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We had breakfast in bed and enjoyed every minute we could just enjoying the view, the light, and the movement of the city below.
We were told to grab drink at Little Branch by the guys at White Whale, but since it was closed our friend, Anna had us meet her at Pegu instead and I have to say we were not disappointed at all by what we had mixed up for us.
Since we were in the area and are total juice freaks we also checked out Butcher’s Daughter as well. During our time there for the meetup we had tons of great events such as spending early Saturday hanging at the headquarters of Shoptiques on Broadway, but between sessions Kate Arends and I snuck off for some much needed retail therapy on Prince and Spring Street.
The night before we left we ending our evening at The Mercer Kitchen for an amazing experience.
Before leaving NYC we ended our time with an awesome brunch with Anna and Brandon at their apartment (it is seriously so amazing and cute!!). NYC is the perfect opportunity for the study in contrast that these black and whites offer. My husband and I actually went to New York for our honeymoon last fall and loved every minute!
It's a city of non-stop, unparalleled energy, offering countless opportunities for fun and excitement-Broadway shows, outdoor concerts, museums and historical attractions, international cuisine, world-class shopping, and more.
The National September 11 Memorial and Museum opened in May 2014, and focuses on stories of survival, recovery, and commemoration.
When the One World Observatory opens this spring at the top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere-One World Trade Center-visitors will have views of NYC's skyline and beyond. Last October, Ellis Island's Immigrant Hospital opened to the public for the first time in 60 years. Situated atop Penn Station, Madison Square Garden is the home of the NY Knicks and NY Rangers, as well as an arena for concerts, boxing matches and the circus. The Empire State Building, one of the city's most iconic landmarks, has two observation decks off ering panoramic views day and night. For 70 years, Circle Line Cruises has given its passengers views of the city skyline from the water. The Brooklyn Academy of Music, fondly known as BAM, is a multi-arts center famed for its avant-garde performances in theater, dance, music and opera, as well as a film series, talks, and an exuberant array of cultural programs. Before the High Line opened as a park in 2009, it was a freight rail line used to carry goods to west side factories and warehouses. This gift from the people of France to the people of America still stands proud, even after Hurricane Sandy. Brash as ever, Times Square is among the world's most recognizable bits of real estate, still powerfully bright and busy even though it has been all spruced up. Once you've landed in Staten Island, take the S40 bus at Gate D to travel about 10-minutes along Richmond Terrace. Where Fulton Street meets the East River, adjacent to the Financial District, you'll find an exciting mix of museums, galleries, historic ships, 19th-century buildings, and rebuilt cobbled streets.
At 97 Orchard St., a tenement apartment building built in 1863 and home to nearly 7,000 working class immigrants over the years, the museum tells the stories.
The modest house in Corona, Queens was where the famous jazz musician lived with his wife from 1943 on. If you happen upon a line of would-be diners in front of a NYC restaurant, the odds are pretty good these days that it serves ramen. Enormous, abundant and amazing are three words that fit the recent crop of epicurean marketplaces that come near to overwhelming food-lovers with their variety of superb prepared foods and fresh prime meats, produce, cheese, and baked goods.
Chelsea Market 75 9th Ave., between 15th and 16th Streets A block long, a block wide, with more than thirty-five gourmet vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, wine to coffee, cheese to cheesecake, and an indoor waterfall to boot, the market attracts 6 million visitors annually.
The Gay Liberation Monument in Greenwich Village commemorates the days and nights in June of 1969 when LGBT patrons of the Stonewall Inn stood up against the police raids they were regularly subjected to. The Museum of Chinese in America in Chinatown is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture, and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the U.S.
Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan is an Art Deco masterpiece built during the depression as John D. The Empire State Building soaring more than a quarter of a mile above the heart of Manhattan, is the world's most famous office building and National Historic Landmark. The Bronx Zoo opened in1899 and is now one of the largest and most famus wildlife conservation parks in the nation, with naturalistic habitats like Jungle World, Tiger Mountain, Wild Asia and the Congo Gorilla Forest, set among landmarked buildings and monuments.
