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In terms of facilities the airport has a handful of shops and eateries, a post office, ATM, bureau d'exchange, first aid unit and of course being Poland it has a chapel as well. If you need any more information we suggest you check out the official Wroclaw Airport website. Iam going to Poznan from spindleruv Mlyn saturday the 19th of feb 2011 Just not sure how a taxi how much would that cost, would it be better to take a taxi to wroclaw and get a train??
I've been living in Wroclaw for 10 months as an European Volunteer and my present was to not to let me go back to my country. Worth a look if only to peruse the photo gallery of guests that include Jacques Chirac, Gerhard Shroder, Chris De Burgh and Santa Claus.

Unfortunately officers in the airport for the check in made a very huge problem about my ticket which was bought 11 months before my flight. It started life in the thirties as a small German airbase (Wroclaw was part of German territory before the Second World War - see our page on Breslau), before taking on civil aviation duties in the 40s and 50s.
The only bus from the airport is nr 406 but it will take you to the city centre from where you would have to catch another bus to get anywhere closer to your hotel.
On my flight time, after i waited 7 hours in the airport they made a surprise to me that "you cannot fly" why?
Strachowice only became an international airport in the 1990s, when flights began to Frankfurt Main.

If you prefer not to wait - time is money after all - then in advance, or take your chance in the ranks.

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