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If you want to see your kid’s face light up, then the perfect gift is a Christmas train set. The Illuminated electric train sets celebrate Christmas from the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to the magic of Disney and the beloved PEANUTS Gang.  Crafted with solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels, the train sets are precision scaled to run on HO gauge track and feature locomotives and passenger cars that really light up to vividly showcase the dynamic themes and artwork. Each one of our collectible model trains includes a FREE track set and power pack, and many include a speed controller and extra train accessories, with additional values of up to $100. You know that Christmas is right around the corner when you see ads featuring the famous Budweiser Clydesdales trotting through a winter wonderland! This collectible Budweiser memorabilia features a wealth of rich detail and history, including a working headlight, lighted cars, full-color Clydesdale artwork, and fully sculpted Budweiser logos with holiday motifs. Budweiser electric train collection is carefully handcrafted with precision detailing and authentic features, including a solid metal chassis and steel alloy wheels to bring you years of enjoyment. Each exciting issue in this collectible train set showcases vintage, full-color COCA-COLA advertising art and slogans spanning the decades, beginning with the 1930s.

Now they’ve inspired a first-ever Budweiser electric train collection that runs over with the joyful spirit of the King of Beers. Each issue in this collection offers a special seasonal greeting from the rails of the King of Beers, and makes the perfect addition to any collection, or a unique Budweiser gift. Soon you’ll receive Issue Two, a classic train car, which includes the FREE 16-piece HO gauge track. In fact, this beloved holiday icon didn’t make his initial appearance until 1931, thanks to the popular advertising campaign of COCA-COLA®.
Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, a classic train car, which includes the FREE 16-piece HO gauge track, and Issue Three, a passenger train car, which includes your FREE power pack.
This COCA-COLA train collection is fully authorized by The COCA-COLA company and is precision-scaled to run on HO-gauge track.
Then your collection will continue with Issue Three, another train car, which includes your FREE power pack.

Now an exclusive COCA-COLA train collection invites you to get on board with a nostalgic tribute to over 75 years of this classic Santa. Plus $100 in FREE accessories gets you on track for a heartwarming trip through the memories of Christmas past. When they look back on all the holidays, finding a Christmas tree train set running under the tree will be one of their fondest memories.

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