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Uncle Thomas the Tank Engine is a parody of Thomas the Tank Engine of the children's book and television series and a reference to the phrase 'Uncle Tom', a black person subservient to white people derived from the main character in the book Uncle Tom's Cabin.
In "Brown History Month", a cutaway shows Uncle Thomas the Tank Engine nodding and agreeing with whatever the character parodying Sir Topham Hatt says, and then insulting him when he believes he isn't paying attention.
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While watching the trains go by one day, Salty gets an idea that sends Percy into the water. Join me as I take on the worst and most bizarre of these fan-created crossovers, watching as much as I can and browsing the wiki to see what other ideas they have up their sleeves (and won't bother to complete). Are they really so bereft of any original thoughts or ideas that they have to resort to mashing together every fictional character together?

A meme that sounds quite regular for a strange mind at first, but when you find out that they have plans for a family-friendly "Pooh's Adventures of Avatar", then everything is ruined.

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