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The feat to build an 18-mile tunnel under the Long Island Sound, while certainly an ambitious undertaking, does not make it the longest underwater tunnel. A Competitiveness Strategy for the Northeast Megaregion: Early Actions for High Speed Rail from PennDesign on Vimeo. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Amtrak is making changes to their award program starting January 24, 2016.  In many cases, award tickets will cost fewer Amtrak points than before! Folks looking for a different way to use Starwood points (and who enjoy train travel) could get lots of Big Travel by transferring their points to Amtrak. You will NOT receive 5,000 bonus points when you transfer Starwood points in 20,000 point increments, like you do with airlines.
To transfer Starwood points to Amtrak, you must call Starwood at 888-625-4988.  Starwood says transfers can take up to 14 days. It’s a good time to think about earning more Starwood points, because the sign-up bonus on the AMEX Starwood card (personal and small business) is increased for a limited time!
Until September 14, 2015, you’ll earn 30,000 Starwood points after meeting minimum spending requirements. Plus, Starwood points are hard to earn.  So you could consider transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Amtrak instead. You Could Squeeze More Value From Your Starwood Points by Using Them for Hotel Stays – but Not Always! The Acela Express is the only high-speed train in the US.  It runs between Boston and Washington, DC, stopping in other major cities like Baltimore, New York, and Philadelphia. When you factor in the time and aggravation of getting to and from the airport, the Acela Express is often more convenient than flying!  And all seating is Business or First Class.
Award tickets on the Acela Express cost a minimum of 4,000 Amtrak points (or 4,000 Starwood points transferred to Amtrak). A 1-way Business Class seat between New York and Washington, DC on the Acela Express in February costs $238. To compare, award tickets on airlines like American Airlines or Delta (both Starwood transfer partners) cost 12,500 miles 1-way in coach. Even with the 5,000 mile bonus when you transfer 20,000 Starwood points to airlines, you’ll still pay 10,000 Starwood points for a 1-way airline award ticket between these cities.
And you’ll probably spend more time getting to and from the airport than you would on the train!  Plus, you’ll have a more comfortable experience in Business Class on the Acela Express! Note:  If spending the fewest number of Starwood points is most important to you, consider transferring your points to British Airways.
Short-haul flights on American Airlines and US Airways cost just 4,500 British Airways Avios points. And because Amtrak’s new award program is revenue-based, the cost of an award ticket depends on the price of a paid ticket.

For regular trains, Amtrak points are worth ~2.9 cents each, which means your Starwood points (transferred to Amtrak) are worth the same amount.
For example, a 1-way coach ticket on the Cascades train between Seattle and Portland in April costs $35. Like our Acela Express example, you’ll pay more points if you transfer Starwood points to airlines for an award ticket on this route. You could get a lot of train travel from your Starwood points by choosing the right routes and booking ahead to get the cheapest tickets!
Traveling in sleeping cars on Amtrak is a relaxing and fun way to spend a long train trip.  And any time you book sleeping accommodations (roomettes or bedrooms), meals are included with your ticket!
To see what kinds of deals you can get during busy travel times, I looked up a 1-way ticket for 2 adults in a roomette from Chicago to New Orleans during Mardi Gras week.
I think this is a fantastic way to use Starwood points!  And to travel at a much more leisurely pace.
Have you gotten a good deal transferring Starwood points to Amtrak?  Please share your experiences in the comments! This entry was posted in Airline Award Booking, Airlines, American Airlines, American Express, AMEX Starwood (SPG), British Airways, Credit Cards, Delta Skymiles, Hotels, Save Money, Starwood (SPG), Travel Tips, US Air. Editorial Disclaimer: Neither the responses below nor the editorial content on this page are provided or commissioned by the bank advertisers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertisers. Credit Card DisclaimerApplying for credit as described in this blog may affect your credit score. AboutWe have earned and redeemed millions of airline miles and hotel points to travel the world for free.
Editorial Note: The editorial content on this site is not provided by the companies whose products are featured. If the Futurama in real life bullet train concept made you doubt that a method of public transportation can actually take you from New York to China in two hours, we don’t blame you. However, since Amtrak is a government-owned corporation, funding will also need to come from federal and state coffers. New York trains and New York City subways represent big-city design ingenuity and can be an integral part of any New York City vacation. Seeing New York by train, whether upstate or in and around New York City, is a pleasurable way to see much of what New York has to offer. New York City subways present a speedy, efficient, and classic way to get around all of New York City. New York City subways offer a convenient, safe, and user-friendly mode of transportation to the New York City visitor. New York trains whisk riders to various points in and around both New York City and upstate, and seeing New York by train is a great way to relax and let someone else do the driving. The rail company would need significant public and private funding to get the project on track.Speaking with the New York Times this summer, Amtrak president and CEO Joseph H.

Members of the GOP said in 2011 after they turned down the presidenta€™s $8billion bill that the busy Northeast Corridor was where the future of high-speed trains lay.
Constructions would require Amtrak to build new underground tunnels that connect New York and New Jersey under the Hudson River. Sophisticated and complex, the New York trains and New York City subways are a model for not only other US cities, but for the world as well. Booking an Amtrak reservation from any New York train station is convenient and the destination lineup includes everything from New York City's five boroughs to Poughkeepsie.
New York City subways are an extensive system of primarily underground travel that whisks New York City residents and visitors around the city with ease.
Most New York City attractions lie directly above or nearby a subway station, and fare-paying has been made easy by New York City's Metro Card, whereby users can upload any amount of advance fare via credit card, and simply swipe the card when entering the terminal. American Express, Barclaycard, Chase, and US Bank are Million Mile Secrets advertising partners.
The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor a legal or tax professional. Other cities along the proposed train routes would include Newark, Baltimore, Boston, and White Plains, New York and their accompanying airports.
New York by train is less expensive, and often less time-consuming, than traveling by air, and the many user-friendly routes ensure that your destination is on the itinerary.
New York City mass transit is an unrivaled phenomenon, with nearly 8 million people commuting by New York City subways and buses each day. When entering any subway station, check the sign above the entrance to make sure it's open. Included in its study are the metropolitan regions around Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York, New Haven, Providence, and Boston.The bullet trains, much like those in Europe and Asia, could skyrocket across tracks at speeds up to 220mph.
Here’s our Advertiser Disclosure.UPDATE: The Starwood American Express credit card offers in this post are no longer available, but check Hot Deals for the latest offers! No words on what modern amenities will be included in the trains, but at the very least we hope to get some reliable Wi-Fi during the short ride.
Seeing the city by subway is not only less expensive than a taxi cab, but it also offers the visitor a glimpse into New York City subculture.
Each New York City subway is clearly labeled with a route number or letter, and destination information.

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