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The reason hit me yesterday as I was riding the 2 train down the White Plains Road line after finishing my business in the borough, Why first the Bronx? I have not though photographed change on all the lines in the Bronx though, the 6 Pelham Line is exactly the same as the first time I went up there, all elevated stations with boring corrugated windscreens, although some lettering at some of the stations on old lampposts does interest me.
The only non IRT line in the Bronx, the IND Concourse Line I feel needs some mention in its own right and should not be considered an afterthought of the IRT elevateds. Going west the 3 stations of the IRT Broadway Line that poke there way into the borough (225 Street-Marble Hill is technically in Manhattan though the Harlem River Ship Canal cut it off from the rest of the borough and it became part of the mainland when the East River was filled in, strip maps of the 1 line show the border correctly), do get considered as an afterthought and that is fine by me. 67 of the 468 Subway Stations are in the Bronx, giving the Bronx the fewest stations of any borough; The Bronx also has the fewest route miles with 33 Route Miles in the borough.
21 of the stations are below ground (12 route miles), 4 of the stations (3 route miles) are in an open-cut or on an embankment (the Dyre Avenue line, not an el) the rest are elevated.
Only twelve of the 69 Stations are "Express" stations with two island platforms around the center track, that means the rest of the 49 stations have side platforms and a track M that trains can in theory bypass the station on.
No time appears to be saved when the 4 bypasses 138 Street-Grand Concourse during rush hours. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. I am able to have complete web pages with photo essays of all station in this borough after endless hours spent going through my photo archive and a few recent trips to photograph those stations I had just somehow missed.

Probably the reason is because there the elevated lines nearest to my house (which is in upper Manhattan), the Number 4 train just a 15 minute bus ride away.
Everything sits unrenovated, with no signs of renovations to come, the underground stations south of Whitlock Avenue beauty in there distinctive dual contracts era name tablets and mosaic trim must also not be forgotten, although photographers for other websites have, those cathedrals of transit must also be documented. It was built and the City's starter line into the Bronx, just a few blocks away from the Jerome Avenue elevated that I'm convinced the city wanted torn down. The line is simply an extension of a Manhattan elevated with a short tentacle stuck up into the northernmost borough.
Bronx, I'm not done with you, I plan to document and photograph all of the White Plains Road and Jerome Avenue Stations in their new renovated states, and of course there will be more photo updates whenever I feel inspired. Also the number of Fan Trips and other special subway events that I gone to photograph in the Bronx have helped add many photos-not just of these special trains but other trains and stations too-to my collection. Nothing has been done to the five stations Dyre Avenue branch either in my four years, those stations sit lifeless the uniqueness and distinctive columns they inherited from there days on the New York that I have heard rumors about and have scene in old photographs. The Concourse line is probably one the most overbuilt IND Lines in the system, which is saying a lot since most of the IND Stations have labyrinths of passageways and stairwells, almost every station has a full length mezzanine or full length mezzanines that have mostly been closed off.
Yesterday as I rode down the White Plains Road line and the Number 2 train, a line I hadn't ridden in over a year, and looked at the current state of the various stations I realized that I had photographed and showcased a period of major changes and rehabilitation of all the stations on the line.
The wideness of the Grand Concourse at street level meant the Independent Subway could do it's thing by being overbuilt, and some stations have mezzanines that are below the platforms.

The last time I went up the White Plains Road Elevated (almost two years ago-every station was being rebuilt, and service for most of the line was running using only two tracks with temporary platforms at all stations for construction), the first time back in Early 2004 it was a typical elevated line with full windscreens at every station (see 225 Street photos for examples). It though has one major design flaw, the 205 Street Terminal was designed to be a through station due to projected extensions, since these never happened the terminal is very inefficient with trains forced to discharge all passengers and relay beyond the station, then returning to service, to add to a slightly longer trip, the station has no crew quarters so all crews are switched at Bedford Park Blvd, a short delay. Today I am happy to report all of the White Plains Road Stations have been fully rehabilitated (although Pelham Parkway still has some blue plywood) there are no more boring windscreens of corrugated metal to be scene anywhere. All stations now have the more modern green platform wall design and almost every station has unique arts for transit stained glass artwork. The new modern green windscreens also don't create canons, trapping the outside world from viewing the stations instead all have various gaps, where fairly large peepholes exist to the outside world. One the lower line all corrugated metal windscreens are gone too (except at one station, Intervale Avenue, which is exactly the same after a fire and I hope it stays it's fully windscreened cocooned self, with no light of views to the outside world as a tribute to the era when every elevated station looked exactly the same, with little ability to view of the surrounding area.).

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