself to the others by being the bravest locomotive ever a€“ by attaching himself to the Incline winch.
Season 5, Episode 23 S5 E22 Oct 26, 1998Make Someone HappyMrs Kyndley is upset that her sister, who was coming to visit, isn't able to make it. Most episodes in this series have two titles: the original titles from the UK broadcasts are shown on top, while the American-adapted titles are shown underneath.

Not smarta€¦ Season 9, Episode 22 S9 E21 Nov 12, 2005Bold & BraveIs there really such thing as a curse? Season 1, Episode 22 S1 E21 Nov 6, 1984Toby & The Stout Gentleman (Part 1)We meet Toby the Tram Engine and his coach Henrietta, who both work hard on their little line. Season 1, Episode 15 S1 E14 Oct 26, 1984Thomas & BertieBertie the Bus challenges Thomas to a race, to see who can get to the end of the line first. Season 5, Episode 22 S5 E21 Oct 24, 1998A Surprise For PercyPercy is pulling some trucks up a hill when the coupling between him and the first truck breaks.
Season 9, Episode 21 S9 E20 Nov 5, 2005Duncan & The Old MineOn one day in particular, problem-engine Duncan is feeling rather adventurous. Season 1, Episode 21 S1 E20 Nov 5, 1984Whistles & Sneezes (Part 3)Gordon becomes a little too above himself but learns a lesson when his whistle valve comes out of place causing quite a noise! Season 1, Episode 14 S1 E13 Oct 25, 1984Thomas, Terence and the SnowOne autumn day, Thomas meets a Terence the tractor and mocks his caterpillars, thinking them ugly. Season 5, Episode 21 S5 E20 Oct 22, 1998Sir Topham Hatt's HolidayThe Fat Controller, his wife and grandchildren go on holiday, but various incidents keep affecting their plans!
Season 9, Episode 20 S9 E19 Nov 5, 2005Thomas' New TrucksThomas and James have both been given splendid new trucks to pull, from the Fat Controller.
Kyndley that her daughter is to be married "today" but has forgotten about the good luck package.
Season 9, Episode 19 S9 E18 Oct 29, 2005Thomas' Day OffIta€™s Thomasa€™ day off, and new diesel engine, Dennis, is to deliver to the school some new roof tiles for him.
Season 1, Episode 11 S1 E10 Oct 22, 1984James & The ExpressGordon boasts to James that he is the only engine who can pull the Express. Season 5, Episode 19 S5 E18 Oct 17, 1998Oliver's FindOliver has to take the Post Train for the first time, and he gets lost on the way home.
Season 9, Episode 18 S9 E17 Oct 29, 2005Emily Knows BestPercy and Toby do not approve of Emilya€™s desire to be Miss. Season 1, Episode 10 S1 E9 Oct 19, 1984Troublesome TrucksJames is feeling sad as he is still staying in his shed for being naughty. Season 5, Episode 18 S5 E17 Oct 15, 1998Thomas & The RumoursHarold is seen by the engines suspiciously flying around and think he's scouting the area so he can find ways to replace them. Season 1, Episode 9 S1 E8 Oct 18, 1984James & The CoachesJames the new engine has to pull some coaches with the help of Edward.
Season 5, Episode 17 S5 E16 Oct 13, 1998Thomas, Percy & Old Slow CoachThomas and Percy discover Old Slow Coach, who is going to be scrapped. Season 9, Episode 16 S9 E15 Oct 29, 2005Thomas & The StatueThomas is to haul a special statue from Brendam Docks, which is in celebration of the railwaya€™s many, fine years of service. Season 1, Episode 8 S1 E7 Oct 17, 1984Thomas & The Breakdown TrainThomas is in the yard shunting when new engine James rushes past with a goods train yelling for help. Season 9, Episode 15 S9 E14 Oct 15, 2005The Magic LampPeter Sam wouldna€™t even think of believing in Skarloeya€™s story about the magic lamp belonging to the legendary engine, Proteus. Season 5, Episode 16 S5 E15 Oct 11, 1998Something In The AirWhilst waiting for his fish vans to be loaded up, a crate of fish is accidentally dropped on poor Thomas! Season 1, Episode 7 S1 E6 Oct 16, 1984Thomas & The TrucksThomas is bored, and when one night Edward offers to swap duties with him for the next day, Thomas takes up the offer.
Season 9, Episode 14 S9 E13 Oct 22, 2005Thomas Tries His BestThomas has to deliver chickens to Brendam Docks.
Season 1, Episode 6 S1 E5 Oct 15, 1984Thomas' TrainThomas wants to pull a train instead of just shunting coaches for the big engines, who laugh and say he wouldn't be able to do it.

