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The northbound Metro-North Railroad train struck a Jeep Cherokee in Valhalla, about 20 miles north of New York City, railroad spokesman Aaron Donovan said.
The railroad crossing gates had come down on top of the SUV, which was stopped on the tracks, the Metro-North spokesman said. Witnesses said they saw the flames shooting from where the crash occurred, in a wooded area near a cemetery. Ryan Cottrell, assistant director at a nearby rock climbing gym, said he had been looking out a window because of an earlier, unrelated car accident and saw the train hit the car, pushing it along.
More than 750 passengers likely were aboard the train, including Justin Kaback, commuting home to Danbury, Connecticut. The other rail passengers were moved to the rear of the train, which had left Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan about 45 minutes earlier. All railroad grade crossings have gate arms that are designed to lift automatically if they strike something like a car on the way down, railroad safety consultant Grady Cothen said. Metro-North is the nation’s second-busiest railroad, after the Long Island Rail Road.
Last March, the Federal Railroad Administration issued a stinging report on Metro-North, saying the railroad let safety concerns slip while pushing to keep trains on time. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. I'm usually not a big fan of posed promotional pictures, but am making an exception for this one, because I think it's great that Vernon is kicking the area fireworks season early and in a big way.
As readers of our Sunday iTowns print section know, I'm traveling throughout Eastern Connecticut this summer to find great places for those two quintessential heat-beating treats --  ice cream and beer. At Vildozola's urging (well, he didn't have to urge very hard), I had a Blue Moon draft as we talked about the club, which is open Thursdays through Sundays from Memorial Day through mid-September. Here are some of the 82 students who recently received scholarships through the SBM Charitable Foundation. To the uninformed, the cliff behind the Wendy's restaurant on Buckland Street in Manchester is just a wall of clay. I caught up with the trio this afternoon, after being tipped off by my editor, Kate Farrish, who spotted them as she was waiting in the drive-thru line to get a chicken sandwich.
Peter told me that the cross-section provides a great window in to the Jurassic Period of the earth's evolution -- which was about 180 million years ago. Alas, there were no fossils to be found -- although in the 1800s, three skeltons of prosauropod dinosaurs were found in a quarry nearby.
East Hartford Mayor Melody Currey and Jay Sargent, the general manager of TC's Pawn Shop, visited Hockanum Elementary School recently to help two students prepare for a wonderful summer adventure. Reva Boomer (left) and Dasia Webb will be traveling to Camp Farwell in Newbury, Vermont for three weeks thank to TCs, which is continuing a tradition started by the Stanavage family of East Hartford. In case you missed it, you might want to read about the case of Brian Bertocki, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident three weeks ago in East Hartford. His many friends are offering a $10,000 reward in the hope of locating the driver of what witnesses say was a tractor trailer with a red cab. For more information, you can check out a website set that includes contacts, as well as more articles and picture.
Meanwhile, on the web, there's another debate: What's the story behind the name of the movie? The Hartford Chorale entourage is flying to the city of Qingdao tomorrow (Friday) and Nick said he hopes the hotel computer will work well enough for him to send along some pictures from his trip. I'll continue to post these missives as they arrive, and look forward to sharing pix, too, if and when Nick can send them.
Finally, I want to thank old friend Theresa Sullivan Barger (a former Courant colleague who is now a communications consultant for the Chorale) for helping set this up.
Two years ago, when Theodore Rosen was sent home from the hospital after a scary bout with pneumonia, he was given vitamins that he was told were being dispensed on some sort of trial basis.
That's just one of the many frustrating, exasperating episodes that Ted said prompted him to write "Doctor Without a Watch," a recently published memoir about medicine past and present.
He says that building trust with his patients was a crucial component of care, and that he often felt pressured as his appointments would back up.

