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If you live in New York City, then you know how many millions of people rely on public transportation every day to get around. If I wasn’t previously added to the ranks of everyday New Yorkers in the past few months, the goal was accomplished this week. My orientation week at my new job ended rather unceremoniously: on my fifth day of work, the bus I take to the train station in order to get downtown decided not to show up. This time my bus was on time and I made it to the train with an hour until my shift started.
Another part of surviving in the big city (for an artist at least) is being able to pay for it. As in most cases (since I can rarely make a decision about anything), I have decided to create my own rules. Despite what life throws at us, I know we all possess the ability to overcome the obstacles and dive headfirst into what we really want out of our experiences. Writer, Actor, Singer, and the biggest fan that Rachel McAdams and Jessica Chastain will EVER have.
Beginning today, off-peak weekday and weekend trains on the New Haven Line will run every half-hour between New Haven and New York City. Metro-North operates the New Haven Line and its three branches – to New Canaan, Danbury and Waterbury – under contract to the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT). Governor Malloy and ConnDOT Commissioner James Redeker have since been in active discussions with Mr.
The New Haven Line is the busiest single commuter rail line in the United States and provided a record-breaking 39 million customer trips in 2013. Ongoing on Fridays, Bridge games will take place from 2-4:00pm at Atria Larson Place, located at 1450 Whitney Avenue. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Allow me to share with you the semi-dramatic story that every other New Yorker has undoubtedly already experienced.
I waited for a half hour before calling into work to let them know that there was nothing I could do—I wouldn’t be there on time.
Actually, since my life feels like a TV show most of the time anyway, part of me could, but knowing that I had to be at work in 45 minutes and I was a mile and a half away from the express bus that left two minutes ago, all I could do was throw my hands up in the air.

After departing the train and running to the previous stop, I called my aunt and ranted about my situation.
Ever since moving to New York, I have tried to find a balance between auditioning, maintaining a “survival job” and actually working in my field. I believe that the situation changes just as easily as the global-warmed weather does: sometimes you need a survival job to make ends meet while at other times that acting gig or art gallery is enough to sustain you for a while. In February, when the new Metro-North President Joseph Giulietti began, Governor Malloy outlined his expectations and priorities for improved service and performance for Connecticut’s commuter lines. Giulietti as Metro-North works to implement improvements that include the appointment of Mike Donnarumma as District Superintendent on the New Haven Line and consumer advocate for the Waterbury Branch.
Games are facilitated by local Bridge Club Director, Frederick Townsend who has been running bridge groups for more than 25 years. In the Latino stretches along the track's path, such as Corona, Spanish hip hop reverberates from every corner shop, or bodega, and thumps out of nearly every car.
If the train takes a spontaneous trip to the moon, there’s nothing anyone can do about it; they are riding at the mercy of the cheapest mode of transportation NYC has to offer.
When the bus finally came and took me to the train station, I sat on the train praying that something miraculous would happen and I would make it on time. She quickly strapped on her superhero gear (yes, cape and all) and made sure I was at work on time. In the last four years, the state has invested almost $11 million in Waterbury Branch-specific projects to restore the line to a state-of-good repair. Tim Gray’s book presents a clear and enlightened understanding of the fundamental themes of Jesus’ messianic mission. In 1943, music of a very different sort took up residence: jazz great Louis Armstrong lived here. I ended up being late but was luckier than I thought I would be: I was told that “it happens” and received thanks for calling in to make them aware of my lateness. In fact, some go so far as to say that if you become comfortable with your art, you’re a goner. Using the Gospel of Luke and Old Testament prophecies, we see Jesus as the fulfillment of the Prophecies.  Dr. The managers were stunned that I not only made it down to the city well before I said I would be there but that I made it in record time! As a Gemini, I see the value in both opinions and as an artist I’ve been trying to pick a side that works for me.

I wouldn’t go that far, but I must admit that I enjoy being a young twenty-something if for no other reason than it gives me the societal “permission” that so many adults I’ve met seem to still long for: the ability to actively pursue my dreams and, even if I fail, the chance to learn from it and continue to grow. New Haven Line and Waterbury Branch schedules will also be improved to address crowding on key weekday and weekend trains. Wander the halls of this simple home and the Japanese garden while listening to original recordings. In my new job I meet people every day who actively desire to learn new things and take on new projects. The simplicity of his home echoes his deep sense of humility – the international superstar could have lived anywhere. We are all artists in our own way and we all have something to contribute in this crazy-fast world that often makes us feel like our individuality doesn’t matter. It's a living monument to New York's diversity, but one that is to be felt, tasted, heard and smelled as well as seen. Along this subway's route more than 110 languages are spoken and you're likely to hear a dozen at any one time, all at a volume that makes visitors wonder if all New Yorkers are just a little hard of hearing. The line's terminus, the Flushing stop, is a Korean and Chinese enclave, that each evening becomes a teeming Asian market, the city's second largest Chinatown. Serving samosas in lieu of popcorn, the art-deco Eagle Theatre, on 37th Road, off 74th Street, now shows all Bollywood films in its shabby confines, or cricket matches during the season. No, it's not 1980 again, the time when parts of New York were a seedy, vandal-splattered wasteland. The nation's oldest standing house of worship, the Flushing Quaker Meeting House, has been in operation for 300 years and the shingled medieval house still stands on an urban block amid the original trees its founders planted nearby.
This outdoor exhibition space for street art subjects spray-painters to a review by a board of artists before their designs are permitted on the building's faA§ade. Silent meetings, open to all, are held on its austere benches on the first Sunday of the month by the Quakers who run it. Down on the ground, as you're buffeted from one group laughing in Portuguese, to another arguing in Cantonese, it's clear that those jet-setters are wasting their time and money: the entire world is right here.

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