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Freight company to sell off its passenger carriagesDB Schenker, the German owned UK railfreight and charter train operator has invited offers for its 40 year old maroon liveried business train for sale. A total of nine carriages, five standard class and four first class, are on offer but buyer beware!
The small print!These vehicles shall be disposed of in a manner which is fair and which complies with safety and environmental considerations.
Further details are contained within DB Schenker 16 General Conditions of Contract for the Sale and Recovery of Surplus Second Hand Materials and Equipment which shall be applicable and will be issued with the tender documents.Where are they?The carriages are inside the DB Schenker depot at Eastleigh and can only be viewed by serious bidders only and strictly by appointment only. The accompanying photographs with this news were taken at Eastleigh 18 months ago and may not be representative of the carriages’ condition today. Control your business fuel costs with a supermarket fuel card – free to apply, no ongoing account charges and no monthly minimum spend.

The invitation to tender specifically excludes the bogies off the first class carriages which indicates that those included in the sale may not be in operational condition.
The contract(s) of sales shall be awarded to the bidder(s) whose offer(s) generates the best return for DB Schenker.
From Stephenson's Rocket to British Rail Class 92 and beyond, explore the facts, information and anecdotes behind the steam, diesel and electric locomotives that built the age of the train. RBR means a restaurant buffet carriage which, in this case, means it also has a galley kitchen and pantry as well as the dining area - so a great space to work with. There is also no mention of the mechanical condition or wheel tyre thicknesses for example either. We’ve lots of hints, tips and advice to help you find your way around, travel smoothly and arrive in style by train.

There is also no mention of a brake vehicle which is mandatory in any train.Bidding deadlineThere is a very short time available to bid for these carriages and they must be collected by the successful bidder and bid for by June 7.
In addition speed of sale, site clearance and payment terms may also be taken into account.

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