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The Live show had 2 different stories, in which the set would be modified to set the story.
In one of the stories, Thomas runs away from Sodor, thinking he is not a Really Useful Engine anymore, Eventually James and Percy get stuck in a tunnel.
In the other story, Thomas breaks his whistle and borrows a school bell as a replacement while Gordon, the Fat Controller, and various railway staff have caught colds.
The James model earned a Guinness World Record in 2004 as the largest electric model train.
Thomas's model was used for the Queens Party at Buckingham Palace in 2006 with Jonathan Ross playing the Fat Controller. For your first name only the alphabet, apostrophe and hyphen characters are allowed, and must not be longer than 31 characters. For your update information, please do not use the characters , and is no longer than 2047 characters.
For your enquiry, please do not use the characters , and is no longer than 2047 characters. That night, there is a fire at the Fat Controller's house and Thomas uses his bell to warn him.

On Stage is a 90 minute live musical adventure based on the delightful stories of Thomas and Friends. You may be looking for the eighth season episode, the first season episode, the magazine story, the Finnish DVD, the video game, the Philippines DVD or the book. The Fat Controller complains that Thomas and Percy are late, but they explain their scenarios.
The Fat Controller states that his tea cake burnt while he fell asleep and Thomas has proved himself a really useful engine. For over sixty years, millions of children around the world have enjoyed the stories of Thomas through books, the popular television series, toys and DVDs and now for the first time they can see their favourite characters on stage.
The next day, the Fat Controller tells the engines that there is a parade taking place on Sodor and Thomas is to lead it, but during that day, James loses his special load. Percy hears a ghostly noise which sounds suspiciously like an elephant and is derailed before anyone can do anything about it, forcing Thomas and his new animal friends Nellie and Twinkles the elephants to pull Percy onto the rails. On Stage is a phenomenal production that the entire family will enjoy,” says Jim Millan, the show’s writer and director. On Stage sees our hero Thomas and his friend Percy having to work together with the other Really Useful Engines to “save the day” when a big storm disrupts the Island of Sodor’s Magic Lantern Festival.

They say that their boat went off course on the way to Sodor and their instruments were damaged. Thomas says that he has to get going, but his driver agrees to take the instruments to the repair shop. He says that he will have to make up for lost time if he wants the reward of pulling the special truck. Diesel states that he doesn't want anything to fall on him and reverses back into the shed.
Percy's driver complains that the storm returned just as everything was returning to normal.

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