For many of those who live east of the river, the Fourth of July is all about the Dutch Fogarty Celebration at Manchester Community College.
And there are fireworks displays in lots of neighboring communities, too (including Hartford, which is where this pic was taken).
As readers of our Sunday iTowns print section know, I'm searching Eastern Connecticut this summer to find great places for heat-beating treats -- specifically, either ice cream or beer. I started with the former, and at Nomads met Benny Tantillo (above), who along with wife Sheryl owns More than Munchies, which is the food-service operation inside the sprawling 60,000-square foot entertainment complex.
Benny worked at Papa T's in Tolland for 18 years before he and Sheryl decided to strike out on their own. In addition to running a snack bar, their kitchen prepares food for functions of all sorts.
You see, the ice cream is stored in 2.5 gallon bags in a traditional freezer, but then moved to a "tempering" freezer for a couple of days where it is kept at about 19 degrees, so that it softens slightly.
The bag is then stuffed into the back of the EROS machine, which dispenses the ice cream by squeezing the bag as if it were an oversized, oblong tube of toothpaste. That's because the band will be making its first-ever appearance at the Manchester Bicentennial Bandshell that night. Gary (who is in the second row, right behind the young man wearing glasses) plays keyboard, and said he was self-taught for a while but then took lessons in the Watkins Building on Main Street. Jim Milliard (he's near the back, wearing a gray T-shirt) was an original member of the band, which was formed in 1963, disbanded and then reunited six years ago.
The bandshell will be packed on July 5 for the 25th anniversary of the Dutch Fogarty Celebration, and hopefully a good number will return the following Friday for the Garage Band Reunion.
That's how the college search process starts for lots of high schoolers, but further inquiry reveals an incredible number of options that aren't so obvious.
Kayleigh Boucher of Manchester, a top-notch swimmer, wound up in Brookings, South Dakota, of all places -- where she's doing just fine. According to Irv, the school closed 60 years ago, when the present elementary school was built. Finally, here's a photo of Louise Helmer Schors, who at age 90 was the oldest person in attendance.
This evocative, intriguing video is brought to you by Michael Rodino and Michaela McGee, who are "rising juniors" at Glastonbury High School.
I stopped by East Hartford High School on Tuesday morning as seniors were rehearsing for the ceremony that would take place later that night at the University of Hartford.
For Brittany Lightbody-Chambers, like so many others in the Class of '08, high school has been a chance to grow and face challenges. Brittany also ran the 800-meters for the track team, and was proudly wearing her Hornets sweat shirt.
She plans to attend Manchester Community College, then transfer in two years to UConn, where she hopes to earn a degree in secondary education and become an English teacher. Classmate Keith Lombardi is planning to attend Northeastern University as a pre-med student looking to work in biological engineering or anesthesiology. Like Brittany, Keith has been busy -- swimming, tennis, music and more -- but he says he is most proud of winning the "Mr. Keith said he has enjoyed his high school years and is happy to have attended a school that has students from varied backgrounds. Voters in Manchester will decide tomorrow whether to invest about $8.5 million in Highland Park Elementary School, which has had problems including a leaky roof and poor air quality.
This flier has all of the particulars, including a chart that shows how much money the town owes for its various infrastructure projects.
With the exception of two monstrous, $100 million-plus mega-projects, Manchester residents have always approved school renovation referanda.
Three years ago, only 13 percent of the town's 31,000 registered voters turned out to vote on a $44 million project that included the renovation of Bennet. Annette Odom oversees the afterschool program at Washington Elementary School in Manchester and was in charge of the "showcase" Friday afternoon that drew a throng of parents to watch their children.
Diane Kearney, a school administrator, also was there, and she noted that parents of minority children are often criticized for not turning out at public events.

As you might know, Shawn is a Courant colleague who writes a blog that gets more traffic in a single day than I get here in a month. Kids have gotten to big for the table, look at pictures and video ( link below) its in good shape, but remember its been used by kids, nothing broken and its still very solid.
For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. The driver got out to look at the rear of the vehicle, then she got back in and drove forward and was struck, he said. She said her train car was evacuated about 10 minutes later using ladders to get people out.
The arms are made of wood and are designed to be easily broken if a car trapped between them moves forward or backward, he said. Late last year, the National Transportation Safety Board issued rulings on five accidents that occurred in New York and Connecticut in 2013 and 2014, repeatedly finding fault with the railroad while also noting that conditions have improved. 1, 2013, derailment that killed four people, the railroad’s first passenger fatalities, in the Bronx. Collectively, they will receive almost $190,000 in financial assistance during the 2008-09 academic year.
The Semenuks have lived at 590 West Middle Turnpike in Manchester for 31 years and never seen a deer in their yard. Ted is especially critical of "hospitalists" and others whose judgments were often "rushed and superficial" and driven by financial issues more than concerns about patient welfare. They ran the snack bar in a local bowling alley for a while before jumping aboard when Nomads opened a year and a half ago. Thanks to those of you who have contacted me by email or phone with suggestions on where to find relief from the heat. An alert reader (I won't say who, lest he get in trouble for perusing this web site while at work!) knew this was in the parking lot behind East Catholic High School. Smith High School Class of 2008 seems like a crazy bunch, based on the account of their graduation that was in the Courant this morning. They had a reunion on June 14 and Irv Stanley was kind enough to send along pictures from what clearly was a wonderful event. Keith played the theme song from the "Mario" video game on trumpet while friends that he had recruited acted out a sequence from the game on a mostly black stage. However, there will likely be a small turnout tomorrow, which makes things a little less predictable. This being a less expensive project affecting just one neighborhood school, it wouldn't be surprising if the turnout were even lower. It seems that some famous NASCAR race car will be at the Economy Oil Change in Vernon on Thursday, June 26 from 11 a.m.
And records reveal the number of laser strikes, is skyrocketing.FAA records showed dozens of incidents involving flights to and from the Louisville International Airport in recent years, many targeting UPS pilots like Jeff Daus.
Service on its Harlem Line was suspended between Pleasantville and North White Plains after the crash.
The NTSB said the engineer had fallen asleep at the controls because he had a severe, undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. It's the third update from Nick Pelletier, and includes his account of visiting the Great Wall of China. Nomads also has various function rooms, and has been the site of everything from corporate functions to holiday parties to wedding receptions -- even a post-funeral gathering. Next week, I'll switch gears and write about a cool (lame pun intended) place that serves my favorite adult beverage. Now, spread the word, and I'll look forward to boasting the next time we're told how many people are reading our blogs.
Also, you can sit in a "simulator" (pictured) and pretend you are a race car driver yourself.

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