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While its competitors needed monstrous engines to conquer mountain ranges, the New York Central did not. As the Depression waned in the late 1930s and traffic picked up, the need arose for a dual service locomotive that could augment the Hudson fleet and hustle freight as well. Here is an amazing collection of rare photos that shows the life in Jamaica from between 1860s to 1890s. Ever since Queen Victoria wed in 1840, however, white has remained the traditional color for wedding gowns and bouquets.
The transportation hub has connections to 11 New York City subway lines and the underground PATH trains that connect New York and New Jersey. The hub was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect who has worked on buildings throughout Spain, Switzerland, and Canada. The holiday train is a cute train but was designed for the now defunct 9V train motor and track, so motorising it would also take a bit of trial and error if you wanted to use the newer Power Functions train motor. The Hogwarts trains (there have been about three versions now) tend to suffer a bit from being more designed as toys for Hogwarts fans than train fans, IMHO.
They are releasing a new Western train for the Lone Ranger theme if that is appealing at all.
So, I settled for the Maersk diesel as it very much reminds me of my favorite real-life engine (GP-40 if I remember correctly?
I can honestly tell you that I would not be here, back in Lego, If it wasn't for the Emerald Night train.
I am still debating with myself about whether to buy EN or not, hoping there will be a super deal somewhere after Christmas. Thank you guys for letting me know what you think and I learnt a lot, especially about the engine. If you're not in a rush to get it before christmas you may want to consider the new Lone Ranger train that will be in the shops next year. For a winter village you'd probably change the gun for a coach but it would be a nice start, and cheaper than the EN on eBay. But for now I have yet to see a powered MOC of it that is both functional and true to its look. Do the mods described in RailBricks and the forum, and turn the engine into a push-along train. Emerald Night is a great build; looks good on its own without track, and will only go up in price. If you really want realism and are happy to build - then there are many excellent MOC's out there which can be excellent engines - just look for the BR series often found in this sub-forum. If Lego does not bring out another steam engine, it will be highly desired for being the only adult collector's steam locomotive. If Lego does bring out another steam engine, it will continue to be sought after as new collectors, having bought the new set, search for the retired set.

As for the carriage, it's not difficult to build in a different livery, or you can wait and hope that the parts become available again (tan windows). Its Water Level Route from New York City to Chicago was a nearly level raceway built along rivers and the Lake Erie shoreline, and the Central's mainline steam engines were racehorses bred for speed on that route. As an experiment, two existing L-2 Mohawks were modified with higher boiler pressure, smaller cylinders, lightweight rods and other reciprocating parts, and roller bearings -which pushed their top speed from 60 mph to the 80 mph needed for passenger work.
L-3a #3001 was sold to the City of Dallas in 1957 and resides today at the National New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart, IN.
The exterior is unique, with a wing-like rib structure that is meant to resemble a bird taking flight. Now since I am building a winter village, I am considering to make it surrounded by a train. There are fixes available but it can take a bit of mucking around and some odd extra parts. From memory it doesn't have too many exotic pieces so despite the 2nd hand price it would be possible to buy the parts on bricklink fairly reasonably, and use instructions downloaded from the lego customer service website. Some of them (the first two) don't have proper train wheels so if you want to motorise those ones you also need to convert all the wheels to make them run well on train track.
It does have issues with operating smoothly and there are fixes for that but even just sitting still it is pretty awesome. Obviously that is the case (since it is retired) but even with a large amount on the market, at high prices, it continues to sell well. I really doubt you'll regret it, and even if you do, they command respectable prices in used condition, allowing you sell it onwards for your money back. So, I bought purple ones for 2 cents each and bought a can of white spray paint formulated for plastic. By the early 1930s, the NYC relied on two locomotives for premier services: the 4-6-4 Hudson for its Great Steel Fleet of passenger trains and the nation's largest stable of 4-8-2s for fast freight.
L-2d #2933 was saved from scrapping by employees who hid her behind large boxes in the Selkirk, NY roundhouse for years.
These pictures have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.If any one has any objection of displaying any picture here, just send us an email and we will remove it immediately, after verification of the claim.
The first pieces of the ribs were installed in 2008, a year before the original projected opening.
The third one has standard train wheels on the carriages as well as the engine (unlike the large drivers on the Emerald Night engine) so it's not very realistic.
Perhaps in the future when I get some more experience with building I can make my own Lego steam engine.
I have a modified tender with a 9V motor underneath that makes it run and powers the PF (newer) type lights on the front. Of course you can also build EN in different colours using Bricklink - but the official model is faster. Although the 4-8-2 was labeled a Mountain on any other railroad, that would hardly do on the Water Level Route, so the Central named its engines Mohawks after one of the rivers its rails followed.

With over 5000 horsepower on tap, they were equally at home pulling the 20th Century Limited or more than 100 freight cars.
In 1962, when scrapping her would have been a public relations disaster, 2933 was donated to the National Museum of Transport in St. It has a number of rare pieces which will be hard to find cheaply so putting it together from parts is probably not worthwhile.
There is also a motorised version, but it is ~$350 on bricklink now so probably better to buy the parts and work from downloaded instructions (though the 9V motor is likely to be expensive so a PF motor might be a cheaper option), and it too has small wheels on the engine in any case. I took out the actual motor on one of the old 9V units to power the lights while it sits on the shelf the rest of the year. I wouldn't recommend it for reusing the bricks over and over as the paint made it a little tougher to put together. A new feature on the L-3s was the largest tender yet seen on a Central locomotive, with a 43-ton-capacity coal bunker. Many people also feel it needs extra carriages, which make the tan windows even more sought after and therefore expensive. Once equipped with a state-of-the-art, GPS-based train control system made by General Electric, Eko Rail's trains will provide faster, safer, cheaper and more reliable transportation for Lagosians.Eko Rail is entering into an innovative public-private partnership with the government of Lagos State to equip, operate and maintain the Blue Line for 25 years. These tenders didn't carry enough water to match all that coal, however, because the Central used water scoops under its tenders and track pans between the rails to enable locomotives to pick up water on the move. Is the emerald night worth the money or maybe there will be another old fashioned train coming soon after Horizon Express? I agree the price will continue to rise, but it will peak eventually if you are willing to wait and see how high that peak is.
Negotiations are being finalized and a concession agreement is expected to be signed in the near future.
One of the most spectacular sights of the steam era was a Mohawk or Hudson taking on water at speed, with excess water blasting out of relief vents on the tender deck.
You could always use the instructions and change the color of the EN to something more available and thusly cheaper. I made a flat-bed train car for Christmas with Lego trees and brick built presents for the train and a small caboose. Lagos State has already started to make significant progress with building the rail tracks and stations. It looks great, was pretty easy to make, seems long enough to me and is light enough to run. Eko Rail is utilizing URS Scott Wilson, one of the world's leading railway infrastructure consultancies, to ensure that the infrastructure is built to global standards. With financing led by Investec Plc, financiers of more than 25 rail projects around the globe, Eko Rail expects to invest about $400 million to equip the Lagos Blue Line, including construction of a dual-fuel electric power generating station, modern train control system, communications and power distribution, as well as depot and maintenance facilities.

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