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Having Sheena Easton's "9 to 5 (Morning Train)" stuck in my head is gleefully leading me into insanity. Barbara Dickson, KT Tunstall, Sheena Easton and that old cow Lulu were born in Scotland, so they're fine too.
Live comment 90's on 9: isn't Black Cat by Janet Jackson basically a ripoff of Strut by Sheena Easton?

I wonder If Sheena Easton's invite to spend the the night inside her sugar walls is still open?
Being as no one has answered my questions the answers are question 1 is will young,question 2 is 9 to 5 Sheena Easton. Sheena Easton's b'day being so close to Prince's passing demands extra listens to Arms of Orion and U Got the Look.

I just wanted to watch that tune he did with Sheena Easton but I can't because he's blocked it.

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