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So, a friend and I were talking about basic train etiquette on our way to work this morning.
2) Who to give your seat up for: elderly, disabled, pregnant and parents with small children. 4) Spacial politeness: When there is space for you to move over and get out of someone else’s personal space, do it! Investigators searching for the cause of a New York commuter train derailment that killed at least four people and injured more than 60 people said they will be looking at how fast the train was going when it crashed on a curve. The Metro-North passenger train was travelling from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station in New York City this morning when it derailed on a sharp curve in the Bronx borough of New York City, officials said. The accident is the second passenger train derailment in six months for Metro-North and it marks the first time any passenger has died in Metro-North's nearly 31-year history.
The investigators would be looking at a host of factors to figure out the cause of the derailment, including the conditions of the track, the condition of the train, human error and signaling problems, Weener said.
Weener confirmed that the speed zone for the curved track was 30 miles per hour, while just ahead of that area it is 70 miles per hour. In July, a freight train also derailed near this same stretch of track, though not in exact spot. The NTSB will look at the derailment of a freight train in July, which occurred along the same stretch of track, though not in the same spot, to see whether there was any connection with today's crash, but there was no immediate indication they were connected, Weener said. The MTA will also work with the NTSB and might mafe procedural changes depending on the final NTSB report, Cuomo said. Due to the damage the train suffered, FDNY Chief of Department Edward Kilduff said that airbags and jacks were used to stabilize the cars and remove victims.

Joel Zaritsky, a passenger on the train, injured his hand in the crash and was on his way to New York for a dental convention, according to the Associated Press. President Barack Obama says his thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of the victims of the fatal train derailment in New York City. The White House issued a statement saying the president was briefed on the accident Sunday morning.
The White House says Obama will continue to stay in touch with New York officials throughout the day. At least two of the cars had flipped on their side after the crash, and one car stopped only feet from the banks of the Harlem River. Frank Tatulli, a passenger on the first car to derail, told WABC-TV he had managed to get off the train by himself after the derailment but other passengers had to be removed by stretchers. A senior State Department official told ABC News there was no indication that the crash was a result of terrorism or criminal conduct.
Metro-North announced that rail service was indefinitely suspended between the Tarrytown and Grand Central stations in New York. NYers have an unspoken code that we all go by and I’ve decided that it’s time we make it official!
But, to mothers, if you get on a crowded train, please don’t try to feed your stroller child in the middle of rush hour.
This first "High-speed" railcar, was a 13 year old Budd RDC (rail diesel car) that had once run in the Boston and Albany Beeliner Fleet. Due to the size (2.34mb), this is a ZIP FILE and you will need have Netzip, PK-Zip, or Win Zip to open it.

There is a 70-mile an hour zone just ahead of it, a 75 ahead of that," National Transportation Safety Board member Earl Weener said today. Cuomo told reporters that the four fatalities were from the two cars that had flipped on their side. Tatulli, who said he takes the train every Sunday, said he felt the train was traveling at a faster than normal speed. Amtrak Empire service was halted for hours between New York City and Albany but resumed Sunday afternoon, with some delays. The diesel engines were disconnected and 2 GE J-47 turbojet aircraft engines were mounted on the roof. They are running east (north) on the Northeast Corridor approaching Tacony Station ,(MP-78.2) Phila.
The train is running east (north) on the Northeast Corridor toward Holmesburg Junction, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The Acela Test train will stop at Newark N.J, and return with Amtrak Acela HSEL 2003 in the lead.

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