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At multiple locations from New England to California, Symmetry furnished and installed the exterior faux brick panels, architectural trim, train sculpts and Q-line sculpts. And because most buildings are private residencies you need to be buzzed into, kids go instead to the stores located on the street-level. She hand-tied bags of candy corn, and put them in a decorative pouches along with some other goodies. I quickly learned the the main avenues (Lexington, Third, Madison) held most of the action.
It was common to see an assigned employee at the store’s entrance, ready and waiting for trick or treaters. The residential streets of the Upper East Side contain lots of brownstones (multi-floor row houses, usually with stoops or staircases).
Kids see pumpkins, and they probably know to go ahead and ring the doorbell for some treats. The co-owner of this toy-store, Steve, gave children a choice of either one piece of candy or a small toy.
Even the trendy glasses store Warby Parker was participating, with a large vase of candy in their front entrance.
It seems as though families are at the mercy of their individual buildings or neighborhoods.
Over in the nearby Barclays Center shopping mall, kids were hitting up Starbucks for candy. The train depot used to be a visitor’s first view of a new town as the train they were on came chugging into the station. Often stations were marked by buildings including depots, towers, and maintenance facilities and almost always by a sign visible from the tracks. There was an article in This Old House magazine about an old post office that was converted into a home. I was thinking of the Berkeley Springs, WV train depot as I read this, and I went to Flickr to see if I could find a picture of it… and lo and behold, someone has a whole set of train depot pictures up! We almost bought a house that had an old train depot in the backyard, and was used as a garage.

I am the author of six railroad books in print and am now working on another about vintage railroad stations in New Jersey.
Tony, the two NJ train depot photos were taken by estatik (see his comment and photo gallery above). For Sale: Old Central of Georgia train depot on the square in Mansfield Georgia on one-third acre. New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has implemented the ban of hoverboards in the city’s buses, train stations and on the subways.
Scheduling was not an issue as the panels and sculpts were pre-finished in our facility and installed in less than a week. Children who live in suburban or rural neighborhoods know the holiday means heading out to several square blocks worth of houses to collect candy door-to-door.
The owner told me the super of the apartment building above the store coordinated with her. Xiomara (right) said it was slow day business-wise, but they had one bucket of candy on hand. Here, where there’s fewer high-rise buildings and more residential areas, neighborhoods tried to organize. Finn (Peter Dinklage) is a man born with dwarfism who loves trains, and is willed an abandoned train depot by his elderly employer. I found a few other beautifully designed train depots in the area that have been converted into museums or historical markers. I’m not sure if it was in the original location by the time I moved there, but it was charming.
A one-room schoolhouse would be amazing, and definitely big enough for a house, especially if you added a loft bedroom. I have been documenting the stations along the New York, Susquehanna & Western for a while now and most of the stations are long gone.
I saw the photos of the railroad stations at Wyckoff and at Newfoundland, NJ and, although I have others of the same sites, these are the best I have seen of the two places. If you have any photos of train depot or tiny houses send them to me or the blog’s owner, Kent.

It's your only way to learn the secrets of Jon Snow's parentage and the secrets of the Tower of Joy.
I thought that a small, restored train depot would make a perfect tiny house, especially if you don’t mind the sound of trains. I ask: were these taken by you and, if so, will you give me permission to include them in my book? I am seriously thinking of downsizing, weighing options of building, renting, etc and have always been fascinated with train depots since I spent my childhood using train travel. But if not, it’s up to parents to seek out the trick or treating wonders of New York City. I fondly remember depots being open buildings with echoing voices and footsteps and the open concept of them is inviting to me now.
Email * New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has banned hoverboards in the city’s buses, train stations and on the subways. The MTA is spreading the news using “Hoverboards Not Allowed” posters at the entrances of the Long Island Railroad and subway stations."Hoverboards may be the latest fad, but they are not safe because they have the potential to catch fire.
No carrying, no standing, no riding ? no exceptions."Mashable reports that the hoverboard advisory, which was announced officially a few weeks ago, has been translated into five languages. Actor Drops Hints About Premiere Actor Martin Freeman drops hint about Sherlock Season 4 release date. These languages include Spanish, Korean and Chinese."For obvious reasons, it is not safe to use hoverboards, skateboards or other personal wheeled vehicles on station platforms," said MTA Chief Safety Officer David Mayer in a statement. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an independent federal regulatory agency which assesses the safety of consumer products, announced that hoverboards are not safe, citing over $2 million in property damage from 52 self-balancing scooter fires in 24 states since Dec.
2015.“Self-balancing scooters that do not meet these voluntary safety standards pose an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers,” wrote the CPSC’s Robert J.

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