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Movie stars get asked to do all sorts of things when they visit Japan, but few experience what Denzel Washington did while he was here recently.
Hours after arriving from LA, Washington showed up Kokuritsukyogijo station on the Oedo subway line where he was named honorary train dispatcher for a day.
In the absence of co-star John Travolta (who withdrew from public life following the death of his 16-year-old son in January), it has been left up to Washington to travel the world to promote the film, which is a remake of the 1974 thriller about a New York subway hijacking.
Washington, who grew up in Mount Vernon just outside New York City but now lives in LA, said he hadna€™t traveled on New Yorka€™s subway for more than 20 years.
For the role, Washington said he gained 25 pounds on a diet of a€?milkshakes, McDonalda€™s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Haagen-Dazs. Denzel did a good job sucking up to his hosts with the comment about the humility and graciousness. These Hollywood clowns all come out here saying how great the people are, very few of them getting out of the comfort of the 5-star hotels and limousines.
After spending the requisite amount of time to ready my truck and camper, as I was anticipating a long day, I was off early to scout out the event in hopes of getting the best early morning light for some uncluttered shots of the locomotives.
After spending some time taking photographs of the worker’s activities and trying to stay out of their way, I discovered that there was a method to the madness.
The lady at the center of all of this was Lena Kent, Director, Public Affairs for BNSF’s western states. From BNSF’s fleet of energy-efficient motive power on display were two identical units. Several fine examples of BNSF’s maintenance-of-way vehicles were also on display, all nicely posed on the rail as they might be during use in the field. The Signal Team had a working grade crossing gate and CTC signal mounted on a trailer for guests to play with and rounding out the vehicular exhibits were a couple of BNSF Police Team’s modern SUVs. All of the exhibits were manned by the appropriate BNSF employees to field questions and offer details about the operation and role of each item on display. Also on hand were members of the BNSF Police force to press the flesh, field questions about their service, and to allow the kids a chance to play with the lights on the squad cars. Throughout the coming weeks I will be post-processing my photos of the vehicular exhibits and subsequently posting them here for all to see. Among the other things to do during the event, the bus tour of the BNSF Intermodal Facility proved to be extremely popular.
After seven hours of walking up and down the entire area which contained the celebration countless times I was tuckered out. I would like to thank all of the employees, families, and volunteers of the BNSF Railway, the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum, and Operation Lifesaver for their tireless dedication and service to our common goal of celebrating the institution of railroading in America and enlightening the public on the value railroads provide to strengthen America - today and tomorrow.
This train has just left Van Buren, AR eastbound and is seen at the Bon Special crossing with a DPU on the end. UP #6609, acting as the DPU, has started the push of this unit coal train eastbound out of Van Buren.
This pair of engines is delivering a string of cars to a siding along side of former Tulsa Union Depot. Tulsa Union Depot was once the destination of cars operating through from New York City on the Frisco Railroad.

This view is looking east along the BNSF (former Frisco) track, northeast of downtown Tulsa. This view of downtown Tulsa was taken from the location of the Santa Fe station, freight house of the 1960s. The top view shows the Thayer Sub disappearing into the distance and the new connection to the River Division is curving off to the right. These two views show the abandoned former connection, first toward the Thayer Sub and then the River Division. This string of units is stored in the former ATSF intermodal yard in the former Frisco Harvard Yard just north of Marion, AR. The BNSF dispatcher then opens the switch, clears the signal, and aligns the crossovers for the UP switcher.
This freight is proceeding again after waiting 2 hours for an opportunity to travel north of the yard at Harvard in an area where a mechanized gang was changing out ties.
The last train for the day was this westbound stack train which piccked a cloud to hide behind as it passed through the scene. Connected together like one gigantic 3-D jigsaw puzzle, the eighteen maquettes are a miniature world unto themselves. Setting up the miniatures for the permanent display took virtually thousands of hours of painstaking volunteer labour on the part of the club's members.
Back in the spring when the big models were being transported to Stanstead from their former location in Sherbrooke, club member Robert Descoteaux said, "We've had to disconnect and then reconnect over 900 electrical wires that run through and under the different sections, linking them together and making sure that the trains and lights function," Descoteaux said. Fellow club member Gerald Saint-Pierre said at that time that, all told, the miniature world had taken the club about fifteen years to build.
Joined together, as they are now, the maquettes span an area measuring seven by eleven metres wide. After all of their hard work moving, setting up and rewiring the maquettes at Granite Central last spring, club members took a bit of a breather this past summer, Lecours said. The hijackers demand a $10 million ransom in one hour and threaten to kill a passenger for each minute the ransom is late. To prepare for his role as a dispatcher, he went to work for a little while at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). If they spent sometime living here and experiencing the drunks on late JR services, they'll see just how 'gracious' these people can be. 9, 2016 file picture an aerial view shows rescue teams at the site where two trains collided head-on near Bad Aibling, Germany. The BNSF Railway, in concert with the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum and Operation Lifesaver, wanted to mark the occasion by having a celebration complete with food, entertainment, equipment and vehicle displays, and BNSF wanted to showcase their energy-efficient locomotive technologies. Many BNSF employees also enlisted the help of their family members to assist in the day’s activities which gave the event a more personal touch. I approached their table, which contained a single Dell laptop computer and an external monitor, to discover an actual display of the San Bernardino Subdivision track schematic which showed route alignments, signal indications, train locations and symbols, all in real-time. Also, inside the depot were several railroad and local history authors selling their wares.
The second shot showing the new connection heading toward the River Division through the woods.

Scale model trains run along scale model tracks, through scale villages and scale countryside populated by scale people, cars, trucks and animals.
Claude Lecours, who works at Granite Central and who is a member of the club himself, explained that the new members especially needed practice. When all of the exhibits, vendors, and entertainers were ready, I discovered that the area had morphed from the tranquil scene described previously to one, perhaps, more suited to a county fair than a metropolitan train depot. This unit was rebuilt from an EMD SD40 which was originally built 39 years prior and was open for guests to inspect the locomotive’s cab and engines.
Ask anyone who knows me and they can attest to my interest in train dispatching because it is the culmination of four of my main interests; railroading, computer technology, radios, and efficiencies.
I had the distinction of meeting one author in particular who, it turns out, is Joe Strapac, only one of my favorite railroad authors ever. It was a long day but one full of interesting surprises and, hopefully, fruitful with respect to decent photographs taken.
In the mean time a NS train cuts off the power and crosses over the BNSF to Track #1 and heads west to await a signal to return to their yard. At the crossing of the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley, I discovered a parked empty UP unit coal train in Mallory siding.
The UP switcher had returned and asked permission to cross over the BNSF to get to their own track. It's quite something to see -- especially when the trains are running and the sets are all lit up. For visitors who return with friends or relatives, admission is charged only for the first-timers. We were between stations a lot and what I remember most of all were the big rats a€¦ and the third electrified rail.
Next to the very historic and beautiful depot, lit in period lighting, were several examples of BNSF’s motive power fleet, freshly bathed and looking their Sunday best, without a sole, except me, around. I did take away a lot of potential ideas for blog post content and subjects, now if I can only find the time to compose and post them! At one time the Midland Valley crossed here on its way from Muskogee (right) to Wichita (left). The switcher gets permission to cross over the BNSF so it can reach the track to President's Island. I was like a kid in a candy store on Christmas with Santa Claus handing out free candy and presents on the first day of summer! However, the NS transfer cleared Main #1 before the dispatcher gave the UP the signal to proceed.

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