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This is an apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations and related topics hosted by Marcus Wendel's Axis History Factbook in cooperation with Christian Ankerstjerne’s Panzerworld and Christoph Awender's WW2 day by day. 50 Curtiss SBC-4 Helldivers were flown from Buffalo, New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia in June 1940 to be loaded aboard the French aircraft carrier Bearn. Due to losing their main Mediterranean bases on Sicily (Syracuse and Taormina) after the surrender of Italy in July 1943, Germany had to find other bases for the sea rescue services performed by Dornier Do-24 seaplanes.They offered thirteen Do-24T-3's (of which one was for spare parts) for free to Spain for the use of rescuing people from the western Mediterranean, including Luftwaffe pilots and crew members. Graham Clayton wrote:They offered thirteen Do-24T-3's (of which one was for spare parts) for free to Spain for the use of rescuing people from the western Mediterranean, including Luftwaffe pilots and crew members. Given the size and scale and number of aircraft involved in the air-war over Europe for 3 years, 6K airplanes is not a lot of airplanes. As early as 1849 San Franciscans were making Sunday excursions to watch the seals cavorting on the Seal Rocks. After the first tightrope walks over Niagara Falls created a national sensation, the fad soon came to San Francisco.
In October 1909, President William Taft announced January 1, 1915, as the date for the opening of the canal.
US President Franklin Roosevelt had insistently pushed his fellow war leaders Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin to create an organization to replace the League of Nations. San Franciscans bought 100,000 Opening Day badges at 50 cents each, pre-paid entry to the exposition. Baldwin made a major contribution to parachute design by creating a harness and by making the parachute flexible so it could be packed.
Chinese New Year, which falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, is observed with a sense of celebrating the earth coming back to life after winter.
In Southern China, peach or plum blossoms are brought into the house with the hope that the buds on the bare branch will open on New Year’s Day. The celebration of Presidents’ Day on February 21 calls to mind some dramatic presidential moments that occurred in San Francisco. Following is the story of one of the first graduates of San Francisco State Normal School and her connection to two extraordinary San Franciscans.
The last Christmas carnival was held in 1995, the Emporium’s 100th anniversary year and the year the store closed. With this headline, the San Francisco Examiner trumpeted the wonders of the 1909 Portola Festival.
San Francisco was also eager to announce its recovery from disastrous post-quake labor dissension and the political corruption that had culminated in the trial and guilty verdict against former political boss Abe Ruef. San Francisco and its surroundings had grown markedly by the 1930s, with the Bay Area now boasting two million residents.
No matter that it was illegal, I was too old for such things, and my husband was a cop - it was an adventure we couldn't miss.
Twenty-five years ago, when the world was not yet afraid of terrorists, a group of five friends led by an intrepid urban cowboy, planned a surreptitious nighttime exploration of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. On this particular night, we all dressed up, in tuxedos and ballgowns, with rubber waders, and gathered on Grove Street at the entrance to Davies Hall where we mingled with the "swells" who were arriving for the symphony opening night performance. A number of wealthy San Francisco horse owners banded together in 1899 to build the Tanforan Race Track in San Bruno.
At CHS headquarters at 678 Mission Street, we invite you to take a journey inside the exposition to see what fairgoers would have encountered 100 years ago in the grand palaces, exotic foreign pavilions, and the amusement midway known as the Joy Zone.
The 1915 American Grand Prix and Vanderbilt Cup Race, held in conjunction with the Panama- Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, were seminal events in the history of auto racing.
On the Saturday night before Easter Sunday, in front of a crowd of 70,000, the largest since opening day, Chicago aviator Art Smith made his San Francisco debut. June 10, 1915, was an otherwise typical spring day in San Francisco when the influential journalist Delilah Beasley made the journey across the bay to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition from her home in Berkeley.
Audrey Munson served as the model for so many works of art for the Panama-Pacific Exposition of 1915 (PPIE) that she became known as Exposition Girl.