New York Botanical Garden, established in the late 19th century with the help of Andrew Carnegie and other financiers, is a marvelous living plant museum with 250 acres of gardens and landscapes. Federal Hall National Memorial in the Financial District is the site where George Washington took the oath of office as president of the U.S.
Fraunces Tavern Museum in lower Manhattan was built in 1719 and purchased in1762 by Samuel Fraunces who turned it into a tavern.
General Grant National Memorial in Harlem, commonly referred to as Grant's Tomb, is the final resting place of President Ulysses Simpson Grant and his wife Julia, and is the largest mausoleum in North America.
Beyond that, NYC is also undeniably beautiful and wonderfully distracting, visually and intellectually. NYC is beautiful all year long, even in the winter, but the best time to visit is during the springtime, when the weather is nice and comfortable (you might be doing a lot of walking, after all), or in the fall when the air is crisp and the leaves are a pretty array of gold and red.
Contrary to popular opinion, while there are a lot of expensive hotels and motels in the city, there are a good number of affordable options as well.
The city has an endless source of attractions and entertainment and you will find that it takes more than a lifetime to experience everything it has to offer. A city as progressive as New York City is ever-changing and there’s always something new appearing around the corner.
A ride on the Staten Island Ferry, which will give you gorgeous views of Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty as well as the skyline of Lower Manhattan. Each neighborhood in New York City has its own personality and has its own subculture, it seems, and one is not like the other. As a melting pot of cultures, NYC is a hub of different ethnic cuisines that you will rarely find in other, smaller cities and your choices are endless. If you are looking for New York City-identified food experience, then you must not miss their hotdogs, which are often sold by food trucks around the city, the New York-style bagels from Murray’s Bagels or Absolute Bagels, and of course, the New York-style pizza. Coffee is also part of the New York City experience so if you are a coffee drinker, there are a good number of great coffee shops in the city that you’d want to stop at, including Stumptown Coffee Roasters (even their Vanilla latte is perfection), Culture Espresso Bar, Cafe Grumpy, and Abraco Espresso. Like its restaurants, the list of New York City bars is endless and the city is definitely living up to its nickname, “The City That Never Sleeps.” Therefore, coming up with a Top 10 or even Top 50 list is a futile endeavor that one should almost never try to undertake. Any old movie buff know well that old, heartbreaking Cary Grant movie An Affair to Remember, in which a couple falls in love and agrees to meet at the top of the Empire State Building.
In the summertime, NYC’s parks play host to the coolest outdoor concerts and movie theaters so that you can watch your favorite movies or your favorite artists play under the stars while sitting on a picnic blanket sipping wine.

When you’ve had your fill of urban adventures, why not try a day trip outside the city where you can enjoy and commune with nature at your leisure? If you have any tips and suggestions for making the most of New York City, we’d love to hear from you.
We apologize for the problems with our menu, we are working hard to put things back in order.
So yes, it’s 10 years and students who were 23 and were on the program in 2001 are now 33 with kids. Speaking of the pics, the Twin Towers were such a symbol of New York, and in extension of America, that all students wanted pics with them to show to their friends that they were in America. And if you excuse a rant – those were the times when participants used to send us tons of photos from programs, which is why we can show you these pictures. It was such a treat to stay right in the heart of Soho and be inspired by all the great fashion, shops, and restaurants.
We rushed through it with our limited time slots, but we did manage long enough to stop for a quick bite at Oficiana Latina for a beer and some guac. The whole environment was a little like a more relaxed version of being a chef show almost. We sat on the terrace and drank coffee in the sun and ended our trip with good friends before leaving for the airport.
As much as I am attracted to colourful popping imagery I do still have a soft spot for the good old black and white photography. Do you make hand lettered brush type or you purchased is elsewhere, please let me know if you’re selling typefaces.
Guided tours include exhibits of salvaged items, structural forms, and personal momentos, as well as an interactive timeline of the day's events.
Built in 1906 as the Manhattan Opera House, the space features original architectural details, like the elaborately painted ceiling.
