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Wynyard is a major underground CityRail station in the central business district of Sydney, Australia, 2.05 km from Central.
It is the third-busiest station on the CityRail network, with an average of 115,000 passenger movements on a typical weekday (Monday to Friday) in 2011. Wynyard was originally constructed with six platforms (the existing four platforms are still numbered from 3 to 6.) The original intention was that Platforms 1 and 2 would eventually serve the eastern pair of railway tracks across Sydney Harbour Bridge, and in the interim were used as a terminus for North Shore tram services on Sydney's original tram network, a service that operated over those tracks from the bridge's opening in 1932 until 1958. The upper level serves the North Shore line, whilst the lower level serves lines traversing the City Circle.

Wynyard is connected via underground passageways to several surrounding buildings and shopping arcades and is located immediately below Wynyard Park.
Wynyard Walk will provide improved access to Barangaroo and the western CBD, while the pedestrian connection between the station and George Street is expected to be upgraded as part of a redevelopment of the building above. Direct access via tunnels is possible to George Street, Hunter Street, Pitt Street, Clarence Street and Kent Street. After these tram services were withdrawn, the space occupied by platforms 1 and 2 was converted into the current underground car park, and the eastern tram tracks on the bridge were replaced by two extra road lanes.

Escalators connect the station concourse with York Street (emerging underneath Transport House) and Carrington Street (under Wynyard Park). The disused tunnel and ramp that formerly connected the station to the eastern tram tracks can still be seen, mirroring those still in use to the west of the bridge.

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