Audrey’s career began in 1906 at age 15 when photographer Ralph Draper approached her on a New York street.
In celebration of the Centennial of the Panama Pacific International Exposition and a century of road travel across America, the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) joined automotive and 1915 World’s Fair enthusiasts at the Palace of Fine Arts on August 19 to welcome the arrival of a historic 1915 Ford Model T, after it traveled more than 3,500 miles, recreating the amazing cross country journey from Detroit to San Francisco that young Edsel Ford took one hundred years ago. Fear and uncertainty are etched on the faces of Russian refugees huddled inside a train station at Chelyabinsk amid the chaos of the civil war that erupted upon the fall of the Czar.
Below Left: Russian children in the Volga, deserted by their parents who could no longer stand to witness their demise due to starvation. GMD built CP Rail FP9A #1406 – #1414 powers CP Rail train #11 on the approach to Palgrave August 26, 1978. Eighth Army Air force gunners were the biggest overclaimers on the face of the earth at the time. IIRC , the 6k claimed is an already severely adjusted figure reflecting (post-war)confirmed losses , down from 20-30-40,000(I forget) claimed by gunners initially. When the opening of the Point Lobos Toll Road in 1863 made Land’s End easily accessible by carriage, the newly built Cliff House became a popular Sunday rendezvous spot. The exotic natives of Chagres in Panama number about 1500 and seem to be a mixture of brown and black. In 1904, the San Francisco Merchants’ Exchange proposed that San Francisco should host a world’s fair celebrating the opening.
The San Francisco Merchants’ Exchange met and by March 22, 1910, incorporated the Panama Pacific International Exposition Company.
On June 26, 1945 – the UN was officially born when delegates from fifty nations gathered at San Francisco’s War Memorial Veterans Building to sign the UN Charter. Roosevelt’s passionate advocacy was acknowledged when, at their February 1945 meeting in Yalta, the three leaders agreed to hold the UN Conference in the US.
Smith, author of San Francisco’s Lost Landmarks (2005, 2007), described San Francisco’s bid to host the world’s fair celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal, and the creation of the fantasy world of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Opening on October 19 – three and a half years and one day after the 1906 quake – the five-day festival showed the world that San Francisco was back in business.
On closer inspection, two of these trees are accompanied by rocks bearing embedded bronze plaques.
Its investors wanted to get away from San Francisco laws, and rural San Bruno was mainly a large dairy farm with no municipal regulations. The only PPIE building saved from demolition, the Palace of Fine Arts was repaired in the 1930s and reconstructed in the 1960s. Smith was brought in to replace Lincoln Beachey, who plunged to his death before thousands of fairgoers in March. Beasley, writing simultaneously for northern California's mainstream daily and largest newspaper, the Oakland Tribune, and for the black newspaper, the Oakland Sunshine, had visited the 1915World's Fair before. In fact, by some estimates she was the model for more than 75 percent of the 1500 or more sculptures displayed at the PPIE. Below: Russian peasants in the countryside struggle to survive without adequate food and shelter. This was done to avoid any legal implications or consequences that may have happened if the planes flew across the border.
Rexroad, somewhat less notorious as the executioner of Hideki Tojo and many other Japanese war criminals, shared the same middle name, to wit, ''Clarence''. Germans got wind of this and began riding over dung that was already overrun with tank tracks. The reason for this was that they were the only Air force flying tight formations at the time with significant opposition.
When tens of thousands of gold-seekers landed there on their way to California, the village did not have the resources—including sanitation or police—to handle all the people. Our great quake and fire in 1906 put those plans on hold, but San Franciscans did not forget.

Its tremendous success opened the way for the City to host the Panama Pacific International Exposition six years later. Mired in the “hard times” of the Great Depression, they were eager to bring increased trade to the City, and to celebrate the opening of two engineering marvels, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.
What the San Francisco Chronicle called “the greatest year in all the history of San Francisco” began with an aerial demonstration on New Year’s Day. But this time, she went with a different purpose: to witness the Bay Area's African American citizens as they marched in a parade at the state's most spectacular event of the year. In 1988 I was fortunate enough to ride the 1988 VIA version across Canada before the re-routing. And in 1943 the Calcutta Light Horse Regiment with RN and Royal Marine Commando training and support boarded and sank an interred Nazi freighter in Goa (a Portuguese territory in India) that was covertly sending shipping information to waiting U boats in the Indian Ocean. One simply states that on December 3, 1921, Ferdinand Foch, Marechal de France, planted the tree; the other marks a similar event on April 7, 1922, by Joseph Joffre, Marechal de France. Famed local aviator Lincoln Beachey performed loop-the-loops and other daring feats over the exposition grounds while attempting to break the world altitude record for bi-plane flight. Smith performed dozens of aerial loops as he dropped several thousand tickets to Joy Zone attractions down on to the crowd. Star Maiden by Stirling Calder stands in the courtyard of the Citigroup Center building on Sansome and Post. Anthea Hartig, CHS Executive Director, warmly welcomed City Guides and encouraged all of us to explore the collections of the CHS library when we’re doing research on San Francisco, Bay Area, and California history.
Bookmark us for when you are bored, and check out 'top shots' and 'fantastic (editors choice)' in the menu above, you won't be dissapointed. Most seem to have had them removed for towing, a bit like later BP Defiant towing conversions.
In addition believe the RN boarded a sinking U boat in 1940 and managed to quickly rip free an Enigma machine and grab several code books and pass them out of the conning tower hatch; all 3 (?) volunteers whom entered the doomed sub to boldly loot her invaluable secrets were lost as she plummeted beneath the waves.
Automobiles jammed the causeway exiting the new San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, and loaded Key System ferries steamed across the Bay that Saturday morning, all awaiting the grand opening of the Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco’s third world’s fair. The he wowed the crowd by appearing to tumble uncontrollably and shooting off fireworks that simulated flames before righting his plan.
San Francisco was again in celebration mode, and the fair openly supported peace with all nations. So, one kill was magnified into as many as five.8th AAF statisticians at first took all this claiming at face value. The only bright spot nationwide was the 1893 Columbian Exposition, better known as the Chicago World’s Fair.
Then, they began to look at their own intelligence figures for number of fighters that were actually available to fly against them. Shortly after the grand opening, San Franciscan Michael Harry de Young, vice president of the Columbian Commission, recognized an opportunity to promote his city and state. San Francisco Chronicle publisher de Young proposed an adjunct to the Chicago Fair for San Francisco, to be held in the dead of winter. If the gunners were to be believed, they had already, by mid 1943, inflicted crippling losses on the German fighter arm.
Someone was getting the wrong impression, or lying through their teeth.Man, I'm suprised noone notice that before!

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