Choose from a variety of day or night boat excursions and sail past the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other sites. Check out the new Vornado digital billboard, the world's largest with nearly 24 million LED lights. The newly renovated Anna Wintour Costume Center includes a 4,200-square-foot main showcase, a state-of-the-art conservation lab and a fashion library. Open from May through late fall, the Roof Garden Cafe and Martini Bar offers an additional mode of relaxation and kids are welcome. This unique borough feature countless bars, boutiques, cafes, and galleries, not to mention the renowned Brooklyn Flea market. It is home to Art Lab, the Staten Island Arts, the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, the Noble Maritime Collection, Staten Island Children's Museum and the Staten Island Museum. It's a lively place to spend an afternoon, especially for families with children, who will enjoy the atmosphere and seafaring memorabilia. New Yorkers have taken the food to heart and can wax passionately about the broth, noodles and accompaniments of their favorites. With 50,000 square feet of food space, is home to numerous restaurants, a grocery store, and the largest variety of pasta in town, both fresh and flown in from Italy, whose cuisine it honors.
The renovated Beaux Arts building is now the site of boutiques, gourmet markets, and restaurants, as well as a hub for millions of train travelers. The Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street operates as a neighborhood gay bar, and the monument across the way in Christopher Park marks what is seen as the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement.
Today, the stone house is the only remaining pre-Revolutionary War manor house in the city. Opened to the public in 1931, the 86th floor and 102nd floor observatories offer matchless views of New York City. Don't miss Yankees Monument Park, an open-air museum containing monuments, plaques, and retired numbers honoring distinguised members of the historic Major League Baseball team, as well as the Yankees Museum on the Main Level, which features memorabilia and life size statues. It was here in 1783 that Washington gave his farewell address to officers of the Continental army. The site includes a visitor's center with exhibits on the man who ended the Civil War and was later elected as president to heal the nation.
When you’re in the timeless grandeur that is New York City, there is this amazing sense of freedom and anonymity, as if its streets are shouting out to anyone and everyone who would listen that in that city, THE city, you could be anything you want to be. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport in Queens and the Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey. It has an impressive (and very cheap) subway system that serve 24 lines that operate 24 hours a day, and access more than 400 stations around the boroughs.
If you’re one to enjoy the heat, summertime would be the best time for you; however, beware – the thick and humid weather can get rather harsh. If you are looking to splurge, well a $300-$400 room at Waldorf Astoria, The Peninsula, Ritz-Carlton Central Park, or The Plaza is recommended. Situated in the middle of the city, Central Park is, as many say, every New Yorker’s backyard and therefore is a must-visit when there. If New York City were known for anything, it would be for its exciting shows and musicals on Broadway. An old but now abandoned elevated train track-turned-urban park, this spot is fast-becoming a top NYC attraction. NYC is known for its impressive bridges as well and perhaps the most impressive of them all is the charming Brooklyn Bridge, which connect Manhattan to Brooklyn. As cliche as it is, the famous intersection of Times Square is one of the things you must experience while in NYC.
In fact, New York City and shopping are almost synonymous now, thanks to the legacy that Sex and the City left behind.
This means that you can have Egyptian cuisine one night, have Jamaican food the next, Japanese or Filipino dishes for lunch the next day, and finally some Polish food before you leave. There are hundreds of pizza places in the city but among the best are Di Fara, Totonno’s, Roberta’s, and Speedy Romeo. Nevertheless, the New York Magazine published a couple good lists that you can check out for yourself – their Critics’ Picks and their Seven-Day-A-Week Cheat Sheet. Because of that movie, the top of the Empire State Building has become one of the top romantic spots in the city, and for good reason as the sweeping views from up there are really something to behold and share with the person you love. Some couples have taken the old European tradition of putting padlock on bridges as a symbol of their love to the city’s most beloved bridge, and it’s catching on rather quickly.
Every year, thousands gather there to celebrate the world-famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (on the 4th Thursday of November), the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square, and the New York City Marathon (the world’s largest marathon).
With cool nature trails, lush landscapes, and some awesome ruins, this place is great for the more outdoorsy types.

This quite village has an old charm feel to it that will truly refresh you after days of concrete jungle exploration. Get your sea legs ready for some nice water-related activities in this sleepy town by the sea. From the more popular tourist attractions to the more off-the-beaten-path spots, guaranteed you’ll never run out of things to do during your time there. I Love yoga, photography and I'm always on the search for new and unconventional places to visit and explore. Last time I was in NYC it was Summer and very warm, but I had always heard Spring was the best in NYC and I have to say I think I agree.
