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Thomas the Tank 4 piece luggage**Popular character**Ahhh, good ole Thomas - been around for years and is still a firm children's favourite. I bought this luggage set for my son when he was 1 as he was always going to stay at his Grandma's house and wanted his own bags to take with him. Not only do the engines appear on DVDs and in books, they can also be spotted on various merchandise and clothing. I can't quite believe once huge Thomas fan is now 13, and now all these years later, my 2 year old is following suit. When we planned out trip to loch lomond for a few days I decided it may be fun for the children to have there own bag so while searching the net we came across this. Its a 4 piece set made up of a draw string bag a backpack a suitcase trolley and a wallet.On the front of each of the pieces is the same picture of Thomas the tank engine easy recognizable just like the well know TV character. The design is great, large picture of Thomas on each piece of luggage and in bright colours. Sometimes it may be for a week, sometimes just a few days, and if not going so far away, perhaps to friends, just a weekend. When we took the bags out of the packaging I was surprised as they were for children I was expecting them to be small but these were tiny. The wallet has the slot inside for children to put there money my little boy loves this although its not really useful as coins are difficult to get out if you put them in and I douht any 3 year old will be carrying notes around with them its a good novelty factor with his play money. Firstly the wallet, it is great as a play item for him to pretend with but he does tend to lose it everywhere. The set is suitable for children over the age of 3 and claims to be cabin friendly so ideal for taking on the plane.
I think an improvement would be for some sort of wire attachment so it can be clipped to his trousers or wrist as he always wants to take it out with us but he is forever dropping it and leaving it places with it being so small. Each item is constructed with polyester and PVC for easy cleaning.So what do we get in this luggage set? It's a recognised character and with my son having just turned 2, he easily recognises Thomas.
The trolley is also very small we managed to get a few outfits in there for him to take with him 3 days worth to be exact. The swim bag is probably the most useful item, it is waterproof and can hold all his PE or swimming things and is big enough to fit his pumps and towel in and is the item that is used the most. The case doesn't boast anywhere near enough room for week trips, but for weekends or overnight, it's ideal.
It has 2 small wheels at the bottom and a retractable handle which Connor thought was good fun to pull up and down constantly and 3 months down the line it still works fine even with the constant abuse.
The second most useful item is the backpack, he loves to put all his toys in there and it is just the right size for him to wear and be able to carry even when its full.
If we are going away for longer than a night or weekend, we still make use of the rucksack and trolley case because they are handy to hold toys in, if not clothes.
The most disappointing item would be the travel case, this is the reason I bought the set but is not very useful at all. The pull bag is great for carrying his toys round again its small but it comfortably sits his cars in there. It isnt very big so cant be used to really take anywhere and my nephew finds it very hard to pull it along when its full as it tends to tip to the side with it being so thin.
We also used it for a swimming trip it comfortable sat a towel swimsuits and change of clothes in it. I'd say overall the whole set is worth buying but more as a play set rather than real practical items. Mum had been looking for something to buy for Ryan and at the time, it was reduced to ?12.99 so she snapped it up.

