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Long Island Rail Road customers this summer will be able to take an express train from Penn Station to the Hamptons without making any stops, LIRR officials said yesterday. The popular Cannonball train, which for years originated in Queens, is moving to Penn Station beginning Memorial Day weekend. The train will take riders from Manhattan to Westhampton Beach station in 94 minutes before continuing to Montauk. The Cannonball, which operates on Friday afternoons during the summer, is among the LIRR's oldest and most heavily used, transporting 1,400 riders each day. Although most of its customers live in Manhattan, the train has never departed from Penn Station, in part because of logistical and reliability issues with the LIRR's diesel-electric trains. The Hamptons train service could bring several hundred additional riders to Penn Station, but Williams said its operation should go more smoothly, in part because Penn has more space and resources than Hunterspoint Avenue or Jamaica, including open ticket windows.
At 14 cars long, including two locomotives, the Cannonball is the longest train operated by the LIRR at about twice the length of a typical diesel-electric train. Montauk Chamber of Commerce president Paul Monte said the changes would benefit the East End economy.
LIRR Commuter Council chairman Mark Epstein welcomed the new service but called on the railroad to restore trains on the West Hempstead, Greenport and Port Washington lines that were cut in 2010. The LIRR is planning other improvements on its Montauk line, which saw a 34 percent boost in ridership last summer compared with the summer of 2011. The LIRR also is adjusting the schedule of some Montauk trains to better coordinate with Fire Island ferry service provided near some stations. This photo shows work underway at the future 72nd Street Station, where crews are filling out the raw rock of the cavern with concrete lining. The Long Island Rail Road has a piece of advice for travelers looking to take the first ever nonstop train from Penn Station to the Hamptons this afternoon: Be early. The agency announced last month that the popular Friday afternoon summer train, which has for years departed out of Hunterspoint Avenue in Queens, would run out of Manhattan this summer. Calderone said the LIRR has already had to turn away more than 500 customers looking for the sold-out Hamptons Reserve Service, which lets 200 customers pick their seats before time in two cars of the Cannonball, and have drinks and snacks brought to them. Although some customers will be shut out of the Cannonball, they will still be able to take a number of trains heading out to the Hamptons Friday, including some extra trains being added this afternoon for the big getaway weekend.
To accommodate large crowds, the LIRR will have extra police at Penn Station, and staff will be using hand-held devices to sell train tickets.
Travelers looking to ride the rails heading north will be able to do so on Amtrak or Metro-North Railroad, which have both resumed full service following last Friday's derailment of a New Haven-bound train, which crashed into an oncoming train.
One day, I overheard someone mention Montauk–the last town at the tip of the South Fork of Long Island, and I wanted to go there.
Montauk is considered part of East Hampton, the last and fanciest of a string of towns that line the southern shore of Long Island like dowager aunts staring out to sea.
I was excited to see the Atlantic, however frothy and gray, because I’ll be spending many weeks on its coast in Canada this summer. So, you want me to admit that I was really in Montauk on a secret mission for the US Department of Defense to investigate ongoing rumors about psychosis-inducing radar and Nazi gold? Speaking of relatives, I recently heard my dad say that my grandfather would never go in the Atlantic Ocean before August 15. Then I realized that the time I have left on this planet is short and that the world is large.
Featuring charming model trains and over 140 New York City landmarks, this quintessential holiday display is definitely worth the trip to the Bronx.
New York City is a world-renowned tourist destination that has been among the top choices of many frequent travelers for decades.

