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TrainStation is a social network game with role-playing and tycoon elements set into stylish 2D environment. TrainStation comes with a set of addictive and competitive features, which fit perfectly into the social gaming style within Facebook. TrainStation offers an endless variety of locomotives, wagons, buildings and accessories from all ages of the rich and exciting railroad history. TrainStation is a fun and addictive Facebook social game where you can build trains, send them to various destinations and build your own train station. Passenger trains transport passengers and mail gathered at your station to destinations of your choice, after the train reaches it’s destination it returns to your station and you earn profit from fares and mail delivery. In order to draw more passengers to your station, and therefore keep your passenger trains from stoping, you’ll be able to upgrade the decorations and buildings surrounding your station by using nails, bricks, and wood that you collect from your cargo trains to build huts, barns, benches, and even tee-pees.
You’ll then simply drag and drop the pieces to form a complete train, with trains being limited to a certain length, based on the power of the engine (an engine with four power can pull four cars, and so on).
The amount of trains you have access to is level-based, with new trains being available as you level up.
While most gameplay sessions can last just a few minutes (or less if you happen to come back while all of your trains are still out on a route), you can technically play forever, by simply catching the floating mail packages that appear at random on the gameplay screen.
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Do check product warranty policies validity in Singapore especially when shipping from overseas. Lucky Train, 8.8 out of 10 based on 14 ratings Lucky Train is a train simulation game, where you have to build your own train routes. Lucky Train takes the gamble of building itself almost entirely around its social mechanic, which involves creating train routes and then adding your friends to them as “stops” along the line.
All of the decorations available in Lucky Train are themed around the sorts of things you use to decorate a model train track: little buildings, trees, landscaping. Kuju Ent, the developers of the original MS Train Simulator, released Rail Simulator in 2008, and shortly after, disbanded the Rail sim team to work on other projects.

The long-running Trainz series' latest release is the 2009 World Builder Edition, which includes content from all previous Trainz titles, plus extra new content, world building tools, and an updated graphical engine.
Outside Japan, this long-running series, which started back in 1992, is now in its 8th release. MicroSoft halted the sequel to MSTS and let go the developer of the series, Kuju Entertainment. Collection compilation which includes Trainz Railroad Simulator 2006, Trainz Add-on Routes 1 to 4, Trainz 2004, collection of all classic Trainz releases, as well as Trainz Paintshed.
After Kuju Entertainment, the developers of the first Microsoft Train Simulator, were dropped by Microsoft in 2004, they joined forces with publisher Electronic Arts and released a worthy and superior rival to MS. An updated version of Trainz 2006 which includes two new scenarios - a historical Harlem Line, and a tramway Metropolis Line, as well as updated graphics. Being in business from 1900 to 1993, Lionel Corporation made some of the best model trains in the world, with its toy trains being prized by collectors.
Sid Meier, the creator of the original Railroad Tycoon, designed this spiritual successor to the series, 16 years after the original game.
Based on the Trainz 2006 simulator, the Driver edition puts you in the seat with either simple or ultra-realistic engineer controls, but minus all the detailed management system found in the full simulator series.
Pushing new standards in realism and immersion, the 2006 edition allows the player full control over every aspect of managing a virtual railroad, including long-haul freight lines, high-speed commuter trains, and challenging yard operations.
This expansion for Transport Giant adds a scenario for building a tranport empire in Australia, something not found in any other train series. Chris Sawyer's latest game on one hand is a sequel to one of the most loved classic games, Transport Tycoon. Influenced heavily by the Transport Tycoon games, this game places you in charge of a fleet of train, truck, airplane and ship routes to build up a business empire, with a scenario in the US and one in Europe. It is created for a wide audience of casual players and tailor-made for the social networking features of Facebook.
Expand your local railroad throughout the TrainStation community, reach various achievements and customize your station to build up your own unique in-game identity. Passengers arrive and gather at your station constantly depending on the number and type of buildings built at your station, hence more buildings, more passengers.

You dispatch your cargo trains to loading docks, load them up and deliver the materials to your station. The game is presented from a side-scrolling presentation, but you can click and drag your mouse up and down to change the angle at which you view your station. You’ll be able to purchase all portions of the train’s assembly (the engine, passenger cars, mail cars, and so on) from the in-game store using coins, and these pieces will stay in your inventory until you choose to assemble a new train. You’ll also be able to extend the width and complexity of your train station, either using coins (some upgrades require you to have a certain number of neighbors) or the game’s premium Gem currency. All trademarks, trade names, services marks and logos referenced belong to their respective companies. These highly rated train simulator games are ordered by popularity, so only the greatest train simulator games are at the top of the list. You load trains up with passengers from your buildings, then send them on trips to make money. Run your transit company to maximize profits and to help achieve urban growth by setting proper schedules and freight tracks, or gamble in the stock market and real estate market to gather extra cash.
In 2007, MS announced they will re-launch development using the team that brought out MS Flight Simulator X, running on same graphical engine, but that studio was axed by MicroSoft in January 2009, leaving future plans for both MSTS2 and all future Flight Simulator releases in limbo. But since the company is no longer in business, pick up this DS game and build your own Lionel trainyard, tracks, and let Lionel model trains run in your virtual world. Materials unloaded and stored at your station may be used to construct buildings, carry out station upgrades or it can be simply sold if you run out of gold.
Taking care of Express trains, either yours or neighbour’s, gives you extra resources and extra experience points. Spanning the entire history of the genre, these train simulator games are considered the best in the genre.

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