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The engines are getting dragged down by the amount of work they have, and they are pleased to hear a goods engine is arriving from Scotland. Donald and Douglas (now #9 and #10 respectively) realise they have only numbers painted on their tenders. The Fat Controller threatens to send one of the twins away and they behave, until a spiteful brakevan delays Douglas' goods train. This is a subtle joke, as, had the Fat Controller checked the British Railway rolls, he would have realised that the Class 812's only went up to 57645. Gordon references "Tugboat Annie", a 1950s Canadian television series about a tough old widow who captained a tugboat.
David Mitton has said that an adaptation of "The Missing Coach" was half-finished for the second season, but Britt Allcroft scrapped the idea, citing that the plot would be too complicated for young viewers. The illustration on the front cover shows one of the twins with British Railways' 'cyling lion' logo. In the fourth illustration of "The Missing Coach", Annie and Clarabel are different lengths. When Percy, Gordon and Henry mix up the pronunciation of "deputation" Edward is visible in the Shed; however, he doesn't correct them.
Description: UP FOR AUCTION THE VIDEO VHS PAL ~ THE STONE ROSES ~COMPLETE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY BIDDING!! On the back of the DVD, Britt Allcroft and David Mitton are incorrectly credited for writing the episodes.

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If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. This episode is based on the story of the same name from The Railway Series book, Duke the Lost Engine. In a rare picture of Stuart coupling up to Duke's train, his funnel is loose and his lining is peeling off. However, the Fat Controller is surprised to hear two engines have arrived and goes to meet the engines, but only manages to discover they have "lost their numbers", as they put it, and they have since named themselves Donald and Douglas. One afternoon, Douglas is shunting in the Yard and worries about being sent away, unfortunately forgetting to shunt Thomas' Special Coach. Donald soon puts the van right, but when Donald crashes into a signalbox and James has to do his goods work the brakevan and the trucks, sensing James' fury, hold back, and Douglas has to help as a "banker".
They manage to rescue Henry from a snowdrift, but they are still worried that they will be sent back.
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The Thomas the Train and Friends Twin Sized bedding set is perfect for young boys (and perhaps girls) who want almost anything related to the popular tank engine. Duke pays no attention, but when he is taking his passengers home, he starts wheezing and Falcon and Stuart have to help him.

The Fat Controller orders for them to have numbers painted on them and puts them to work, but is determined to find out which engine should not be there and send him back. The twins decide to swap tenders so as to convince the Fat Controller that Donald has taken his goods train, but he isn't fooled and reprimands Douglas severely. The brakevan holds back again, but gets its comeuppance after Douglas accidentally crushes it.
Edward tells Percy that they need a "deputation", and the big engines elect Percy to be their "disputation".
The three split up at the next station so Falcon can take Duke's train to the dock and Duke and Stuart can take Falcon's train home. The Fat Controller comes to supervise the clean-up, and has mixed feelings about Douglas staying.
Percy tells the Fat Controller that Donald and Douglas will be scrapped if they return to Scotland, but the Fat Controller has already made up his mind: he gives the twins a new coat of paint and allows them to stay.
Perfect for the kids room who want something to light up their rooms and make it a place worth sleeping in. At the top station, a man tells his son that Duke had to help Stuart, who furiously disappears in a cloud of steam.

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