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Famous Brighton Belle Train in the livery first operated at the commencement of the service from 1 Jan 1933.
This model represents the train as it operated in the early 1960s decorated with the later version of the Pullman crest - prior to the application of end yellow warning panels. BRIGHTON ROCKS: Thousands visit the British beachside resort and its famous pebbly beaches every year.
As well as the pebbly beach there are bars from bohemian to upper crust and eating-out options aplenty.Blue skies and iconic British telephone boxes.

Picture credit: ReutersThirsty visitors in search of a taste of old Brighton can head for the Colonnade Bar, which revels in its theatrical links being sited next door to the heritage-listed Theatre Royal.Hungry? For seafood fans English's on the edge of the Lanes, a huddle of former fishermen's cottages now housing jewellery shops and fashion boutiques, is a good choice.
The city is also home to a clutch of out-of-town housing estates as deprived as any in Britain.Nightclub-laden West Street is, on Saturday nights in particular, a magnet for rowdy, barely clad teens and not for the faint-hearted. Its velvet banquets and suggestive murals recall the city's reputation as the home of what the British call the "Dirty Weekend" - a tryst by an unmarried couple.Brighton, also famed for its gay and lesbian scene, organises the largest Pride event in Britain and hosts its own "Gay Village" around St.

Revellers from hen and stag parties, draped in matching feather boas and worse, stagger between the bars.Even on a rainy day, the The Lanes shopping area pops with colour. James's Street near the city centre.Architecture buffs have plenty to admire in one of the finest collections of Georgian buildings outside London, its sweeping stucco-fronted crescents having lured actors such as Laurence Olivier as residents.

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