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Steep waterfalls, mountain passes, swampy woods, rolling prairies, still lakes, rushing rivers, and more pass by your window. Construction of a railway was one of the conditions a territory was required to meet before it could join the Dominion of Canada.
To make a triarama stage for your train scene, cut a large square from a recycled file folder with Crayola® Scissors.
Students learn about the historic and contemporary significance and routes of both freight and passenger railway systems in Canada.
When Canada celebrates its anniversary on July 1, the sun shines in the north—both night and day.

Our crayons have been rolling off the assembly line since 1903, and you can see how it’s done.
The lesson plans use Train to Somewhere as a springboard for instruction and can be used for whole group, small group, and independent instruction.Click Here to View the Common Core Standard Alignment for Train to SomewhereThanks for taking the time to check out my products. Is it on a bridge crossing a stream, clinging to the edge of a mountain, or clearing a path through snow? Learn more about the different reasons why rail transportation has been so important to Canada.
Sketch your ideas on the back and bottom of your triarama with Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils.

Glue four triaramas together to show different terrain, such as coastal, urban, wintry, and historic scenes. The National Canadian Railways is a system that merges more than 200 separate railways to move freight around this great country. Later, you will slide the two pieces on either side of the cut under each other to make the triarama stand up.

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