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Guide your war train into battle and destroy the enemy who is taking control of your precious land! Train simulators are easy to mock, but the release of Microsoft Train Simulator in 2001 paved the way for Rod Fergusson to create the Gears of War franchise. Now the director of production at Epic Games, we talked to Rod Fergusson at the studio about his memories on his first game. The story takes place over three different campaigns and players take on the role of Soviet, Allied and German soldiers. Your task is to complete two missions of delivery and pickup, while avoiding enemy fire and destroying their weapons.
Trains and weapons of all sorts will be at your disposal!Rail of War is thrilling war train-packed strategy game that will let you fight over 10 incredible missions.

Each campaign has its own scenario and structured timeline, which brings different elements of the war to life. To help the troops you have to transport the coal, arms and move under the crossfire between the sky and ground. You can also play Rail Rage mode and shoot for the fastest times.Have you finished it all or have you always aspired to be a railroad designer? Be sure you’ve got enough Cash and Load (carrying power) for the upgrades you choose. At the beginning of the mission your train will be just a saddle tank, small and not really protected. Keep an eye on your damage meter, fuel meter, and speed control as you go through the game.

Rail of War will bring you back to the times when there were only missions and dangers ahead. Set up the train with wagons, choose what items to transport and collect bonus items ahead. Some rail directions lead to dangers, some - to bonuses, so choose the route properly to lessen the perils. Rail of War is an astonishing military game that will open new opportunities as well as risks for those who love shooting and war missions.

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