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Tweet the trains arrive through this tunnel to Sao Bento train stationDuring the month of September, as I hope most of you that follow along with this website know, I will be joining Jeannie the Nomadic Chick and Nora the Professional Hobo on the Ultimate Train Challenge.One month. I’m an attorney that took off on my birthday in December of 2008 to circumnavigate the globe without ever getting on an airplane. When I was in France this summer I heard people trying to book a whole summer’s worth of travel in one visit to the desk.
I never, ever pre-booked a train in France in the almost 3 months I was there, and I never had to wait more than 15 minutes in line.
Sounds like a rough day, but I love your attitude at the end of it, once you’re back on the train. Second day was better and the third day will get me to Bordeaux… so life does not suck.

I should have just sat there for my 20 or so minutes I had and taken more photos, but wanted to at least PRETEND to see some of Porto by walking around a bit. Should be interesting.The three of us are going to be updating our journeys on each of our websites and also on the blog on the Ultimate Train Challenge site.
I never understand why European train and bus station counters don’t have a special line for refunds, problems, etc. An hour and a half later, I still hadn’t made it to the front of the line.Obviously I don’t speak Portuguese, so I have no idea what took these two groups of people so long to buy their tickets. Basically, all I got to see of Porto was the really nice train station and a quick view of part of the town and the River Douro from the train as I came in. We really want your feedback as we try to sort this all out, day by day.And one other note from my brief stay in Portugal.

Our fabulous sponsors, Hostelbookers, set us up in perhaps the best hostel I have ever stayed at in all my travels.
So damn cool.the common room of the Rossio Patio HostelThe owner is an architect, which is obvious the moment you walk inside. It is much more on par with a quality three star hotel than the hostel environment I am more used to traveling in.

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