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Paris Metro stations are mostly located underground with a few above ground due to local geography.
Signs within Paris Metro stations mark the way to train platforms on a given line, in a given direction. As you make you way toward the line platforms within a station, stairs often descend or ascend onto the either side of the rails.  Each stairwell is often marked with a detailed Metro line sign showing number, direction, and stations that will be visited as the train travels toward the terminus. Stations often have several exits leading out to various streets and pathways.  There is often a map provided within the station, outside of the ticketed turnstile area, but still within the station, showing all exits in relation to above ground streets and establishments.

You can also book a pre-arranged transfer which start at about 20 euros for a shuttle, or a private limo for a bit more. Entry into the Metro stations is free up until the turnstiles which mark the area from which you must have a valid transportation ticket or pass. Metro lines are signified by the letter M within a circle.There are several Metro stations that serve multiple lines in various directions.
Some station entrances are unmanned, having no ticket window nor ticket vending machines, only turnstiles which accept tickets and smart card passes (Pass Navigo) for entry.

Each Metro line platform within a station will be marked with the line number and the direction the trains will travel from that platform.
This causes some stations to have several vertical levels accessible sometimes only by stairs, but often with escalators and sometimes with elevators for extremely deep stations.

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