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The "startDelay.trk" simulation in the Train Director package shows how to use this feature. The acceleration can be specified for all trains of a certain type, or for individual trains. The "accelRate.trk" simulation in the Train Director package shows how to use this feature.
My first idea has been to build a double track at the outer edge all around, and place the road and the buildings next to the tracks on one of the four sides, but then I have a big space left that I need to fill with tracks.

A nice terminal switching yard on one of the sides would provide a nice way to display plenty of trains and take as much space as you want to use. In one week I will set up a little train layout at my local cinema as an eye-catcher on the premiere for the new Lego movie. 0.9.24 is ready and published, coming with the long-awaited feature for true roads with grades and various surface markings!
I have a lot of track and points, 8 straight brickbuilt roads (32x32 modules) and all the lego modular houses.

However, you cannot make a slope with the figures, but this will be solved in the upcoming release of SCARM.The streets in the sample layout from my first post are created in that way.

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