The fresh juice, the setting, and the vegan cashew cheese were all I needed to be won over.
Each store has to be so unique, creative, and a beautiful experience, thus they raise the bar. I love how every person that goes to NYC comes back with completely different stories and experiences. It is designed by our brand building studio Wild Measure based in Raleigh, North Carolina & Traverse City, Michigan. It connects the Meatpacking District and West Chelsea with the future 7 line subway station and the Javits Center. Check out the New York Times-approved list of the best ramen destinations, and don't be afraid to discover your own! Period furnishings and costumed interpreters offer a glimpse of what life was like during the years which our nation was shaped. On a clear day, you can see New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Today, it's a museum and memorial to our first president and the birthplace of American Government. The tavern, restored to Colonial-era appearance, interprets the development of New York City, and its role in the fight for independence.
From its intricately-designed buildings to its avenues vibrating with energy, from its calming parks to its flourishing cultures and counter-cultures, there’s nothing quite like it.
Many also travel there by train and, for a cheaper option, by bus from cities like Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. The city’s famous yellow cabs are also plentiful, a good option for those with a bigger budget. Not only are most of its streets and avenues numbered so that it’s hard to get lost, its sidewalks are also clean, flat, and wide, allowing for easy foot travel. But if you are on a budget, there are some quality hostels in and around the city if you’re travelling alone or with a couple of friends and there is always Airbnb where you can rent out an entire apartment for fairly cheap if are travelling with kids or with a group.
It has more than 100 National Historic Landmark buildings and they are as aesthetically beautiful as they are extraordinary. Rich and poor, old and young, everybody gathers in this 1.3-mile expanse of green filled with lakes and reservoirs, trails, playgrounds, theaters, a zoo, and even outdoor concerts in the summer and an ice skating rink every winter. Shows can be expensive but cheap and even free tickets are not uncommon, if you know where to look. It’s a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as a nice spot for photo opportunities.
A nice walk on the bridge, which offers a sweeping view of both boroughs, is an activity for those looking for a lesser-beaten path. It is simply incredible at night, with its glimmering lights, and a great spot to people-watch in the daytime. Christmas is also an amazing experience in the city as ice-skating rinks start appearing, expensive shops start decorating their windows with the sparkling displays, and the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is put up. Hopefully, this guide will help you experience some of the best that the city has to offer. Most students actually had flight tickets home from New York, so they weren’t planning on staying there. The next day I walked by and the front doors were opened up wide making it an open air restaurant.
One place I always love stopping in is Aesop mostly because of the design, but also for the smell and experience. You'll see The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as well as the skyscrapers and bridges of Lower Manhattan.
And as a wonderful perk, you get to experience and be a part of it like you’re one of the locals. As New York is one of the top destinations for culture in the world, it’s a definite must to see at least one of these institutions. The most impressive are the famous Empire State Building, the bustling Grand Central Terminal, the gloriously-weird Flatiron Building, the Neo-Gothic St. While New York is known for department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdale’s that sell high-end products with high-end price tags, there are a lot of more affordable shopping options for regular folks. With flights grounded for several days, and completely full for about two weeks, many had trouble finding a place to stay, to wait to be able to fly home.
We had never been to Soho and Nolita so it was so much fun to be within walking distance of so many amazing things.
Broad Street in SoHo, for example, has a collection of shops, many of which sell affordable goods and brands. We were trying to assist, talking with airlines on their behalf, so it was quite nervous time even for us. We felt pretty pampered because it was a trip for a Pinterest Influencer meetup and we were treated to the most amazing room at Trump Soho (seriously so amazing!!) We walked in to this 180 degree view of New York on the south end with the Empire State on one side and the Hudson River on the other. The decor was so disheveled but perfect at the same time while the selection of beers and cocktails were top-notch. We ended that evening drinking cocktails and chatting around the bar with Michael from Inspired by Charm and Will from Bright Bazaar. There are also a lot of hip thrift stores in Brooklyn for the cheapest and trendiest options. Also stop by at the oldest Macy’s in the world, which – along with Lord & Taylor – sells moderately priced goods.

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