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This model is based on the first newly built scientifically streamlined steam locomotives, designed for speed faster than steam locomotive ever attained heretofore, two Milwaukee Road speed-lined trains were placed in daily service between Chicago and St. Below you will find the six available gauges explained by size and application so that you can make more informed decisions about your new model train hobby. Can be used as part of a larger diorama for added impact. Photo shows what can be achieved with some modeling skill, time and patience! The housing on the extreme front of the engine may be opened exposing a standard coupler, in the event it is desirable to couple an engine or car to forward end.All the coaches, the parlor cars and the cafe cars are speed-lined, full size, of welded steel construction, about one third lighter in weight than the cars generally in use.

The cafe cars have special buffet features and the luxuriosly appointed coaches have conveniences new to coach patrons. To reduce air resistance the contour of all cars conforms to the locomotive, presenting a smooth unbroken line from head end to the rear of the "beaver tail" cars at the end.
All of the cars are air conditioned.Introduction of the first speed-lined steam train continued the Milwaukee Road's outstanding record of contributions to modern railroading. It was the first line between Chicago and the Twin Cities and is still the only double tracked route; was the first to use steam heat and electric lights on Chicago-Twin Cities trains and the first to operate all-steel trains between Chicago and the Twin Cities.

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