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Today’s guest post comes from my good friend Jim Mcintosh, the travelling cobbler and conservationist behind Holes in my Soles.
We had caught the train from Delhi to Kalka ,and there transferred onto the Shimla Toy Train.
I was fascinated not just by the feat of engineering, but the views from the heights out over the valleys where April displayed Nature’s springtime colour palette.
I was spellbound, in a deep reverie at Nature’s marvelous display outside, almost hypnotised by the clicketty clack, and constant transfer from gloom to brilliance to gloom as we exited one tunnel, over a viaduct, and then into another. As I moved to get a better glimpse of a particularly statuesque specimen, my train of thought was broken abruptly, as a very cold, drippy curry and rice missed me by a centimetre and went flying out my window! Ladies do not like curry hair shampoos, and will not let their man forget about it for a long time either. You will have many options, and we found it was a simple matter of stopping and inspecting rooms at the many hotels we passed until we found good, clean rooms, rather small but with exceptional views looking out over the city and the mountains. An added bonus was the troop of Languar monkeys that slept every night outside our windows, which explained the bars and netting, necessary to stop them ransacking our room. Shimla itself is built upon several ridgelines, and quaint, pastel painted, crammed together housing literally tumbles down the hillsides.
What a wonderful recollection of a fascintating train ride and romantic Shimla, told with a bit of humor as well.
I really enjoyed this =) Never had a curry on a train, but I guess that’s par for the course in India.
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To explore this mysterious country, vacationers find luxury trains the best option as a convenient and suitable mode of transport.
The Shivalik Deluxe Express runs two every day, stopping only at Barog for providing catering services to passengers. Nilgiri Mountain Railway traverses 46 kms of twists and turns from Mettupalayam to the hill resort of Ootacamund at a speed of 33 km an hour. Matheran Railway is a 77-year-old line connecting Neral (on the Mumbai-Pune line) to the resort of Matheran close to Mumbai. The panorama of hills and plains unfolds as the sturdy little train chugs up to the peaceful retreat.
No Shimla resident goes on    the toy-train.  That’s a journey for the    monkey –capped  Bengalis and foreign tourists to make. The train therefore chugs along sluggishly giving enough time for the DSLR wielding tourists to capture the scenery without having to worry about motion blur. Now the toy-train journey has made it to the must- do list of all prominent  Indian guide books.
The narrow-gauze Shimla- Kalka  railway track was laid down at the start of the 20th century to  first  ferry up the heat harried British residents who had found in Shimla’s cool climes a perfect respite from Delhi’s  sweltering summer.  Laying down this railway track which stretches to 96 kilometers , on the hills was an onerous task but surprisingly it took less than half a  decade to finish. And in the slow trundle  past  pines,  conifers and rhododendrons,  the Raj nostalgia looms up past the windows. The railway line climbs from a modest 656meters at Kalka to an altitude of 2076meters in  Shimla.

