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Outdated, explosion-prone oil tank cars would be banned immediately, and new rules would require mitigating volatile gases,  under U.S. With introduction of the Crude-by-Rail Safety Act, the senators are increasing pressure on the U.S. Three oil trains pass through Seattle each day bound for northern Puget Sound refineries.  Washington is the nation’s fifth largest oil refining state. The state’s five refineries are increasingly relying on rail-shipped (and volatile) Bakken crude oil from North Dakota.
The city has experienced one accident, when three cars of an oil train derailed last July beneath the Magnolia Bridge.

The fire chiefs have asked the BNSF Railroad to provide its calculated “worst case scenarios for a potential crude oil emergency,” as well as “comprehensive emergency response plans” for high-hazard flammable cargoes. A trio of accidents, last month, has focused attention on rail safety.  A train derailed and exploded in West Virginia, another in a rural area of Ontario, and a third in Illinois. It would slap new fines on railroads that violate rules of the track.  It would require comprehensive oil spill response mans, and fund first responders.
The legislation will make residents along rail lines “feel safe knowing every precaution has been taken,” Murray added. This is the largest model train layout of the world and the longest film about this beautiful model railway, called Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany.

Department of Transportation to finalize meaningful safety rules and secretive railroads to provide comprehensive emergency plans to local first responders.

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