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Sir Handel is always slipping between the rails, so he is given new wheels with broad tyres.
Nancy, the guard's daughter, is giving Skarloey a polish when Duncan asks if he can get polished too. The next day, Edward brings Rheneas back to the Skarloey Railway, and a huge celebration ensues. In the sixth illustration of "Steamroller", a blue car with the license plate "JTK 62" can be seen. The Reverend acknowledged the help given by members of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society in the preparation for this book.

The workmen manage to repair it by the next market day, during which time the weather becomes frosty. The engines nickname him "a steamroller", until Skarloey tells him about George, the anti-railway steamroller working near the line.
Peter Sam, who is taking the passenger train, has his (already loose) funnel knocked off by an icicle in a tunnel. Later that day, one of Skarloey's coaches derails and Duncan is sent to take the passengers home.
Although the engines tease him about its design at first (Sir Handel and Duncan continually ask him why he sat on it), the engines soon become jealous of it.

Skarloey comes to take him to the top station, but the passengers are furious at the delay.
Hugh arrive to clear the mess, and next day, after a fence is put up to separate the road and rail, George leaves.
Sir Handel thinks he made George go away, and is more conceited than ever - at least until some boys start talking about the "race"!

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