Again its not huge but it fits my sons spare pair of clothes and a toy in for nursery he has used it a few months daily now and its still going strong no threads and it sits nicely just the right size for a younger boy.Although I did buy it to go away with I never really expected it to be very practical as it is aimed for children. It was allot smaller than we expected but still can be used for a small number of small things. There is a large picture of Thomas on the front which gets the response of 'Chin Chin Momas!' from our son.
It is perfect for over night stays at friends and the best buy from it all has to be the backpack which we use for nursery everyday.
There is a red frame type at the base holding 2 wheels and this expands to accommodate the trolley handle.
This means choo choo train Thomas lol**Drawstring Swim Bag**The string bag is what it is - a swim bag. The handle extends to allow the trolley to be pulled along though there is the option of a small carry handle on top of the trolley.
The trolley is main a light blue colour with a red zip which starts around half way up the length of the trolley to allow easy access.The PVC front of the trolley is bright and noticeable. During the week we use it as his out and about bag on the back of the pram, although I have caught hubby wearing it when he's been struggling with the pram and shopping.
Not a cool look lol!**Wallet**The wallet is probably the least useful item for us simply due to my son's age but he does enjoy opening and closing the Velcro so it entertains him for a while! The intention was to save this for a holiday but we haven't been able to afford one yet and it is such a waste for this to sit gathering dust. Even though the suitcase isn't big enough for longer than a weekend away trip, it can still be used for toys or nappies or bits and bobs on longer trips away so it still comes in useful!
This trolley is used a few times a week outdoors as he insists on taking it to his Grans or aunts. I suppose it's a good idea as he likes to take so much toys with him!The trolley is sturdy enough though personally, I don't feel it would handle long journeys if subject to pressure leaning against it etc. The handle extends well to allow my son (who is past 3 now) to pull it along flooring, carpets, grass or pavement outside. It does make quite a bit of noise or hard ground and we have noticed the wheels starting to get quite scuffed. We do find the trolley sits fine on the ground regardless of how much is in it though there is no locking option for the handle and is seems to slide back down too easily.The trolley itself is very spacious inside despite looking rather small from the outside. The zip works well and has never jammed but does open to allow plenty of space for Ryan to fill it up. Ryan stays with his Gran nearby every week and we also go to my sisters (2 bus journeys away) for sleepovers so it does get out a lot.
To give an idea of what can find inside the trolley, I will mention what Ryan takes to his Grans for a sleep over. In go the PJs, the slippers, a change of clothes for the next day, some nappies and wipes and usually a spare jacket.
There is also plenty of room left to accommodate a few small books, a small Iggle Piggle teddy and some snacks and still, there is room left for his mini cars.
The quality of the trolley is really good and not only has it been designed well, but also put together well so that it is secure. The trolley rarely gets dirty but a quick wipe over with a baby wipe takes off any marks with ease. Other than the wear and tear on the wheels, the trolley is still in immaculate condition and as bright and bold as it was the day we opened it.
This backpack is really an almost identical, smaller version of the trolley but design to be placed on the child's back. The adjustable parts are red whilst the straps are made of a thin polyester material with little padding.

Until recently, this was used for going up to the shops and generally going out and about with his Mummy. I adjust him depending on how big Ryans jacket is but find it a little fiddly to do so as they seem to jam. There isn't much padding the straps and sometimes Ryan finds the bag a little uncomfortable on his bag and takes it off to carry. Ryan looks so grown up walking into nursery with his bag and we can immediately see it when leaving due to the bright colouring.
There has been no discolouration or stitching come undone despite 9months of regular usage and of course it can be wiped down easily. At the moment, it is filled with a change of spare clothing for nursery as well as his comfy shoes for nursery and a few toy cars and everything fits well.
It is of a drawstring type design and features 2 rope pieces which can be joined together to wear the bag across the body or released apart to be worn like a backpack. The design is identical to the backpack though on a large scale.This is probably the least used part of the luggage set.
To be honest, this one has been left at my parents home with a change of clothes in it and has only be used a handful of times. The bag looks good when full opened out though despite the opening at the top still being large when pulled together, the overall design looks ruined.This bag doesn't sit well against Ryans body. We took this on our last trip to the beach and placed some damp (from the sea) clothing in to it. It is an ok bag just not very well designed for purpose and not ideal for swimming etc.~Wallet~This wallet is made of main PVC around the outside. There are 3 compartments - a small, open area with a zipped coin area across the wallet and also a pull open area for notes or paper.Whilst 3 might be a little young to carry lots of cash, we like to teach Ryan the value of money.
He often takes his wallet out with him (in his backpack) and having been prefilled with some small amounts of cash, he can pay for things independently and it looks so cute when he hands a cashier a penny to pay for a 60p sweetie!
The wallet is too big to be placed in a toddlers pocket and the velcro part feels relatively secure.There are a few minor flaws with the wallet. The coin area has a small zip and we find it can accommodate lots of change without any issues with closing the zip. Ryan currently has around ?2.00 in loose change in his wallet and it can be easily accessed. The issue I have with this part of the wallet is the small gap between the zip end and the middle of the wallet. He does however like to collect train tickets and any he gets fit snuggly into the other side of the wallet. I'm not in the habit of allowing him to carry money notes around though my sister recently presented him with a ?1.00 note and he was over the moon.
Notes do fit into the large part of the wallet well though I wouldn't recommend this as if the wallet is left open, it could fall out.
The wallet sometimes becomes subject to grubby hands but wipes clean fine and is a good concept for a toddler.
They are all reasonably well made to support short journeys but don't expect too much from them or they will crack under pressure.
They looks as good as the day we received them despite regular use and the design is superb and true to life as far as Thomas goes.For easy storage in the rare instance that none of set is being used, we place everything inside the trolley and slot it into a corner of our cupboard as it doesn't take up much space.

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