However, if you ever want to get out of this gigantic city and give a break from the hustle-bustles, there are many destinations that can be visited in a day’s time from the city. The magnificent waterfalls situated on the border of Canada and the US, Niagara Falls is a brilliant choice of spending a fun-filled vacation. Known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, Philadelphia is yet another destination that can be easily reached from NYC within 2 hours through any mode of transport.
The next day trip on our list is the capital city of the nation, Washington DC that takes 3 hours from the city to be reached. Situated at a distance of approximately 200 km, Atlantic City is a resort town that happens to be yet another pick for your day trip from the NYC. Last but not the least, our list ends with a relaxed, beautiful and wonderful destination, The Hamptons that can be easily reached in between 2 to 4 hours from NYC by road, train and by air. For decades, the train has left from the LIRR's small Hunterspoint Avenue station, where officials said crowding problems are common. The LIRR is introducing "Cannonball West" -- a Sunday evening express train out of Montauk that will stop at Jamaica and Penn Station.
The service also is about 70 percent sold out for the entire summer season, Calderone said. The Bridgeport-Port Jefferson Ferry is offering a "much, much bigger schedule" than usual, said general manager Fred Hall.
An American Transportation Association survey found that 56 percent of people visiting a major U.S. Skip Coney Island and dip your toes in the sand at one of New Jersey’s over two dozen beaches. Many stores were still closed for the season, and early visitors like me roamed through town in pairs and bunches. After a dry spell as Wall Street thrashed on its self-made bed of nails, the market is finally picking up. I enjoyed the fresh air and the wander in a new place, but honestly folks, Michigan’s West Coast, with its dramatic dunes, singing sand, expanse of clean, blue water, and fishing villages along the coast, is far more authentic, quaint, and beautiful than anything the Hamptons has to offer. I think that was in response to me complaining about how cold Lake Michigan is until late summer. The miniature buildings include renowned NYC sights like Yankee Stadium, the Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge and many more—plus, they all are constructed completely from natural materials such as bark, twigs, stems, fruits, seeds and pine cones!
The impeccable charm, wonderful ambiance and the electric nightlife of this city has been famous among people present all over the globe. While you are wondering that what these destinations are and what kind of vacation experience they are going to give you, here are the 5 top destinations that can be explored and visited within one day. This eye-catching attraction happens to be one of the most spectacular wonders in the nation that can make you spellbound. Known as New York’s little sister, it is an amazing place where you can have unlimited fun and enjoy to the core of your heart. There is a wide range of things to explore here that will make you fall in love with this ultramodern destination. Famous for its casinos, exotic beaches and amazing resorts, Atlantic City is a beautiful tourist spot whose impeccable charm can leave you spellbound. You can spend a laid back vacation here away from the chaos of the bustling city and rest at any of its beachside mansions, white sand beaches and explore many of its iconic landmarks. However, there are many ways to escape the concrete jungle and experience new places just a train ride away. For an additional $20, riders can reserve seats in special cars where food and drinks are sold and wait service is provided.

Looking for a quaint outing with shopping, classically-styled New England restaurants, cruises, and museums? For those looking to get as far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you don’t really have to go that far! For those of you who want a classier NYC getaway, the Hamptons are a short train ride away in Long Island.
Guidebooks take you on a street-by-street tour through Manhattan, and throw in the other boroughs as an afterthought. As the train chugs east, the crush of apartments in Queens gives way to residential streets and cheap duplexes and single-family homes, then, increasingly, to open field and brush. Heck, a one-bedroom condo in the tower that broods incongruously over Montauk costs half a million. He thought it would be fun to dig a hole bigger than himself in the sandy beach, and it’s a killer pit.
A trip to this happening city is always filled with fun, excitement and thrill and it is hard to get over its magic. If you are planning a quick escape from the NYC, plan a trip to the Niagara Falls that can be reached within an hour’s time by plane.
The unique blend of cobblestone streets and urban culture make Philadelphia a unique place to be at. The White House, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial, National Museum of Natural History, National Zoological Park, Washington National Cathedral, National Portrait Gallery, etc. With a wide range of sights to discover and places to see, it is a stunning place that can give you numerous magical memories. Nicknamed as the ‘summer destination of NYC’ this awesome place is going to steal your heart away.
From visiting some of Long Island's top vineyards to spending a day on the beach, each destination is under 2 hours away on the train. Thankfully, NYC is a transportation hub and can take you wherever you need to go, no matter the direction.
This massive sculpture park, just an hour and a half drive north of the city, showcases more than 100 different sculptures across 500 acres.
This 43-acre estate is only a two hour drive from the city, and features live art events and a planetarium. This small city, just two hours away by MetroNorth ($19.50 round-trip), has nine different art galleries and museums, an aquarium, and lunch at a lighthouse. This small town on the Hudson has amazing hiking trails that go all through Bear Mountain, and a round trip will cost you less than $20.
Warwick is known for its wineries and good eats, and was rated as one of the Top Ten Getaways in America. Explore the beach, eat nice food, and pretend you’re a movie star with a multi-million dollar estate.
For those who want a day trip to visit friends (or rivals) at another major university, Columbia could be your destination.
As a further inducement, I had just read Charming Billy, a delightful little book partly set in Amagansett, next-door neighbor to Montauk.

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