Season 5, Episode 14 S5 E13 Oct 7, 1998Stepney Gets LostStepney is bored, so the Fat Controller agrees to allow him to help out Mavis and Toby at the quarry for the day.
Season 9, Episode 13 S9 E12 Oct 8, 2005Toby Feels Left OutToby finds out that The Steam Team are receiving brand new coats of paint a€“ except for him.
Season 1, Episode 5 S1 E4 Oct 12, 1984Edward, Gordon & Henry (Part 2)Henry is sad that he is stuck in the tunnel, and Gordon is having fun teasing him whenever he passes. Season 5, Episode 13 S5 E12 Oct 5, 1998Double Teething TroublesBill and Ben need some help at the China Clay Pits, so the Fat Controller sends a diesel, Derek, to help them out. Season 1, Episode 4 S1 E3 Oct 11, 1984The Sad Story of Henry (Part 1)Henry the Green Engine doesn't like getting his paint wet - so refuses to come out of the tunnel.
Season 9, Episode 11 S9 E10 Oct 1, 2005Rheneas & The DinosaurThe dinosaurs may be gone, but they still live on in the findings of their remaining bones, and it is such a find that has been made on Sodor. Season 5, Episode 11 S5 E10 Sep 28, 1998Toby & The FloodToby has been sent to check the dam on the river.
Season 1, Episode 3 S1 E2 Oct 10, 1984Edward & GordonEdward is feeling sad, as all the other engines are bigger and younger than him.
Season 1, Episode 2 S1 E1 Oct 9, 1984Thomas & GordonThomas the Tank Engine works at the Big Station, fetching coaches for the bigger engines.
Season 5, Episode 10 S5 E9 Sep 24, 1998Put Upon PercyPercy has been working very hard recently and feels put upon by this. Season 9, Episode 9 S9 E8 Sep 24, 2005Tuneful TootsA brass concert is being held, which Rusty the Diesel will be playing in, utilizing his rather musical two-toned diesel horn. Season 9, Episode 8 S9 E7 Sep 24, 2005Thomas & The Birthday PicnicIt is Sir Topham Hatt's mothera€™s birthday, and he wants to make it as special a day for her as possible, by taking her on a birthday picnic. Season 5, Episode 9 S5 E8 Sep 22, 1998Baa!The stations on the Island of Sodor are entering the "Best Dressed Station" competition.
Season 5, Episode 8 S5 E7 Sep 10, 1998Bye George!George the Steamroller is working around the island and as usual, is causing great problems for the engines.
Season 9, Episode 6 S9 E5 Sep 18, 2005Molly's Special SpecialMolly, a lovely new engine with striking yellow paintwork and four, large drive wheels, but Molly doesna€™t think pulling empty trucks is lovely. Season 9, Episode 5 S9 E4 Sep 11, 2005Mighty MacEverything is happening on the Narrow Gauge Railway.
Season 5, Episode 6 S5 E5 Sep 13, 1998James & The Trouble With TreesJames has recieved a new coat of paint and becomes too cocky, even to recognise the dangers trees could cause. Season 5, Episode 5 S5 E4 Sep 9, 1998Lady Hatt's Birthday PartyIt's Lady Hatt's birthday, and her husband, Sir Topham Hatt, is throwing a party for her. Season 9, Episode 4 S9 E3 Sep 11, 2005Thomas' Milkshake MuddleMilk is used to make ice-cream and butter is used to make cakes. Season 9, Episode 3 S9 E2 Sep 4, 2005Thomas & The RainbowThomas sees a glorious rainbow in the Sodor sky, upon the ending of a great storm. Season 5, Episode 3 S5 E2 Sep 3, 1998Horrid LorryThe engines are working really hard, and the Fat Controller thinks they need some help. Season 9, Episode 2 S9 E1 Sep 4, 2005Percy & The Oil PaintingA very famous Artist wishes to choose a suitable location to paint for his picture which will be entitled "The Spirit Of Sodor". Season 5, Episode 2 S5 E1 Aug 21, 1998Cranky BugsAt the docks, Thomas and Percy are working hard, but the new crane, Cranky, thinks little engines are useless - "bugs" he calls them.

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