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Who: Delta Airlines, US Airways and JetBlue offer shuttle service between the three cities.
Please note that fares vary dramatically based on availability and on the date and time of your flight. Travel Time: Depending on your route, a nonstop flight can last anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, not including travel time to and from the airport or check-in. If you're traveling on one of the shuttle services, dedicated ticket counters at the airports make check-in a breeze.
US Airways and Delta shuttles operate from New York's LaGuardia Airport, the least convenient of the city's three airports if you are planning to go to Manhattan via public transportation.
Finding the best fare can be time-consuming with so many possible airport combinations, particularly if you're flying between New York and D.C.
Who: Amtrak offers both Acela Express and regional service between the three cities plus Philadelphia.
Cost: The lowest fare found on Acela Express was $198 roundtrip from New York to Boston, and $98 roundtrip on the slower regional service.

On Acela Express, "Quiet Cars" make for a comfortable and peaceful ride, and conference tables and power outlets allow passengers who wish to work to do so easily. For travelers concerned with the environmental impact of their travel, trains are the most eco-friendly option. Regional trains are much less luxurious than the Acela Express, and they stop more frequently. With the abundance of flight options, taking the train may prove both more expensive and more time-consuming than flying. Le depart de New York etait super chouette, avec toutes les lumieres de la ville, notamment le long des ponts. Quand je ne suis pas devant un ecran, j'organise des visites guidees de Boston, retrouvez-moi sur "Boston le nez en l'air".
US Airways does offer a shuttle from Reagan, which came in at $219.40 roundtrip with taxes on the dates we selected. However, it is the closest airport, and the least expensive to travel to and from if you plan to take a taxi or car service.

On va me dire qu’il y a plus d’espace dans les trains americains, des prises et le wifi gratuit, oui, ca ce sont les points positifs ! Travelers who opt to drive between the cities in an effort to save money may now be rethinking that option considering fluctuating gas prices and the maddening traffic jams that are common along the way. JetBlue proved to be a much cheaper option; on the dates we checked, JetBlue offered flights out of New York's John F.
Quand je suis arrivee a Boston, vers minuit, il n’y avait plus grand monde dans le train. In addition, heated competition among JetBlue, Delta and US Airways has made flying a much more affordable option.
Here we outline five ways to travel to the cities, including the cost, travel time, and pros and cons of each.

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