Because of their popularity with the tourists,  burgeoning now with the world heritage status, there are at least five trains each day running in either direction. I was very taken by the programme and swore that one day I would take the train and hopefully meet Sanjay the station master and his wife. Recent CommentsNavneet Kaur Ahuja on Raghu Rai’s Photography Workshop- Lessons from LifeCindy Brown on Pilgrims Progress. It tells of a lesser known peril of riding the Himalayan rails…and of ignoring your wife. As you ascend from Kalka, you’ll find yourself viewing the same point several times, but each time passing by a little higher up, on a tortuous route that winds in hairpin bends from one side of the valley and back upon itself again and again, until finally cresting and into the next valley. Our room was mirrored around the walls and ceilings, truly suitable for magical, romantic Shimla, a city that we found was a honeymoon destination for Dehli’s newlyweds, and amorous train couples. Must have been some holes, as a couple of happy Languar were spotted cavorting across rooftops….
Narrow, winding streets and alleys, lined with shops and street markets make it highly interesting to explore. Shimla is the ideal place for rest and recreation after your hard slog around Northern India. I enjoyed Simla also, wonderful wandering about and imagine Rudyard Kipling’s Kim scurrying through that tumbling bazaar. I might change it soon then, thanks for persevering, for the feedback and glad you enjoyed Jim’s piece anyway. These trains provide world class comforts on the wheels while covering a number of excellent travel destinations in the shortest possible timespan. With a dining table, folding cushioned beds, a refrigerator, modern bathrooms, catering by a special attendant on board and a well-equipped kitchen etc. Snaking through 16 tunnels and tall girder bridges, the climb offers breathtaking vistas of plantation and fir-clad hills. If the locals have to get to  Kalka they would rather  drive down or would prefer to hop on to any available public transport. A journey which normally takes two and a half  hours at medium pace takes more than five hours on the train.
The train is designed not to exceed the maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour.  Some of the curves are too sharp on the hills for the train to meander safely   at higher speeds. The other compartments- expect for an odd honeymooning couple and the ubiquitous Bengalis  -were full of them too. Foreign travellers in India have an uncanny ability to ferret out places of cultural significance much before Indians begin to take note of them. However bookings have to be made  much in advance if you want a confirmed seat.  The train cabins are modest and you can sit anywhere.
All trains with the exception of the Himalayan Queen depart from Kalka very early in the mornings.
I too am a writer with several books to my credit two of which have become best-sellers in Spain. I had insisted on buying a curry and rice before boarding for Shimla, and placed it very carefully in the overhead luggage nets.

Then into the next valley where yellow and gold glistened through the azalea thickets, and a change again to deep orange when slowly entering the next, as the flowering tree species changed with the altitude. They are a good investment, as the walk uphill in the thin air at 2067 metres altitude is tiring. Custom footwear maker, African painted dog and elephant lover, pumpkin planter, and blogger at Holes in my Soles an eclectic mix of travel experiences and musings.
Focusing on the most preferred destinations in India, these luxury trains serve you with personal attendants, libraries, recreational facilities and unexplored and delightful stop-overs. As part of the package is offered a complement of two luxurious retiring rooms with geysers, a TV and telephone at Shimla. There is an alarm bell for communication with driver while a microphone helps to be in touch with the guard. In Nainital its boating, in Darjeeling its Kanchenjunga -gazing and in Shimla its the Shimla- Kalka toy- train ride. But one would expect the slow train journey to be the natural choice of travel for the temperamentally relaxed , laidback  and slow moving Shimlaites.
But the Shimla-Kalka train journey hit the international tourist consciousness in a big way in 2008 after UNESCO recognized Shimla-Kalka Railway as a world heritage site.  Anticipating an inspection by the UN body,   the Himachal Pradesh government had declared it as a  heritage site two years before in 2006.
In designing one tunnel he made a miscalculation  that cost him his life.  He ordered digging at both ends but failed to align the bores. The railway line goes over 864 bridges which are both an architectural  and engineering delight. I’ve just finally signed up for MatadorU but find it rather daunting, so any critique, suggestions etc please make them. Personally, I loved the slowness, which acts like an antidote to the fastness of modern life.
You are welcome to step aboard any one of them and enjoy the royal treatment during the travel. Linking the town of New Jalpaiguri with the east Indian hill station of Darjeeling, this famous little trains is drawn on its 86 km journey by a 100-year-old engine in 7.5 hours. Tourists like to sit  here feet dangling , cheering, clicking, laughing  as if the are not making a  journey but are in a toy-car in an amusement park. The young Indian couple next to us were making the most of this enforced intimacy, with a very uncommon for Indians, display of fondling each other. I realize the story could have been tighter, but sometimes it’s better to let it flow and tell the story , rather than fit within expectations of how a travel piece should be written. The Darjeeling train passes so closely to houses and stores, you could easily reach out and grab a snack from the counter as you pass! Also, it’s much more comfortable than driving up to Darjeeling by car because the road is so bad.

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